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Atkinson gives tip on privacy
Sky News
September 29, 2011

Blackadder and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson has told Sky News that celebrities can avoid hackers and the paparazzi if they want to.

In the wake of the recent phone hacking scandal he said: "I think it's very curious how intrusive technology has allowed people to be ... It's genuinely worrying."

But the actor added that he has managed to keep his privacy by refusing to move to Hollywood.

"I've never wanted to live there... Hollywood is a particularly difficult place to live if you want to keep your life private.

"Because there are so many people in my line of business there, it's a happy hunting ground for paparazzi and gossip mongers. London is less so."

Atkinson is currently promoting his new film Johnny English Reborn, where he reprises his role as the bumbling secret service agent.

Co-star Gillian Anderson said of the explicit pictures of Scarlett Johannsen leaked on the internet earlier this month: "I assume it's not going to affect me but maybe I'm being incredibly naive�

"But I don't send naked pictures of myself. Generally pictures on my phone are of my children."

The X-Files star went on to say that she could not get her head around stars courting publicity through their use of social networking sites.

"Demi Moore tweeted a naked picture of herself to her husband and made it public. My mind boggles. I don't understand any of it. I don't have Facebook or Twitter. I'm living in another age clearly."

Johnny English Reborn is the sequel to the hit 2003 comedy-spy-thriller Johnny English, which took �102m worldwide and Atkinson hopes the new instalment will be just as successful.

He said: "Every time you have success you've always got expectation to succeed and match that. Eight years to make a sequel is not a sensible commercial structure."

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