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Hollywood Squares
April 30, 2002
Transcript for hollywood5.mpg

Host: Day 2 of our Women Who Care Week. Which of our stars was voted most likely to be arrested and most bizarre? Agent Scully. The lovely and talented GA. Yes she was. Quite an honor.

Gillian: (with hand over heart and nodding her head) I know. I know.

Transcript for hollywood6.mpg

Male Contestant: Gillian Anderson please.

Host: Gillian Anderson! Agent Scully! Now Gillian, Michael Jordan, Rosie O'Donnell, and Britney Spears are among the celebrities who have been selected to say these 3 words on your home computer. What are the words?

Gillian: Buy my stuff.

Contestant: I disagree.

Gillian: (feigning annoyance) Oh man!

Host: Now you've gone and upset Agent Scully! But it's good you disagreed. You've Got Mail are the 3 words. X gets the square.

Transcript for hollywood7.mpg

Male Contestant: Gillian Anderson for the block, please.

Host: For the block you are, Gillian.

Gillian: I know ... Okay.

Host: Government scientists were angered by a Fox television special which suggested that this was a hoax. What?

Gillian: (very seriously) That the ozone layer would be destroyed.

Host: Okay.

Contestant: I disagree.

Host: The moon landing they said was a hoax. X gets the block there.

Transcript provided by Mari and appears courtesy of Hollywood Squares.

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