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News Archive: July 2010
Gillian joins the cast of Johnny English sequel
Posted at 7:36 AM (PDT) on Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gillian Anderson has just been cast for the upcoming action-comedy sequel to Johnny English. She will be starring as MI7 agent Pamela Head opposite the returning Rowan Atkinson who will be reprising his role as the clumsy spy and title character.

The film, currently titled Johnny English Reborn, will be directed by Oliver Parker (The Importance of Being Earnest) and written by Hamish McColl (Mr. Bean's Vacation).

The Working Title and Universal picture is set to start filming this September.

Source: Deadline London and

�Boogie Woogie� on Blu-ray come September
Posted at 11:00 AM (PDT) on Friday, July 9, 2010

MPI is bringing �Boogie Woogie� to Blu-ray in September
July 9, 2010
high def disc news

In an early alert to retailers MPI Home Video has announced plans to bring the 2009 Duncan Ward directed film �Boogie Woogie� based on Danny Moynihan�s novel of the same title, starring Gillian Anderson, Alan Cumming, Heather Graham, Christopher Lee and Amanda Seyfried to Blu-ray Disc on September 14th. The tech specs and bonus materials have not yet been announced and the title isn�t available yet for pre-order at Amazon.

For Fans in Australia
Posted at 4:04 PM (PDT) on Thursday, July 8, 2010

Come one, come all and help the Aussie X-Files Fans @ Facebook raise funds for their third annual charity fundraiser supporting Alinyiikira Junior School in Uganda.

We are hosting our own private screening of "The X-Files: Fight The Future" in our own cinema (which will have very limited seating) - we will be showing the extended bluray cut of the movie, which will include the exciting "alternate bee scene" - the movie hasn't been on in theatres since 1998, so we expect great interest from X-Files Fans!

The event starts at 1pm with Food and Drinks being able to be purchased in the bar before the main screening event commences at 2pm. Every entry ticket purchased will receive automatic entry into the lucky door prize draw. There will be a small presentation about Alinyiikira, and a little bit of background about the Aussie X-Files Fans @ Facebook's charity endeavours.

Tickets are $30 pre-sale online and $40 at the door.

There are very limited numbers remaining, so get in quickly to ensure you can be a part of this, the first of what we hope will be many screening events.

Event Information

Message from Gillian
Posted at 12:28 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I had been telling myself for months to write to you guys and I finally did a nice couple of - in the moment - paragraphs while the boys were playing in the garden and my computer crashed, or I should say it ran out of battery because I kept putting off going upstairs to get the cord and when I got it going again my lovely paragraphs were lost.

But I have to say I still struggle with what to say. Every time I decide to share about anything in my life it seems too vague that there's no point really or if I get specific then I feel like a twat because I feel like I have so much and how dare I share about my fortunate existence and then I think, well then share something profound but I don�t have anything profound to say or any words of wisdom or any recipes or hints on how to set a table.

I could recommend books that I am half way through or music I have downloaded but not really listened to but it all just feels hypocritical. I have nothing to say about anything.

So here's some vagueness; I just did Wallis Simpson for a Channel 4 adaptation of William Boyd�s Any Human Heart, lots of fun working with my friend Tom Hollander and the unimaginably sweet Mathew Macfadyen.

And upcoming three or four things that I can't speak about cause the contracts have not been finalized and therefore not announced.

And, oh yes, Moby Dick which I did ADR for a couple of weeks ago and which looks beautifully shot and possibly great but, again, no idea when it will be aired and where.

And then the sad news that I have had to let go of Gellhorn because HBO is doing the exact story with Nicole and Clive Owen. But these things happen and I was taking too long getting the script right and it's my own damned fault.

And what else? The boys are great. Oscar talking a mile a minute and very upset when he's not understood. Felix is a thug. Rugby is on the horizon I think. They adore each other which is a blessing. Trying to decide whether to expose them both to chicken pox at the same time as we know a little girl who has it (is chicken pox an 'it' or a 'them' ?) or if it's just bad timing. Is there ever good timing for it/them?

Ok, well I�ll go onto all the half books then:

Shantaram / The Great Railway Bazaar / A Fine Balance / Raising Boys / Reinventing The Body Resurrecting The Soul / Fugitive Pieces.

Oh and I actually finished the entertaining and somewhat terrifying The Game Change - different title In England which I forget* - about the run up to the last US elections.

Music? I Am Kloot / The Eels / The Doves / Blind Pilot / Fight Like Apes / Bat for Lashes / Purcell Retrospect Trio / Isabelle Faust / Melnikov doing Beethoven sonatas / Soundtrack to Bright Star / Soundtrack to No One Knows About Persian Cats - oh and it�s movie which leads me to the movie The Father Of My Children and the well lauded A Prophet and yet another French film Lourdes And Exit Through The Gift Shop. And I think that�s it for me now.

I hope you are all, every one of you, happy and doing what you want to be doing in your life. Really.


*Race of a Lifetime

Agent Scully's Apartment For Sale
Posted at 5:31 AM (PDT) on Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 30, 2010

After almost 40 years of ownership, Boyd McConnell's family is selling its Vancouver boutique hotel along with its memories of being location to over 60 Hollywood productions and "home" for many Hollywood movie stars filming in "Hollywood North." However, "X-Files," Jet Li and fans of many other stars can purchase a piece of it.

(PRWEB) June 30, 2010 -- "X-Files" fans, especially those of Agent Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, and those of kung fu action star Jet Li better hurry to see where they filmed in Vancouver.

Pendrell Suites, a boutique hotel located in downtown Vancouver used in filming over 60 Hollywood productions, and by many a star�s �home away from home� while shooting in Hollywood North, is now up for sale.

"It is not without emotion I am divesting this iconic Vancouver asset. I have spent virtually half of my life here and with the help of my mother hosted shoots, stars and people from around the world." Owner Boyd McConnell stated.

�But it is time to find my next adventure and re-balance my portfolio,� the 56 year old businessman added.

�We�re probably most famous as Agent Scully�s Washington, D.C. apartment on the TV series "X-Files," when she was abducted. That same suite was used as Anne Heche�s 4th floor Manhattan apartment in the ABC TV series "Men in Trees", and numerous others,� He stated.

Jet Li fought two kung fu fights in the meditation garden, in the feature film "Romeo Must Die," which garden also was a Los Angeles restaurant on the MTV series "Noah�s Arc."

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