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Premiere Magazine
February 2001

Vanguard 2001

As the actors, directors, and other filmmking talents highlighted in the following pages prove, if you're daring enough to take risks, bold enough to break a few rules, and, above all, brave enough to follow your passion, you'll end up leading the pack.

Vanguard Suprise Contender: Gillian Anderson

AGE: 32


CAREER DUES: Eight seasons as the skeptic's skeptic Dana Scully on TV's global smash The X-Files; also, impressive turns in little-seen films The Mighty and Playing by Heart.

WHY SHE ROCKS: Because she takes the role of Lily Bart in the new adaptation of Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth and runs with it. Because the way she shows the rolling layers of morality and melancholy beneath the porcelain exterior is why we go to the movies. Because we had no idea.

HIDDEN TALENT: "I can disappear. I can walk down a street and not be there."

DREAM ROLE: A Jedi. "I would love to be the queen of all mudderfuckin' Jedis!"

LIP: "I used to take myself very seriously, now it's all just funny. You gotta laugh at yourself. You know, most of the time when something's a big deal for us, it's only become a big deal in the space between our ears."

Transcript provided by Alfred and appears courtesy of Premiere Magazine.

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