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Metro 5 Questions
By Metro Film Reporter
February 16, 2012

Gillian Anderson: I'll be on board for an X-Files movie if they pull it together Johnny English Reborn star Gillian Anderson talks about putting family life ahead of her work and how she's would be up for making an X-Files movie.

How did you start acting?

I didn't particularly like school very much. I didn't really feel like I fitted in or belonged. I used to shave the side of my hair with a razor blade and pierce my nose. I was listening to bands such as Circle Jerks, Butthole Surfers and Bauhaus. However, once I started acting in a community play, a lightbulb went on - I felt quite sure of myself and about the direction I was going in. Then, when I decided I wanted to go on to college, I asked for suggestions of where one should go if one wanted to be an actor, and somebody told me about the Goodman Theatre School in Chicago. So I sent away for an application. That was the only place I auditioned. I have a tendency to be really naive about things but it worked out because I got accepted.

Your MI7 Agent character in Johnny English Reborn, Pamela, is pretty serious. Did you purposefully play the role straight, like your character, Dana Scully, in The X-Files?

Yes, exactly. In fact, it was very similar to The X-Files, ironically. In order for the jokes to work, it is not appropriate for the character to witness the extent of things taking place. In The X-Files, my character is the disbeliever, so I was used to being the one who is looking in the wrong direction or being out of the jokes, so to speak.

You've acted in more TV and independent films lately. Was that a conscious decision?

Yeah, I've made a decision to put my family life first, so I don't do something that takes me away from them for three months at a time. I like the idea of popping in and doing a few weeks here. However, there are only a few things that will allow for that kind of schedule. I'm not terribly ambitious. There is a part of me that takes what comes. I don't read Variety, I don't do any of that sort of stuff.

You live in London now - do you miss the Los Angeles weather?

No, I actually don't. People often talk about the London weather in a negative way but then I lived in Vancouver when we were shooting The X-Files, which was incredibly cold.

Is there any truth to the rumours that another X-Files movie will be made?

I don't know. There is talk of it but I don't know what that will equate to. I've said it from the beginning that if it's something they pull together, I'll be on board.

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