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October 9, 2014

This is your first published book. What made you decide to start writing?
A mutual friend introduced co-author Jeff Rovin & I and we came up with an idea that was too exciting not to pursue.

Growing up, were you interested in the sci-fi genre?
I've always loved sci-fi cinema, esp. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and Sigourney Weaver in Alien... ..and I'm excited by the idea that this book series might make its way to the big screen.

You're at #NYCC this week. What are you looking forward to?
I'm documenting my time there for @EW and I get to take pictures of all of you!

A Vision Of Fire is the first in a trilogy. When you initially started writing, did you think it would be a series?
Yes, our scope for the story was so vast, we knew it couldn't be contained in a single novel.

What sparked your interest to base the storyline around social tensions between countries?
We wanted the trilogy to be a global story with a social conscience.

You've written an episode of X-files. How was writing the book different than a script?
Writing a screenplay is like writing a conversation & writing a novel is like drawing a picture.

Caitlin is a tough protagonist. Why create a character like this?
I want to participate in creating female characters that are as complex as women are in real life.

Would you ever consider writing a memoir?
Yes, but I'd have to remember my life first and I'm not very good at that!

Let's hear from the fans. Send your questions with #AskGillianA.

Corri - Has novel writing been something that you've wanted to pursue for a long time?
Yes but I thought I'd be doing it in my 60s. Thanks to cowriter Jeff Rovin, I started earlier than I expected.

Kirsty - If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book, which book would it be? (besides A Vision of Fire obvs).
Probably Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now to help me accept the present situation and get out of the future.

Ashley - Not a question, but a virtual fist bump for forging ahead with all this book publicity so soon after Streetcar. Take a nap!
Thank you! I'll take a nap on the plane back to London on Monday.

Cathy O'D - Did you and Jeff disagree about any elements of #AVisionofFire? If so who had final say? :)
The only thing I was adamant about was keeping it out the horror realm, which wasn't an issue for Jeff.

Ashley - Speaking of writing, do you retain the rights to The Speed of Light adaptation?
Yes I do and it is still a work in progress.

Trustno1 - When did you sleep? You were doing three shows, a play while recording the audio. When do you sleep?
Good question!

Rana NWCA - Please ask @GillianA if she would like to write in other genres aside from science fiction and if so, which?
Yes I would, pure literary fiction I would think.

Peter Johnstone - Would you like to be consulted, as to who should play your characters in a movie version of A Vision of Fire.
The character was created specifically for me to play so yes, I will consult with myself.

Ashley - Did you come up with Caitlin's last name while traveling to and from Chicago's airport?
Her 1st name was originally Frances but I was about to play character named Frances in a film so we changed it.

Riley - I want to know how you came about writing the story for A Vision of Fire? Will there be more books in the future?
This is the first of a triology!

Kari - Who's been the most influential person in your life? And how/why?
Probably my daughter. She was born at a time when I needed to keep my priorities straight.

lance sweets - Is stella gibson bi? please say yes
That's for you to find out ;)

amy elouise - If you had to describe yourself in three words, what three words would you use?
Serious, goofy, busy.

Katie - Do you have any special ritual to help aid with the creative process? Meditation, etc?
Meditation has helped me in other areas of my life, I've never used it specifically for writing but I recommend it.

Lo - Is there anything you would change about your book?
Not a thing!

ariel - What do you think about Mads Mikkelsen?
He's a lovely person and a brilliant actor.

Natasha - What do you know about the Third X files movie? Can we have hope?
Hope is out there.

dave slattery - Can't wait to read your book. Loved the live screening of streetcar. What's your favourite book, author?
My current favorite book is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

Alonna Breisch - This is not a question but I really want 2 tell u that I love you and love everything you do. You inspire me so much.
I love you too!

grace - Do you already have the second book planned out?
Yes we do, and the third.

Meagan Oldervik - If you could revisit a character who would it be?
I could live between Blanche, Scully, and Stella forever.

princess sox - Do you have any advice about moving to a new country? I'm studying abroad and kinda missing the UK.
Go back to the UK ;)

lotta - Thank you for saying publicly that you're a feminist. It gives me strength to say it myself.

Graeme - What was your most memoriable moment on the X-Files?
The outtake David & I did of what would've happened if the bee didn't sting me.

just bea - Have you ever been to India?
Yes, many times and love it.

Emma Puka-Beals - When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A marine biologist.

Melih Özyılmaz - In any stage of your career, have you ever been considered/did you consider a Bond movie role? You'ld be great in it.
Only as a villain.

Savannah Weaver - Favorite song?
Current favorite song is Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky.

My Heart says KateWalsh - Describe your fans in three words.
Dedicated. Dedicated. Dedicated.

Fiona - How many copies of your book do i need to buy for you to come to my house and read it to me? #audiobookjustisntcuttingit ;)
What do you mean the audio book isn't cutting it?!

Lauren Sarlo - My wallet trembles (with excitement) at possibility of Streetcar coming to NYC. What would the timeline be? #startingtosavenow
Hopefully 2016.

Brittanymariee - What made you wanna be apart of the fall what attracted you to it?
The scripts were too good to pass up and Stella is kick ass.

lotta - Describe feminism in one word.

Emma Puka-Beals - What did you have for lunch?
A mediocre salad and a piece of chili chocolate.

Blanca F. - What is the first thing that goes through your head when you wake up in the morning?
Lately, where am I?

andrea - I've been re-watching the 1st season of The X Files and asking myself why your coats are so big??
Ahhhh... I was pregnant.

steve scott - custard creams or bourbons with your cuppa?
Bourbons. Biscuits/cookies without chocolate are not worth eating.

Clare ‏- What's your favourite cheese?
Pecorino with pears or Stilton with dates.

Clarissa M - For someone who claims having no memory at all... HOW ON EARTH DID YOU do with Streetcar? You were amazing!
Apparently one uses a different part of the brain.

Natasha - Do you intend promote your book in South America? Specifically in Brazil!!! Love your work, thanks for answering me.
I am right now!

amy pueblo - Are there any actors/actresses that you really admire?
Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman

PLEaSE BRENT - Favourite snack to eat?
Chocolate-covered rice cakes.

Sorry guys, I have to head out to the @Simon451 book launch party. Thanks for joining me!

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