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Her career is far from a "Crisis."
By Scott Neumyer
New York Daily News: March 15, 2014

Call it a streak, simply great choices, or whatever you prefer, but Anderson cites luck for her recent powerful run, starting with BBC Two's "The Fall," followed by NBC's "Hannibal" and now her latest project, "Crisis."

"I feel very, very lucky to be able to have these opportunities," the actress told The News, "and that they've been able to coincide and that everybody has been as open and generous as possible to allow them to co-exist. That, in and of itself, is awesome."

On "Crisis," bad guys have kidnapped some of the richest and most entitled kids in America, including the son of the President. Anderson plays one of the parents.

Being on three shows simultaneously doesn't come without some worry about confusing her audience.

"I'm hoping," she says, "that I've defined all the characters differently enough so that people are not watching 'Crisis' and thinking of 'Hannibal' or watching 'Hannibal' and thinking of 'The Fall.'"

She laughs, adding, "The jury is out on that at this point, but, fingers crossed."

With her work on the hit British series "The Fall," Anderson wasn't sure if she was ready to go full steam back into American television.

The timing, however, was great, and the script and the strength of her 'Crisis' character, wealthy businesswoman Meg Fitch, convinced her to take the leap.

"I've never played a character who values her role as a parent so passionately," says Anderson. "Even though she's in the top 1%, she feels like she's an American mom."

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