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May 15, 2001

y_chat_diva: She's here!

y_chat_diva: Please welcome Gillian to Yahoo!

y_chat_diva: Hello and welcome.

gillian_anderson_live: Sorry about the delay to everyone.

gillian_anderson_live: There was some confusion.

gillian_anderson_live: But we're all here and we can still go for a full hour!

gillyarox: We've just found out that a son/grandson of some people close to one of us was diagnosed with NF. He's only about a year old. The family are also fans of yours, and we told them of your work with NF. They wanted to thank you for everything you're doing, and we wanted to ask for them if there's any advice you have for them going through this difficult ordeal? Love, Elice and Rachel

gillian_anderson_live: I think the best piece of advice is to find a NF support group.

gillian_anderson_live: My mother runs one in West Michigan.

gillian_anderson_live: That one has been used as a prototype.

gillian_anderson_live: If there isn't one in your area, perhaps you could get ahold of my mother through the West MI support group.

gillian_anderson_live: There are many different symptoms with NF, and my brother, who is now 20, has very mild symptoms.

gillian_anderson_live: It's important to get a clear diagnosis of what kind of NF your child has before you panic.

gillian_anderson_live: It's also important to establish a strong relationship with spiritual grounding.

gillian_anderson_live: Whatever that means for you.

gillian_anderson_live: It's really the only way to move through these challenges in life.

gillian_anderson_live: With one's head and heart above ground, above water.

whydontihaveadesk: Hey Gillian! Can you explain exactly what is NF? (Diane from L.A.)

gillian_anderson_live: It's a neurological disorder which affects the nerves, tissue, and the bone.

gillian_anderson_live: It's a progressive disease.

gillian_anderson_live: Some of the symptoms are "cafe ole" spots ... coffee colored spots. They can form in groups, usually under the armpits, at the small of the back, and more specific areas on the surface of the body.

gillian_anderson_live: Also there are other symptoms, I think they're called Optic Fibromas, and this is the more serious aspects of it.

gillian_anderson_live: It's basically a neurologic disease that can cause tumors to grow on the nerve endings of the body, under or on the surface of the skin.

gillian_anderson_live: It's progressive, which means that someone can go about their life somewhat normally with only a few mild symptoms for 20 years, and all of a sudden, develop a tumor that can be terminal.

gillian_anderson_live: Some of the earlier symptoms are also learning disabilities and scoliosis.

gillian_anderson_live: It's affects are far-reaching.

gillian_anderson_live: It also can crop up in a family - It is a genetic disease.

gillian_anderson_live: Those with NF have a 50% chance of passing it along to their children, but it doesn't necessarily have to be inherited from a relative. It can originate in your child for the very first time.

spclagent: Could anyone tell me how the auction is going?

gillian_anderson_live: I think it's going pretty well!

gillian_anderson_live: There's some more interesting stuff that's going to come up in the next week.

gillian_anderson_live: I think it's going well. Sounds like people are having fun!

gillian_anderson_live: There was a dress that I wore to a Vanity Fair party that got a bit of attention. I decided to auction it off, and I think that's coming up next week.

gillian_anderson_live: I figure I'm never going to wear the damn thing again, might as well make some money with it!!!

gillyarox: In light of the Scully marathons run by OBSSE, a few of which we are attending soon, we were just wondering what message you'd like to give to all the fans traveling to meet up and support both you and NF, and how you feel about that going on? Love, Elice and Rachel

gillian_anderson_live: Oh, I think it's so awesome. I think it's just incredible.

gillian_anderson_live: I LOVE the idea of all these people getting together, and it seems to be primarily women.

gillian_anderson_live: I think it's just wonderful that people are finding other human beings they like to spend time with, and have like interests.

gillian_anderson_live: They tend to have like personalities, too!

gillian_anderson_live: I think it's fantastic.

gillian_anderson_live: I hope that within all of the partying that takes place, that perhaps there's some contemplation and mindfulness to not just the NF aspect of it, but to how we are as fellow human beings in this world, and what effect we can have on the world around us by the choices we make, and how we can best be of service.

gillian_anderson_live: Not just in volunteering or in charitable ways with events and raising money, but also in the way that we behave and react to the other people in the world around us.

gillian_anderson_live: That's where it all begins. That's the most important place. Being peaceful human beings. Not stirring up unrest unnecessarily, etc.

samypx: I find it great that you try to help people with Neurofibromatosis, and I think humans should ill humans more. (Sorry for my English, I am from Austria.)

gillian_anderson_live: Thank you for your support.

gillian_anderson_live: And I think you're right.

ga_brazil: Hi from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We had our first Brazillian marathon last Saturday, and it was amazing! More than 90 people attended, and the donations will go to Brazil's NF chapter. How do you feel when you know that you are such an inspiration for volunteers all over the world?

gillian_anderson_live: Oh my God!

gillian_anderson_live: That is fantastic.

gillian_anderson_live: Wow. Wow.

gillian_anderson_live: That's so great.

gillian_anderson_live: You know what I wish more than anything? That somebody could have videotaped it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and just see what really takes place in all of this.

gillian_anderson_live: But this episode that's airing on Sunday, it seems to me that it would be good to add in a Scully marathon.

gillian_anderson_live: Not that it's about Scully so much... but that she gives birth!

gillian_anderson_live: It's exhausting! You get to see the best and worst of Scully in this episode.

gillian_anderson_live: It's pretty intense. It's actually some of the most intense moments I've seen on the show. Between the birthing and the scene it's cut in with.

gillian_anderson_live: It's nauseating. LOL! :)

lenockax: Hi Gillian, we're your fans from the Czech Republic, Europe. Good luck with the auction, but we have another question: A boy or a girl? ;)

gillian_anderson_live: It's a hermaphrodite, actually. ;)

e_massimini: Did you have it dry cleaned, LOL?

gillian_anderson_live: No, LOL!! There wasn't enough time! So I didn't...

spookybourque: Hi Gillian. You said after the show moved to LA two or three years ago your heart is in Vancouver. Now is it still in Vancouver? Do you think after the end of the show you will stay most of the time in Vancouver or does it depend on what you will do in the future? Thank you!!

gillian_anderson_live: I actually still spend a lot of time in Vancouver. I travel there frequently. I miss it if I've been away for too long.

gillian_anderson_live: When the show is done, I have a house there, and will continue to spend a portion of my life in Vancouver and surrounding areas... probably always! Amongst other places.

gillypeep: Hi Gillian! We were wondering, in all of your public involvement with NF, (Speaking to congress, the benefits, etc.) Which has been the most memorable and why? Thanks! - Becca and Mary :D

gillian_anderson_live: I think what's one of the aspects that's been so moving is what we touched on before. Which is that, you know, other people from around the world are being educated about a disease that needs to have light spread on it.

gillian_anderson_live: I've had people say that, "We didn't know that our child had NF until we were on your website and started reading about it and realized."

gillian_anderson_live: I've had people say that they just found out that someone in their family had NF, and "didn't know what to do until we checked your website."

gillian_anderson_live: So, I think that the fact that this disease is getting the right attention, that research is being done in it's name that will benefit not just NF, but other neurological disease as well. And tumor-related diseases as well.

gillian_anderson_live: The reasearch that is being done is extraordinary as well.

winsome_devil: Does it upset or anger you sometimes with all of the torture Scully has been through this season?

gillian_anderson_live: What I am going to request if there is a next season... is that I not cry. For a really long time.

gillian_anderson_live: That is an aspect of it, though...

y_chat_diva:: Can't blame it on the hormones?

gillian_anderson_live: ... One way I've been able to justify it, Scully has been more emotional besides the fact that someone she loves has come back from the dead.

gillian_anderson_live: I've allowed her to be a bit more, at least my excuse is that I've allowed her to be a bit more vulnerable.

gillian_anderson_live: If they're going to write be crying, then at least I can justify it by the fact that she's pregnant and her hormones are going every which way.

______Joey_____: Hi Gillian! What do you think is the most challenging aspect of acting?

gillian_anderson_live: One of the most challenging things is to truly stay focused in a scene, no matter what is going on around you.

gillian_anderson_live: Some crews, and I'm not talking about our show necessarily, but some crews are less respectful of that process.

gillian_anderson_live: Sometimes you will find that people are moving about and talking in the background, and there's just stuff going on contrary to the energy that needs to be in the given scene.

gillian_anderson_live: It can also come from other actors. Another actor who doesn't give a damn about doing this particular movie, or doesn't care that your focus needs to be where you feel it needs to be.

gillian_anderson_live: And you have to be able to, essentially, remove yourself from all of that, in order to put yourself in the moment for a scene.

gillian_anderson_live: Or, another challenging thing is to be having full-on panic attacks, and going through a divorce, and working 18-hour days in snow storms, and memorizing paragraph after paragraph of medical jargon, and pretending like everything's okay.

gillybaby1013: Is there a way to help NF if you can't afford the auction? (Actor/Student :)

gillian_anderson_live: Yes, one can make donations to NF. You can do it during the auction by contacting Cyndi Schmidt at

gillian_anderson_live: But there's also an NF website. Donations can be made through either of those sites.

gillian_anderson_live: Or, you can do what other people do, which is organizing some kind of fundraiser.

gillian_anderson_live: You can bake cookies and sell them on the street corner and send the money in to NF! :)

noahped: Are any other "celebrities" helping you to fight NF?

gillian_anderson_live: Not that I'm aware of.

xfilescz: What do you think about X-Philes - about the level of devotion? Do you have any question about us 'Philes?

gillian_anderson_live: You know, sometimes I don't understand it, because I'm not a TV watcher, and I've never been passionate about a particular show.

gillian_anderson_live: And then, David and I will get together and do a scene together, or I'll watch a scene that we've done, and it just... tugs on something inside of me.

gillian_anderson_live: ... and all of a sudden, I get it. There's something historical there. I think I know enough about Files in general to last a lifetime!

gillybaby1013: Please - Is it OK to use your name to try and raise funds in an NF event?

gillian_anderson_live: It depends on in what respect. I don't want you to say that I'm going to be somewhere that I'm not going to be. That's been done before.

gillian_anderson_live: It's such an unfortunate situation because sometimes people will travel out of their way because they think I'm going to make an appearance.

gillian_anderson_live: And when they've spent time and money and effort and I'm not there, then the excuse is that I couldn't make it or something. That's never happened.

gillian_anderson_live: When I say I'm going to show up, I show up. If it's simply saying, "Please support the charity that Gillian supports," then that's just fine. That's wonderful.

missvic777: I love that you embrace people from all walks of life; the charities that you support include people from a variety of cultures, disabilities, and sexual orientations. To what (or whom) do you attribute your open-mindedness?

gillian_anderson_live: I think partially, I grew up in London, and living in London, I was exposed to a multitude of races that I have yet to be exposed to here.

gillian_anderson_live: I force myself to go into situations where there are more people of color, because I'm appalled by the lack of diversity in areas of Vancouver and Los Angeles, where I spend most of my time.

gillian_anderson_live: I think, ultimately, I rage against injustice.

gillian_anderson_live: That's just something I've always been passionate about. It's always stirred something in me. There will be a time when I have more time, when my fight becomes more political.

gillian_anderson_live: I don't feel that I have the time to educate myself enough during the season, to be accurate and effective in that way.

gillian_anderson_live: Whether it's through speaking out, or through the movies that I do or make. Or create. That's something that's in my blood, somehow.

i_wont_say: Question for Gillian - Last night I got the phone call that everyone one dreads. My best friend was killed in a car accident. She was 33 and is leaving behind a 13 year old son. I'm packing up stuff, (She lived here for a while) and am going to leave after rush hour ends. Any advice/experience you'd care to share on dealing with grief?

gillian_anderson_live: A friend of mine just passed away on Friday. Not someone I was incredibly close to, but closer than anyone that's ever passed away in my life before. And death, it is so shocking.

gillian_anderson_live: Even if someone has been sick for a long period of time. Even when there is a thread of hope that lasts for a year. Once that thread is severed, it is the most shocking thing in the world.

gillian_anderson_live: I think that the western world deals with death in not a very healthy way. We try so hard to keep people alive for as long as possible because, not only are we terrified of death, but we are terrified of loss, and the pain that accompanies loss - the pain in our hearts.

gillian_anderson_live: A friend of mine reminded me the other day of something that is simple. It sounds corny, but is essential to remember, which is that when our heart is breaking, it is breaking open, and if you can keep that in mind through a grieving process, it can transform the energy of grief into a blessed, necessary, inevitable process that we will all have to face at some point.

gillian_anderson_live: And possibly many times in our lives, there is no escaping it. I think that what happens is our egos get so attached to that process that it becomes "What about me?", "What's going to happen to me?", "How am I going to cope now?", "How am I going to deal with this?"
gillian_anderson_live: Very often, people have the instinct to suck as much attention as possible from those around them because they have this issue going on.

gillian_anderson_live: Death is as much a part of our lives as life is, and if we can truly, truly embrace that, it can transform how we are in the world.

gillian_anderson_live: We are all dying. Every single day that we are alive. Some of us are dying faster than others. If you truly understand that concept, it takes one's ego out of it and brings to the situation... compassion.

gillian_anderson_live: In San Francisco, there was an incredible organization called The Zen Hospice Center.

gillian_anderson_live: Every city in this country needs a Zen Hospice Center, using this organization as a prototype.

gillian_anderson_live: It is the most extraordinary organization. Even a place like L.A. that is so New Age and such an expert on death.. there isn't anything like it here.

gillian_anderson_live: And if we were to embrace the inevitability of death in a loving way, like this Zen Hospice does, we would be one step closer to being more peaceful, more conscious human beings.

samiel_uk: Okay, do you think we could use a health system that was better able to heal emotional, mental, and even spiritual conditions as well as physical? Most importantly making this care accessible throughout the world irrespective of the size of your wallet?

gillian_anderson_live: Oh, absolutely!

gillian_anderson_live: Which is what is so amazing about this Zen Hospice Center! It's volunteer!

gillian_anderson_live: These people have devoted their lives to helping the dying. They are on shifts to be with strangers.

gillian_anderson_live: Most of us can't even deal with being with our loved ones during these times. Rub lotion into their hands and feet. Read to them. Be with them on a daily basis. It's too ugly for us.

gillian_anderson_live: We're terrified of how hard it will be to be in that process. If we're truly able to be there during that process, we can do anything in our lives.

dafonax: That's something that I've never been able to understand. That people forget that death is a part of life. When you're born, the only thing you can be absolutely certain of is that you're going to die some day, and most people forget that.

gillian_anderson_live: It is SO easy to forget, and why not?

gillian_anderson_live: It is so easy to forget because as youngsters, it's just not going to happen to us! It's only as we start to get older and closer, and we start to lose people in our lives, that it starts to occur to us, that it is going to happen to us.

gillian_anderson_live: But once you truly are present for the death of someone in your life, that's when you get the opportunity to be grateful for every moment that you still breathe.

gillian_anderson_live: And it's not just remembering it for the week or month afterwards. It's making a conscious decision to try and remember that every day.

chantaldemontigny: You are talking about "duhka" here, the suffering, almost like a zen master! How do you catch that wisdom? Books or experience?

gillian_anderson_live: Both. True experience comes from true suffering.

gillian_anderson_live: And on the one hand, there is that human mortal path, and on the other hand, there is the Eckhart Tolle way, which is true understanding that we can be free of suffering, and both seem just as challenging.

twinkvan: What got you started in taking a stand on pro-choice in the abortion issue? I am strongly for women having their voices be heard, and want to congratulate you for being strong and supporting us! Can you tell us more about the Roe vs. Wade project you are working on?

gillian_anderson_live: Yes. I was asked by Lorraine Schienberg and Ellie Shmeale to be one of the spokespeople for raising funds and consciousness about the potential upcoming disaser of that right of choice to be taken away from us. From us women.

gillian_anderson_live: And I think that it is so important that women who believe in the right to choose take this situation seriously.

gillian_anderson_live: Because the potential effects of Bush's decision behind which Supreme Court justices he chooses, could have devastating, devastating effects on our country. And one of the first things he did when he got into office was making it illegal for schools to educate people, kids, on their options!

gillian_anderson_live: Which leads one to believe, if you're not allowed to TALK about the options, the next step might be eradicating that option.

gillian_anderson_live: I am pro-choice. I most likely, no matter what my situation, might not choose to have an abortion, but I am nevertheless pro-choice. It's my right.

mars_16_84: I liked that Rock For Choice poster and I didn't think a poster could go for more than 300 dollars.

gillian_anderson_live: I was scrambling around trying to get everybody's picture.

gillian_anderson_live: I didn't want to piss anybody off!

mahbca: Does "celebrity" hinder or help you on your "human mortal path?"

gillian_anderson_live: Hmmmm, both. Everything in life is both. Everything in life that is worth anything is a paradox.

gillian_anderson_live: And on the one hand, I would love to be able to escape judgement and responsibility.

gillian_anderson_live: And on the other hand, it's enabled situations like this where money is getting raised for a good cause, where people are coming together and uniting and raising consciousness.

gillian_anderson_live: You know, what sucks (LOL), is that recently I did some interviews during time off I had.

gillian_anderson_live: One was for the L.A. Times, It was during this Buskaid Event that I did. There were so many things going on that evening. Getting people there and making sure things were running smoothly.

gillian_anderson_live: Everything was about the kids. And I granted one press interview about it during the event. I let this one woman into one of the rooms. She started talking about my charities, and about my brother, and about the event. She was really asking me how I felt about the fans.

gillian_anderson_live: We were in, what I considered to be, an intense, intimate conversationa bout the charity work that I do.

gillian_anderson_live: I really liked the woman. She was young and bright and smart and attractive. And in the middle of the half hour interview, she asked me one questiona bout my re-negotiating for the 8th season. And whether it was indeed about the scripts, or aout whether it was more political.

gillian_anderson_live: And I said, "You know what, to be honest, it was more political. But back to the charity stuff..."

gillian_anderson_live: You know, a week later, the Los Angeles Times article, practically nothing about the event. Nothing about my charities. It was all about what I said about it being political and Fox having me over a barrell. Which may or may not be true, but I chose not to speak about that.

gillian_anderson_live: It's in the past, it's not an issue. But that's what's wrong.

gillian_anderson_live: And there's only so many times that a person can go through that situation, where you invite someone into your private space and speak to them like you would a friend, and share intimate things about yourself and then be betrayed in that way.

gillian_anderson_live: You don't want to do any interview. You don't know who to trust or what to say. You know, imagine the calls to the head of FOX, to Christ Carter...

gillian_anderson_live: And a similar thing happened a few weeks later with the NY Times.

gillian_anderson_live: And then one sits down to an interview with a magazine that would normally be a long 3-4 hours long for an article... and one starts talking in vague terms.

gillian_anderson_live: One starts talking and saying... I can't talk about that, or that, or that.

gillian_anderson_live: That is why.

ma44hew: She's got editors, Gil... don't blame her entirely. :)

gillian_anderson_live: Well.. somebody should be ashamed of themself.

eggshellheart: That does suck! But you should know that your word does get out here. We are listening and learning. Thanks, Gillian.

gillian_anderson_live: Oh. Thank you. :) I just don't want the wrong words. The words out of context can be so harmful.

gillian_anderson_live: There was another article that came out, where I was asked if I was interested in what it was like to be working in the 8th season, to be saying it over and over. And I said.. "Yeah, sometimes it sucks! Sometimes everybody's job fucking sucks! And the point is that you just have to stick with it and bite the bullet and show up!"

gillian_anderson_live: But the wrong out of context, and that can be hurtful. But the truth is the truth. And believe it or not, the truth it out there. Maybe not in the way people would like to hear it. LOL.

pipnostic: Doesn't it irritate you when you do something like Rock for Choice and the media concentrate on your armpits? Isn't that sad? They concentrate on the wrong issues!

gillian_anderson_live: It's just one of the reasons why this business sucks!

gillian_anderson_live: If people are going to ask me the pros and cons, that's a perfect example of a con.

gillian_anderson_live: Here's an oppurtunity to talk about women's choice, but NO let's talk about hairy armpits! It's ABSURD! But it was a tabloid, so..

e_massimini: Back to NF, will you be doing more benefits, and can we request you hold them in more diverse places, not just LA and DC?

gillian_anderson_live: During the school year, during the season, unfortunately I am relegated to this part of the country. Perhaps when the show's over, if I see clearly that that is something I want to continue doing, I will consider broadening my horizons.

wruckish21: Gillian, I hate to ask a non-NF question, but will there be a season 9 for The X-Files?

gillian_anderson_live: I don't know. We are honestly supposed to find about it this week.

gillian_anderson_live: I assume that there will be one. But I've learned to assume nothing.

U2s_girl: Hi Gillian! What are your plans after there are no more X-Files? Will you keep acting or go into writing and directing? (I loved "all things," it's one of my favorite episodes.)

gillian_anderson_live: I will definitely keep acting. I would like to write more. I am confused at this point, how to be a director and a mom at the same time.

gillian_anderson_live: There's one thing about being able to be an actor and having a nanny and juggle that aspect of it. You can integrate time off and blah, blah, blah. As a director, from the moment you start to prep something for months, it's full focus. Full attention. All the time, and I haven't figured out how to do that as a mom.

johnnyxfile: Are you going to change your hair color back to strawberry blonde after The X-Files?

gillian_anderson_live: And style! And everything! I'm either going to shave it all off or I'm going to do something so fucking crazy!

gillian_anderson_live: Oh my God, every single fucking paper I see! It's so funny because it doesn't represent me at all! I'm so sorry for people who have dyed their hair this color.

gillian_anderson_live: It's weird to see pictures of me with this hair!

winsome_devil: I am going to see The Vagina Monologues tommorow night. What a fantastic book. Any chance you will be participating in this again in the future?

gillian_anderson_live: I was hoping to do it in New York last February, but it meant splitting my monologue with 2-3 other actresses, and I just didn't see how that would work effectively and maintain the rhythm of it.

gillian_anderson_live: So to put that effort into it and travel during the season.. not possible. I was contenplating doing the three-week run in London, but at the time, it just wasn't the right time.

gillianandersonlover: Are there any more feature films in your future after the critical success of The House of Mirth?

gillian_anderson_live: There were a couple that I was hoping were going to go before the supposed strike, that I would lov to do. But unfortunately they may have to go after the strike, when I am no longer available. That sucks. But there will be things, and there's also theatre.

cutie_kelly_007: Gillian, what's it been like working with both David and Robert at the same time (being that they're both so cute and all - lol)? Do they get along well?

gillian_anderson_live: It's been great! They did very well together. I think it was a blast for all of us.

gillian_anderson_live: So much of the responsibility had been on David and me all along, and suddenly we had this built-in ensemble. It was fun! Robert and Annabeth... They're just fun! They're just great people.

scullyrox29: Hi Gillian, first of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful music and book reccomendations. They have really opened my mind to things. So, what is on your bookshelf and in your CD player now?

gillian_anderson_live: Sigur Ros is #1, amd will be for a long time.

gillian_anderson_live: I think they're fucking amazing. Coldplay, I love. I like St. Germaine. And new Radiohead. I just got that yesterday and I'm so fucking psyched about it. And then I do yoga every day to Tembora music.

gillian_anderson_live: And other Asian infusion stuff. I don't know if "infusion" is the right word, but Asian stuff.

trinity_atl: How was working with the amazing cast of "Playing By Heart?"

gillian_anderson_live: You know, I didn't. To be honest, I had one scene with everybody, and everything else was pretty much Jon.

gillian_anderson_live: And he's the greatest guy. Let's just say that the personalities were interesting. SO many different personalities.

mirrorballca: Don't you think it's weird - All this attention for your clothes or signatures?

gillian_anderson_live: I was actually thinking that, as of the end of the series, whenever that is, it may be now or in a year from now, that I was going to stop signing X-Files related things .

gillian_anderson_live: It just seemed like it might be a good idea. If clothes raise money for charity, then that's great.

gillian_anderson_live: If somebody else is going to get something out of something that I'm never going to wear again because there's some InStyle picture of it or something...

scullythecatuk: Hey Gillian, we are huge fans of yours! Just wondering, what you will be doing during the airing of the season finale? Will you be watching? Love Sarah and Jane, U.K.

gillian_anderson_live: Yes! And I actually hope to watch it with Robert and his wife. I invited them over and they're trying to get a babysitter, so we may all be watching it together.

Liv_M99: Can you spill the beans on the baby?

gillian_anderson_live: I told you, it's a hermaphrodite! :)

y_chat_diva: Thank you, Gillian.

gillian_anderson_live: Thank you so much, everybody!

gillian_anderson_live: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

gillian_anderson_live: There's also a script being auctioned on Yahoo! The season finale double episode with a TON of signatures on it is being auctioned for Buskaid, too.

gillian_anderson_live: Thanks for coming, everyone.

y_chat_diva: The GAWS auction is at

gillian_anderson_chat: Good-bye, everyone.

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