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News Archive: April 2007
Straightheads in the UK
Posted at 10:23 AM (PDT) on Friday, April 27, 2007

From director Dan Reed's latest blog entry:

If you're in the UK and you've nothing better to do this weekend, why not go and catch Straightheads and let me know what YOU think?

Click here to visit his blog and share your opinions.

A New Message From Gillian
Posted at 4:46 PM (PDT) on Thursday, April 26, 2007


I want to address the recent confusion around whether or not I enjoyed working on the X-Files which seems to have stemmed from out-takes of interviews past present and future as far as I can work out. I don't even know where to begin but I need to keep it short and with my claws in.

My experience is that whether I am asked about the X-Files or not in an interview, details about the series and my previous comments about the series are included in the text.

If I am asked about the series, and I ask to not stay too long on the subject due to the fact that I am promoting something else, I am frequently made out to be moody/abrupt/rude/dismissive you name it. If I do talk about the series, which I recently did as it was blatantly clear that the interviewer did not like the film I was promoting, I try to make it light and fun and not repeat myself as even I am sick of hearing the same old yarn.

What usually happens is that they ask about the long hours - I say yes they were long - they say, but you have said that at times it was a living hell and I say, yes at times it was... it was insane and long and wet and all that but there were good times too - and then the interviewer says provocatively - as if I'm either an idiot for staying in the series under such conditions or an idiot for saying it was so challenging when clearly it wasn't because I stayed - why didn't you get out? And my response which is as much incredulity that someone who has written for years about the television industry has either never heard of a contract or has the shallowness to pretend he has never heard of a contract - I say, "are you kidding me?! when you go to network you sign a contract even before your last audition".....

So the dilemma, do I go on explaining the X-F contract/salary details - as if he really cares - all the while injecting positive quips about the show and how grateful I am, or do I cut it short because I really don't want to be in this conversation yet again even though I know that no matter how nicely I request the end, it will, especially in this situation, be contorted to fit the snippy mood of the journalist. None of this has much of anything to do with my experience on the series let alone me as a person.

The series went on for a long time - longer than any of us had anticipated or some of us had wished. It was the hardest work I will ever do in my life. I hope for the sake of my children and my sanity that I never have to work that hard again.

Did I hate it? At times yes.

Did I love it? At times yes.

Did I regret it or do I regret it now? Not for a second.

Did David and I hate each other? At times yes like any brother and sister, husband and wife, co-worker and co-worker forced to spend that much time together under such strenuous circumstances.

Do we hate each other now? Not in the least.

Do I imagine that when we do the film together we won't hate each other for a few hours during the filming? No. We will. Vehemently. As David waits patiently, again and again for the hair dryer to calm my frizzy hair between takes so it matches the beginning of the scene... he will undoubtedly be thinking "what the hell was I thinking agreeing to shoot with her f****** frizzy hair again?"

But we will also love each other and laugh with each other and pull pranks on each other and bug each other like we did for nine years.

And that's that.

Straightheads opens tomorrow (27 April) in the UK
Posted at 9:42 AM (PDT) on Thursday, April 26, 2007

Review by Matthew Turner

Three out of Five stars

The violence may be too strong for some but this is worth seeing for a terrific performance by Gillian Anderson.

The Good

Gillian Anderson is terrific as Alice, giving a performance that is by turns sexy (the nudity and sex scenes are surprisingly well handled), heartbreaking and terrifying. We can sense the anger boiling within her, but that still doesn't prepare you for the shocking violence she is capable of. Dyer is good too, dialling down the Cockney wide-boy act and trailing in Anderson's wake like a helpless puppy.

In addition, there's suitably creepy support from Ralph Brown, Anthony Calf and Steven Robertson as the three attackers, even if it seems somewhat implausible that the police were unable to find them.

The Bad

The film's biggest problem is that it tries to justify the horror of the revenge by showing you the initial attack not once, but twice, the second time in unnecessary detail. By doing so, it tips too far into exploitative territory and lessens the impact of the point it's trying to make.

On top of that, there's an uncomfortable air of adolescent male fantasy to the violent climax that doesn't quite convince. That said, as Danny Dyer revenge thrillers go, this is a lot better than Outlaw.

Worth seeing?

In short, if you can handle the shocking violence, then this a promising directorial debut that is definitely worth seeing for Anderson's performance.

New CD Recommendation
Posted at 4:19 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gillian's latest CD recommendation is The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn by CocoRosie.

Her favorite tracks are:
1. Rainbowarriors
7. Werewolf
8. Animals

The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn is available at and

It is also available to download from iTunes (search for CocoRosie).

Reminder: Referral fees from items purchased through our affiliates benefit NF, Inc. Thank you for your support.

Q&A: Time Out, London
Posted at 10:32 AM (PDT) on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The 'X-Files' star talks about her role in violent revenge thriller 'Straightheads'.
By Chris Tilly

'Straightheads' seems to be quite unlike anything you've tackled before, so what attracted you to the project?

I think what interested me at first is the characters. There's something about the script that's quite different and mysterious and disturbing, but also the character, Alice, is very different to the parts I've played before.

Can you see yourself continuing to do low-budget British film like this?

Yes, I think I will, but all of a sudden I find myself on yet another film where we constantly have to cut scenes and hurry up and shoot something before the light goes and knowing if it does go the scene gets thrown rather than picked up later because we don't have the budget. So there is part of me that says never again, but then again it's the kind of low-budget British film that I love watching, so I don't think I'll stop.


Message from Gillian
Posted at 2:50 PM (PDT) on Monday, April 23, 2007

NOTE: This message is exclusively for Gillian's fans who visit this web site. Please do not publish the contents (partially or in full) anywhere else on or off the internet.

So I am sitting here with Oscar spread across my lap snoring and P sitting across the room drawing. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. I hear a single engine plane. I smell roses. I taste chocolate. Life is good.

I have not written in a while. I always say that. Not just to you but in my journal entries as well. Actually that's not true. I have a journal that has been flying around the world with me for two years. The pages are blank. So my confession has clearly transgressed from 'I have not written in a while' to 'I don't write'.

Anyway, the fact is, I have not written to the site in a while because I have quite frankly been afraid to. I was shocked or rather appalled that my last entry of ramblings was published. What happened? When did Everything and Everything become mass public consumption? Since when have I been writing a BLOG!!??? What happened to PERMISSION??!! I am so naive. So, needless to say, I am a bit aflumoxed, flummoxed, aflutter? Angry, about the situation and what is safe to write about anymore.

So okay People magazine, I am sitting on a couch. Ta da! In fact I am even eating chocolate. Good God there must be something wrong with me. Bottom line, I don't think my entries will be what they have been so I apologize in advance.

Went to the CocoRosie concert the other night at Shepherd's Bush and actually stood in line at the end with the five other people - come on! where'd everybody go? - to have my cd signed. Well Piper's cd. And mine while you're at it. Never done that in my life. Should have left the mystery out of reach but still, intoxicating.

So things are getting busy. Well they threaten to get busy. Lots of plans and schemes and dates and then it all gets pushed so I'm just sitting back being a mother and at some point someone will present a real day, a real this is it starting day, and I will show up to work and then the next and the next. Until then, its all a big mushy hodgepodge of intention. BUT I have to say considering the talk, the pleading, the non-stop barrage of WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MAKE THE NEXT.....its a bit pathetic that now we seem to be as close as we ever have been...I hear nothing! Zilch, ZERO. What's up with that? What's up with that internationally?

Oh everybody has to go see Sunshine the new Danny Boyle film. I saw it twice this weekend. It's exceptionally exceptional. I won't even begin to try to describe how well made it is. The production design is truly genius and the effects, jees! It is definitely my favorite film of the year alongside The Lives Of Others. A year going into last year though. Meaning, I guess, big favorites.

And one more thing, read the first draft of the Gellhorn script and it's reeaally good. Phew! You never know if you're on the right track until you are or you aren't and I think we are. I got goose bumps. Can't wait to share that story on the big screen with everyone. Many more hurdles to cross before then though. Thanks for everyone's continuing interest and support for that project.

That's about the extent of what I have to report I guess. Except Oscar has six teeth which says it all really.

Till next time,


NOTE: Frank Spotnitz has confirmed on his official blog that TXF2 is in the works.

BBC Interview
Posted at 11:27 AM (PDT) on Monday, April 23, 2007

Interviewed by Rob Carnevale
BBC Movies

What appealed to you about Straightheads?

What drew me to it was two-fold. Firstly, there was a back story with Alice [her character] that's no longer in the film that involved her being raised by her father, who was ex-army, and being basically taught to shoot and seek revenge - whether it's deer eating the plants or whatever. It was a twisted relationship between her and her dad.

I also found the double life [idea] quite intriguing, that a woman who's quite successful in her own right and in the business world might have a secret story like this. A story that she has pushed far enough behind her, but which then comes back to haunt her despite proving, in a sense, useful. She has to drag it out of the cobwebs to survive, or at least feel that she can go on with her life. I was compelled enough by that story to meet with Dan [Reed, director], and once I started talking about what his vision was for the film I liked what he was attempting to say.

Is there any truth to the persistent rumours surrounding a new X-Files movie?

Yes, there are new rumours of an X-Files movie possibly happening, which is brilliant. Whenever they manage to get it together I'm on board.

Read more if you don't mind spoilers.

Straightheads in the News
Posted at 1:13 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday Express, Scottish Edition: Gillian Interview

Birmingham Post: Gillian Interview

Northern Echo: Gillian Interview

Photos: Private reception to launch "Straightheads" film, Rex Cinema, London Britian, 17 April 2007

Also, Cinemas-online in the UK is giving away ONE limited edition poster signed by Gillian, Danny Dyer, and director Dan Reed!

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They're still out there
Posted at 10:14 AM (PDT) on Monday, April 16, 2007

Mulder, Scully to return in new 'X-Files' film

April 16, 2007
By Cindy Pearlman
Chicago Sun-Times

X will mark the spot at the box office again. David Duchovny just told GLARE that a new "X Files" film is "definitely in the works."

"Mulder and Scully will be up on the big screen one more time, and I'm looking forward to it," he says. "I really miss the people behind 'The X Files.' This film will be a reunion, and I think we'll make a great movie because Mulder and Scully are just great characters."

As for the plot, Duchovny says, "It's five years later. It will be a stand-alone movie. You have to assume a lot of people don't know the show, so you need a plot that doesn't require that you've seen the TV series."

The first "X Files" movie debuted in 1998. Is it too long a wait for another film?

"I think there were two schools of thought: Do another one right away or wait and have the fans really want one. I like the idea of people saying, 'Hey, where is Mulder after all of these years? Is he following Jimmy Buffett? Did he become a Parrothead?' " jokes the actor.

Duchovny says it will "probably be easy to step back into Mulder's suit. ... It's like 'The Incredibles.' The suit is hanging in my closet, waiting. I'm just hoping to fit into the suit. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, man. Mulder has to cut back on the carbs.' "

Forget any old stories about angst with his co-star, played by Gillian Anderson, who plays Scully. "We love each other now," he says. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We actually had lunch last week, and it was really nice to be back together."

The film is expected to debut next summer. Duchovny says the script is "shrouded in secrecy. It's even a secret from me at the moment. I'd blab if I could."

Gillian to star in "Helen"
Posted at 1:30 PM (PDT) on Friday, April 13, 2007

Anderson joins Nettelbeck's 'Helen'
Director makes English-language debut

By Ed Meza
Variety International

BERLIN � Gillian Anderson is set to star in "Helen," the first English-language film from German writer-director Sandra Nettelbeck.

Anderson, fresh from her starring roles in "The Last King of Scotland" and the upcoming U.K. thriller "Straightheads," portrays a talented professor forced to come to terms with her clinical depression.

Produced by Berlin-based Egoli Tossell in collaboration with Doug Mankoff's Echo Lake Prods., pic will start shooting in the U.S. in September with support from German regional subsidy Filmstiftung NRW.

"It's the story of a successful woman who has it all but whose life falls apart as a result of this disease," said Egoli Tossell's Jens Meurer. "It's also about her overcoming the illness against all the odds."

The gut-wrenching drama is a change of pace for Nettelbeck, who wrote and directed the 2001 hit romantic comedy "Mostly Martha," which served as the basis for Scott Hicks' upcoming remake "No Reservations" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart, as well as the 2004 comedy "Sergeant Pepper," about a dog who inherits a fortune and befriends a lonely boy.

Gillian's Latest CD & Movie Recs
Posted at 1:02 PM (PDT) on Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gillian highly recommends Baby Rock Records as the coolest lullaby music ever.

Another new album that she loves is SOUNDS ECLECTIC, The Covers Project (from KCRW).

Also, "The Lives of Others" is a must-see movie. Check the IMDB to see where it's playing in your area.

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