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The Late Show with David Letterman
May 10, 2002

David Letterman: Welcome back

Gillian: Thank you!

Dave: In my clumsy attempt earlier, I was trying to explain to people that it's for you personally, and for the fans of the show, and professionally, this is like a momentous deal. I mean that is a great big hunk, 9 years. That�s terrific!

Gillian: Yeah, yeah, it's kinda probably as emotional as you leaving NBC right?

Dave: Well, but I was pretty...

Gillian: No that was 11 yrs, right?

Dave: Yeah but I was drunk!

(audience laughs)

Gillian: You can get very emotional when you are drunk. I saw a lot of the crew get very emotional...

Dave: Well I would think so because it was such a part of American television culture. I mean it turned out to be more than just a tv show.

Gillian: To a lot of people it was, yeah.

Dave: What was it like when you got together to get ready to go for the final time there?

Gillian: Well, I think I expected it to be a lot more emotional than it actually was. Like a week beforehand I started saying this is the last day that we are filming at the studio; this is the last day that this person is going to touch up my lips; this is the know, you start to take in those things. And after a while, you just go just gets kind of blank. And ah, ... blank. Kinda like I am right now, blank.

Dave: You did that to sort of protect yourself from the real emotions of it, you think?

Gillian: I think so. And I also think that it is somewhat unfathomable, you know. And I think that I am so used to the routine and I am also used to going on hiatus that probably come July, when I would normally go back, is when I'll start to feel it.

Dave: Right now, you are right, because of the routine and the schedule it probably doesn't seem that strange.

Gillian: Come July I'll have a nervous breakdown.

Dave: Um, could I touch up your lips now?

Gillian: You certain can! With what?

Dave: (changing the subject) Now... but...

Gillian: No, I want you to touch up my lips!

Dave: Well, all right, but I don't know...How do you touch them up?

They both lean into each other and their lips touch lightly.

Gillian, looking shocked, starts screaming, Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Dave: Scared away!

Gillian taps her lips with her fingers and tells the audience: His lips touched my lips! David Letterman's lips touched my lips!!!

David: Is that all right?

Gillian: (looking at Dave now) David Letterman's lips touched my lips!

Dave: Yeah, I thought we were going to kiss there because we were that close...

Gillian leans into David, puts her hand around his neck and they kiss for real!

Gillian: Wooh! Okay! Can I come back tomorrow night (can't stop giggling). I don't think that was scripted. That wasn't what I had to talk about. (laughs out loud)

Dave: Seriously, let's get a room. That was fun. I liked it very much.

Gillian laughs harder and looks at the audience and then at Dave and says: Thank you very much. Thank you very much. You know the last time I was on...

Dave: I hope you don't think I am untoward. I just...I didn't...we were that close and I thought...

Gillian: Did you say 'on tour' or untoward?

Dave: Untoward, untoward...oh, man alive, that don't happen often. A long time ago I decided that if it ever happens just do it because in your real life chances like that don't come along. I don't know what I mean?

Gillian is still giggling and pretends like she's going to grab him again.

Dave smiles widely.

Dave: Oh boy...

Gillian: Oh boy...

Gillian: Oh boy, you know, the last time I was on, we were talking about colonics and this is a little step up...

Dave: May I touch up your colon?

Gillian laughs, stands up, leans over and "presents her backside" to Dave.

Audience claps loudly, Gillian can't stop laughing, and Dave is looking completely flustered.

Gillian: Can you tell me what we were going to talk about tonight? I have no idea!

Dave: I don't know what we were going to talk about. Now listen...

Gillian: Oh Lord...she points at a mug on Dave's desk and asks: Is this for me?

Dave: Yes it is. So, when you got ready to...

Gillian is fanning herself and still laughing out loud.

Dave (trying hard to resume being a talk show host with questions to ask): So did David Duchovny come back for the final thing?

Gillian: I can't concentrate now, Dave. I'm sorry!

Dave: Yeah, I know. And what was it like...when he came back...that must have been something. Like a surge of something?

Gillian: (still giggling) It was but it didn't have as big a surge as what I just experienced.

Dave (laughing...he's totally loving it!): Well...

Gillian: Yes, there was a certain surge. There was...(laughing) I am not going to be able to continue! There was definitely a surge, yes. That's all I have to say about it (Dave is laughing out loud again). There was a surge.

Dave: What will you do now? Will you take some time? You going to go traveling? What are you going to do? I mean you are not going to get right back into another gig immediately, are you?

Gillian: No, no, I am definitely going to do some traveling for a while.

Dave: What are you going to do?

Gillian: Yeah, I am going to do some traveling.

Dave: Where are you going to go?

Gillian: (still being evasive) Overseas.

Audience and Dave laugh.

Gillian: I don't want to get too specific.

Dave: Oh, I understand. It's because you don't want guys like me following you.

Gillian: (laughing) Touching up my colon and all.

Dave: Will you be traveling alone?

Gillian (winking): Actually, this is the first time I will be traveling alone. I don't usually travel alone.

Dave: Are you a good traveler?

Gillian: What is a good traveler? What makes a good traveler?

Dave: Somebody who is at ease in a foreign culture and does it effortlessly and has no trouble...a certain level of savoir faire.

Gillian: I aspire to have a certain level of savoir faire, yes indeed. I've actually never traveled alone. This will be the first time I'll be traveling alone.

Dave: You must be a little nervous.

Gillian: I am not really that nervous. The thing is this is the first time that I am really allowing myself to spend money to travel alone. I think for the first few years of working on the show, come hiatus, it was very difficult for me to spend money on relaxing. It just didn't feel like it was...did somebody's cell phone just go off?

Dave: I'll be honest with you, I'm barely paying attention.

Everyone starts laughing and clapping. Dave pats Gillian on the head.

Dave: Tell your friends!

Dave and Gillian laugh...they are having a terrific time with each other.

Dave: So, anyway, the thing will be on May 19.

Gillian: Yeah, May 19. It's a two-parter.

Dave: And every unanswered question about the series, about the run, is answered or some mystery is still left intact?

Gillian: Well, there are some courtroom scenes that I, and some of the other actors, do and I think we answer every single possible question that's ever been asked.

Dave: Good for you.

Gillian: Yeah, yeah.

Dave: Well, congratulations on a great run.

Gillian: Thank you.

Dave: And good luck on your next project.

Gillian: (bursts into laughter again) Thank you!

As they shake hands...

Dave: And God, it was nice to see you again. (yes, Gillian is still giggling) Gillian Anderson everyone!

Dave kisses her hand, leans into her ear, and whispers something that makes Gillian laugh again....fade out.

Transcript provided by Mari and appears courtesy of The Late Show.

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