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'I would play Scully again'
By Oliver Grady
The Sun, TV Magazine: 10th May 2013

You play a cop in thrilling new Irish crime drama The Fall. What attracted you to the role?

Initially, I wasn't particularly interested in doing a series as it's a big time commitment, so it had to be something I was passionate about. As soon as I read this script, I was so taken with it...

What did you love so much about it?

I play Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, who comes to Belfast from London to help catch a serial killer who is targeting young women. The difference with this show compared to other crime dramas is that it's not a whodunnit - the audience know from the beginning that the murderer is Paul Spector, played by [Once Upon A Time's] Jamie Dornan.

Is Stella at all like your former X Files character, Agent Dana Scully?

Obviously she is a law enforcement official, she's female - and they look a bit like each other, too! But Scully was quite square and had a horrible taste in suits. [Laughs.] You would never have seen Scully naked either!

Stella isn't afraid of whipping her kit off, then?

I haven't ever played a character as in touch with her sexuality as she is, and it's fun to play that naughty side. I have learnt a lot from playing her. During filming, I felt I matured a bit and got more comfortable with myself and my sexuality. I'd go as far as to say she's my favourite character I've ever played.

How do you unwind after filming The Fall's more disturbing moments, like when Stella visits grisly crime scenes?

I am used to playing intense characters. When I was doing The X Files, I was working such ridiculous hours and, at one point, also had a newborn baby so I think I learnt to compartmentalise things. When I am on set, I am on set - and when I leave, I am a mum.

Would you ever play Scully again?

I really enjoyed playing her and was always very grateful to be working with David Duchovny [Agent Mulder]. There has been talk for a long time about a third film and I know David and I would both be on board.

You're American-born, but live in Britain - do you feel like a true Brit now?

I always knew I'd end up here. I've been based here for the past ten years and have three kids [Piper, 18, Oscar, six, and Felix, four] who all live in London. Although when I'm working in the States, the accent comes back and I feel very American again!

Finally, do you still treasure being voted FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World back in 1996?

That has always boggled my mind [laughs]. I have really never understood that!

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