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MAXIM: The X Factor

By Patrick Carone
May 2008

Don't blame a government conspiracy if you haven't seen Gillian Anderson lately. She's been gearing up to reprise her role as the FBI's sexiest alien hunter in the must-see X-Files movie sequel.

When The X-Files Premiered on TV in 1993, the purpose of Gillian Anderson's role as FBI scientist Dana Scully was to provide a rational counterpoint to partner Fox Mulder's (David Duchovny) obsession with assorted creepy-crawlies. As the series became a huge hit, Anderson became a bona fide sex symbol. Lucky for us, she has five movies in the pipeline, including July's super-mysterious sequel to the first X-Files move. Despite our prodding, she has sworn not to divulge any of the film's secrets. Fortunately, that doesn't mean she can't be revealing in other ways.

What can you spill about the new movie?
Well, there's not much I can tell you.

Are you worried you'll get abducted?
No, but it would depress a lot of people who worked to make this movie special. We've gone to pretty extreme lengths to keep things secret. I mean, the crew didn't even get copies of the script, which made shooting pretty challenging.

Is the big secret that the sequel is essentially a romantic comedy?
Definitely not! That would be so lame. I can tell you that it's going to be scary and gruesome

When The X-Files was airing, did you realize you were on such an iconic show?
It wasn't until I had some distance that I realized how unique the dynamic between David Duchovny and me was. And it's got very little to do with us; it's something that exists us.

Have you watched Californication, where David plays a sexaholic novelists?
I have. I actually thought it would be funny to play a character who's obsessed with Scully and wants to have sex dressed as Scully. But it didn't happen. I guess having sex with David on the show would just be too weird for fans to see.

Do people assume you're as serious a person as Scully in real life?
Surprisingly, yes. And I am serious in certain aspects of my life, but I'm also incredibly goofy and silly. I don't act my age most of the time.

Do you have run-ins with X-Files freaks?
Not too much. But I do get fans who tell me that creator Chris Carter should call them if he want to know what's really going on in the universe.

Wow. How do you respond to that?
That's great! Thank you very much!

What will you do if extraterrestrials do exist and decided to conquer earth?
That would be just fine with me, as long as they make me their queen.

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