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Gillian Anderson wants to be less busy
Zap Gossip News: December 23, 2015

Gillian Anderson's New Year's resolution is to be "less busy."

'The X-Files' actress is hoping to cut down on her commitments in 2016, though she already has an extremely busy few months planned.

She said: "I think if there was anything it would be to be less busy. [But] I have quite a few plans. I did 'War and Peace', and 'The-X Files' are coming out in January. Then continuing with 'The Fall' until March, then go to New York with 'Streetcar'; I did that here last year, and we are taking that to New York. I just did a film in India playing Edwina Mountbatten and Hugh Bonneville plays Lord Mountbatten."

And as well as her stage and screen work, the 47-year-old actress is also keeping busy with her book writing. She said: "I have just released a second novel in a trilogy 'The Dream of Ice', so there is the next in that series. I am working on another novel with a friend of mine called 'We', that will be coming out next September."

Although Gillian insisted that she is not following any festive customs, one tradition that she is dabbling in is the Victorian Christmas ritual involving ghost stories.

Gillian also has recorded a Victorian Ghost story 'Mrs Zant and the Ghost', written by Wilkie Collins, which is part of a series of Christmas tales on Audible, including 'A Christmas Carol', a short story by David Walliams and many more.

Gillian said: "I love Victorian stories; Victorian ghost stories are even better."

And the 'Fall' star - who has daughter Piper, 21, and sons Oscar, nine, and Felix, seven, from past relationships - enjoys listening to audiobooks with her family.

She said of the project: "The idea is that everybody seems to do a lot of travelling; car travelling, train travelling, travelling period over the holidays that often with cars packed with family members. Listening to audiobooks with family members is a wonderful thing to do. We often listen to on journeys, but this is something I would definitely choose to do with my family, specific to Christmas, around Christmas."

'Mrs Zant and the Ghost' will be available on Audible for free from today (23.12.15).

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