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May 1, 2002
Transcript for hollywood9.mpg

Male Contestant: Gillian Anderson for the win, please.

Host: Agent Scully! Of The X-Files! Gillian, a recent study shows who is better at remembering the past, women or men?

Gillian: (pretending she already forgot the question) Can you repeat the question? (everyone laughs) It would have to be women. I mean, the answer is always women. Right? Right? Women. (audience yells and claps in agreement)

Male Contestant: I'm scared. I'll have to agree!

Host: Did she frighten you into it? Well it was a good call. Yes, it's women. X gets the square and the win.

Transcript for hollywood10.mpg

Male Contestant: I'll go with Gillian Anderson to block.

Host: Even though she frightens you. Okay. Gillian, Jimmy Carter is our only president in history to claim he had seen one of these. One of what?

Gillian: Well, it's kind of ironic that I have this answer but it would have to be an alien.

Contestant: I disagree.

Host: A UFO. The actual ship...

Gillian (off camera): Oh!

Host: ...not any of the inhabitants so you've got your block. Yes, X gets it.

Transcript for hollywood11.mpg

Host: All this week is a very special week as evidenced by the fine people joining us here in our big old Tic Tac Toe Board on behalf of women and girls in Afghanistan. Gillian Anderson, why did you get involved with the organization?

I got involved because I think it's important that the women and girls in Afghanistan are not forgotten in the new Afghanistan. That the women are allowed to go back to work if they choose to and the girls are allowed to go back to school. And I think it's important that we continue to realize that there is a need there and I hope that our viewers will join our campaign and add their voice as much as they are willing and able.

Host: Very nicely said.

Kathy Najimi: Right on, Gillian!

Transcript provided by Mari and appears courtesy of Hollywood Squares.

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