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August 25, 2005

No longer seen as Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson is moving on from the X-Files.

FULL TRANSCRIPT (the video clip ends half way through this transcript):

The interview was done mainly by Andrew Castle (AC), but Kate Garraway (KG) was also there and asked a couple of questions.

AC - How Are You?

GA - I'm good, I'm surprisingly awake.

AC - This not your time, is it?

GA - Um, now is, but not 2 hrs ago when I got up to get here.

AC - Did the car get there ok?

GA - Everything was fine.

AC - Knock on the door�

GA - It was a nice morning.

AC - Now, do tell me about The Mighty Celt, give me an outline, if you don�t mind.

GA - It�s a small lovely family film which takes place in Belfast which has various storylines running through it, one is a single mother played by myself who's trying to raise her son with some sense of normalcy post troubles, and a coming of age story of the young boy and his relationship with a dog, a greyhound that he's trying to raise for the races, and then there's Robert Carlyle who has a sort of romantic relationship with, well yes it is romantic but he's been gone for 15 years and they used to have a relationship and now they re-investigating the possibilities.

AC - He sounds a menacing character.

GA - Oh no, not at all, not at all.

AC - Is he not?

GA -No.

AC - He's not?

GA - Why?!

AC - I don't know, I read it and he returns...

GA - There is a return but apparently he's returning in a much milder form than he used to be.

AC - Let's take a look at a clip.

(They show the 'get in the car' scene.)

AC - Well it didn�t take you long to have a look at the options.

GA - That was a clip?! (laughs) "I don't need you" (playfully mimics the Irish accent)

AC - How was the accent and everything else?

GA - It's hard.

AC - Was it?

GA - It is, yeah, apparently it's one of the hardest but I don�t... I haven�t done that many accents but it's very challenging.

KG - 'Cos sometimes Americans cant tell the difference, can they, I mean you're clearly different, but, between the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.

GA - Is that true? I don�t know. They're quite different.

KG - You've had to work all that out, haven't you?

GA - Yeah. I mean I don't know, I've never done a Scottish accent before but I must say, I imagine that might even be harder than an Irish accent.

AC - But you're very mixed, aren't you though.

GA - I'm very mixed. (flirting) A Mixed bag�

AC - Mixed Old Bag!

GA - Yeah, (laughs) a mixed old bag!!

AC - 'Cos you grew up here, I imagine, or was it the United States?

GA - I grew up here until I was about 11 and then we went back to the states, but my parents still had a flat here, a run down old little thing that we used to visit in Harringay every summer so I had a connection for years.

Video Clip Ends Here.

AC - And when did acting just become you, 'cos it�s a rather nice story wasn�t it at school? See, I've read all my notes!

GA - You have! You know more about me than I know about m'self!

AC - Wasn't it of Romeo and Juliet?

GA - Oh my goodness! I don't know - well, my Mom tells this story that I don�t remember.

AC - Well, were you a natural?

GA - I don't know!! She remembers this scene that I did and I rehearsed in the house, and she was like 'Oh, God. (rolls eyes) Ok, come on, give it to me'. Apparently she for the first time thought that I might be able to do something based on how I'd presented that scene. But I have no memory of that whatsoever.

AC - Mmhm, 'cos you work with a young man who's making his first appearance on film: Tyrone McKenna.

GA - Yeah, I know.

AC - Is he fourteen years old?

GA - Yeah, I know. He's an angel.

AC - 'Cos he was good, he was a natural.

GA - He's incredibly natural, he blew us all away, and we'd just look at each other, the crew, and we'd be like (pulls an 'Oh My God' face). He just blew us all away.

AC - Like, 'why have we all been trained, when a child can produce this'?!

GA - Yeah, I know! (laughs) I'm gonna quit now! He's lovely, really lovely.

AC - Easy to work with.

GA - Yeah.

AC - And good to work with Robert Carlyle too.

GA - Always.

AC - Um, treading the boards at all?

GA - Um, I hope to. I mean there's lots of theatre's that I'd still like to work in, and, um� It makes me so nervous that I have to ...that the gaps in between the plays keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger!

KG - X-Files, there could be another film coming out?

GA - I've been hearing that for about a year and a half now.

AC - You do need to hear about it for it to happen, you are fairly central!

GA - Yeah, I know. (laughs) I know, yeah. Well there's something holding it up right now and I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'm ready whenever they are.

KG - Would you like to do it?

GA - I'd love to. it think it'd be fantastic.

AC - They're probably trying to find your enormous fee!

GA - Oh, stop! (all laugh) No, y'see, apparently we're being paid nothing! (smug look). No, I think it's all about the fun and the reunion of it.

KG - That was a great series for you wasn�t it?

GA - It was. I'm very, very blessed to be a part of it. I mean it's well respected and it was a character I didn�t get sick of. I mean we did it for 9 years. That�s a long haul to live with an alt- (alter ego) know, another personality.

AC - And you wrote and directed one of the episodes.

GA - I did, yeah.

AC - There's a lot you can do isn�t there? (he's flirting!)

GA - Yeh, there is (cute and sarcastic, flirty flirt flirt) - I'm multi talented! (laughs)

KG - I sense chemistry! She's getting a little bit flirty isn�t she?!

GA - (Keeps laughing)

AC - I think Gillian Anderson is very interesting.

GA - The old bag!

AC - Yeah, for a mixed old bag she's all right! (laughs) Yes, The Mighty Celt, I shall look forward to seeing that if I can get my dvd player working in my house.

GA - Well it opens in theatres tomorrow, so�

AC - Well, ok I shall rush out and get the matinee screening!

Gillian laughs.

Thank you very much to MADDY for the transcript!

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