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Overpacking and Unpacking with Gillian Anderson
The Fall actor discusses the X-Files revival, steamed pork buns and the upside of travelling with too much stuff.

By Mikala Georgia Grante
Air Canada Enroute: January 7, 2016

Hometown Chicago
Home base London
Claim to fame Starring roles in suspenseful TV dramas like The X-Files, The Fall and Hannibal
Current projects Reprising her star-making role as Special Agent Dana Scully in the X-Files revival, set to premiere this month on Fox
Travel essential Epsom salts. "It's the only thing I bring with me for a sense of comfort."
Next trip "I really want to explore more of India and Southeast Asia - the trick is finding the time!"

You're back in Vancouver, shooting the X-Files miniseries. How much of a time warp is it?
Lots of flashbacks. It's been great to see old friends and colleagues. But I'm shocked to see Vancouver this populated. I can't believe how many people I see walking down the street. When we were living here, there was no downtown.

What's your strongest memory of the city?
The weather. We worked through rain, snow, sleet, hail - you name it. I've got lots of memories of doing long walk-and-talk scenes and trying not to slip on the ice, or having my hair blown out between every take because the moisture in the air made it frizz up.

Any favourite new restaurants?
Bao Bei has great staff and a great atmosphere. I could literally eat their steamed pork buns or any of their tenderloin dishes nightly. After you put your name down, swing by the Keefer Bar a few doors down for an infused martini, and again afterwards for a nightcap, and your evening is set.

Your personal style has received a lot of praise. Any tips for what to wear when you commute as often as you do?
I've been working in India shooting Viceroy's House, and I'm very grateful for the crepe dresses I have. They don't wrinkle even if crumpled into a ball in my suitcase. I still always pack too much. The downside is lugging everything around, but the upside is, I've always got something to wear if an event springs up.

What's your ideal vacation?
I'm happy in the shade by a nice pool pretty much anywhere.

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