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So Graham Norton
18th Feb 2003

GN: We are just about to lose you.

GA: Well not for very long.

GN: You are heading back to America.

GA: I am. I was meant to go back today.

GN: Are you going back to play? To work?

GA: I am going back to play... yes, I am going back to play for about a month. My daughter...yeah.

GN: Awww...

GA: Yeah, awww..

GN: But you are going to direct a film..

GA: Eventually, I am working on something that I'm... I'm adapting a book into a screenplay that eventually I will direct but it is going to be a while from now.

GN: That's a big plan though..

GA: It is a big plan, yes to write and direct it but you know it takes time.

GN: Didn't you direct an episode of X-Files?

GA: Just one. I wrote and directed one.

GN: Did you enjoy it? You must have enjoyed it.

GA: I must have enjoyed it to put myself through it again. I did enjoy it very much. It was extraordinary actually but I sweat a lot! I sweat a lot when I was directing. One thing that I remember about the directing process. It just occurred to me, I sweat a lot!

GN: How nice was Britain to you? You have fallen in love in Britain! You have fallen in love with a British man, apparently.

GA: Yes, he is actually Kenyan.

GN: Is he? Oh he lives here now!

GA: He does and he sounds quite British. He spent many years here. He went to school here.

GN: But ding dong, merry on high... wedding bells!

GA: Yes, indeed.

GN: Really?

GA: Really.

GN: Have you planned your outfit for the wedding?

GA: I haven't really put much thought into it. I am not going to have a veil. It's not going to be traditional.

(Graham pulls out a pair of funky beaded bridal running shoes from a box. )

GN: How unstylish can they be?

GA: They are hysterical.

GN: They are just wrong!

GA: But it's actually quite a good idea though, isn't it? I mean, what if people have really bad feet and they can't wear sandals and high heels and the dress is long enough that it hides them. At least they are comfortable.

GN: They're YOURS!

GA: And also, they can run in the other direction if the groom doesn't show up.

GN: That's true. I like the speed of it. I like that you can go for it with those.

GA: Yes.

GN: They are good!

GA: They are... they are very lovely. More banter about alternative wedding options...

GN: I don't want to go through your whole romantic history but I was reading that you found the love of your life here in Britain but your first kiss was here as well.

GA: That is funny, yes it was. It was by a chain-link fence, I think, in the back of the playground when I was like 7 or something. Six or seven I think. It might have been Simon or.... I am trying to remember. I think it might have been somebody called Simon. Or maybe somebody else.

GN: Well, everyone remembers their first kiss.

GA: Do they? People don't, I think.

GN: I don't either but that's what it says there (points at cue card).

The entertainment then moved on to interaction with the audience and a spoof on fashion shows.

Transcript appears courtesy of Graham Norton, UK Channel 4.

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