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25 Things You Don't Know About Me
US Weekly: Feb. 7, 2015

Spilling all! The Fall star, 46, fills Us in.

1. I sleep with my feet out of the covers.

2. I am useless with anything to do with IT.

3. For the past two years, I have had a frozen shoulder and can't move my left arm beyond 90 degrees to the side.

4. My favorite fruit is jackfruit, which can be found in Sri Lanka and other tropical places.

5. We have a fish tank in our house. That's about the extent of animal care we can manage.

6. As a child, I had a kitten that would not grow. It was black, and its name was Sponge.

7. I am terrible at learning languages.

8. My hair is neither red nor blonde, but a very boring mousy brown.

9. Dark chocolate makes me happy.

10. My middle name is Leigh.

11. I have one of the worst memories known to man.

12. I spent 15 months in Puerto Rico before I was 2 years old.

13. I had a brother named Aaron who died of a brain tumor three years ago at age 30.

14. My brother's tumor was likely connected to a disease he has from birth called neurofibromatosis.

15. I am a patron of the Neurofibromatosis Network charity.

16. I was 24 when I was cast as Scully in The X-Files, but I told the producers I was 27.

17. I have a sister named Zoe who is gay and married to her partner. Thanks, Illinois!

18. I don't like okra.

19. I used to be the first violin in a string quartet when I was in grade school. Now, I don't think I can play a single note.

20. I live in London and have three children. My oldest is 20, and my youngest is 6.

21. London is my favorite city in the world. I feel grateful every day that I get to live here.

22. I am the cofounder of SA-YES, a charity in South Africa that provides mentors for youth leaving children's homes.

23. I think one of the funniest movies of all time is Madagascar 2.

24. I don't watch TV.

25. I don't exercise!!!

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