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Hollywood Squares
April 29, 2002
Transcript for hollywood2.mpg

Female Contestant: Gillian Anderson for the block.

Host: Agent Scully from the X-Files. Welcome, Gillian.

Gillian: I know nothing!

Host: What?

Gillian: I know nothing.

Host: You know nothing.

Host teases the Contestant: You might want to rethink this choice now.

Host: A poll in a leading fashion magazine, Gillian, found more than 3 out of 5 men would pass up the chance to read this if given the opportunity. Read what?

Off-camera from one of the other celebrities: She knows nothing.

Gillian: (laughing) I know nothing! ... Women's minds?

Contestant: I disagree.

Host: Their girlfriend's diary, actually. Circle gets the block.

Transcript for hollywood3.mpg

Male Contestant: Gillian Anderson for the win, please.

Host: All right Gillian for $4,000...

Gillian: That's just too much pressure! I can't take this pressure.

Host: Okay, American Chrissie Hynde became the first female to strap on an electric guitar and lead a band of Englishmen to punk success. What was the group?

Gillian (looking serious): Powerpuff Girls. (everyone laughs) That's not a good answer? Umm...That would be the Pretenders.

Contestant: I agree.

Host: You got the win. Another $4,000!

Transcript provided by Mari and appears courtesy of Hollywood Squares.

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