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Gillian Anderson: "I Think We Can Reinvent What Bond Is"
"Maybe he doesn't have to fit into that paradigm", Gillian Anderson told BuzzFeed News while promoting The Fall, adding that Bond doesn't necessarily need to a woman.

By Scott Bryan
Buzzfeed: September 19, 2016

As well as being an accomplished actress and activist, Gillian Anderson is known on Twitter for absolutely ridiculous #ThrowbackThursday pictures.

It might leave you wondering: How does she find the photos? Does she have a personal archive?

I mean, some of the photos are exceptional.

In an interview with BuzzFeed UK to promote The Fall, Gillian Anderson (alongside co-star Jamie Dornan) said that an assistant stumbles across a photo on the internet and flags it to her, and she provides a quote.

She said:

"I've spent no time on it whatsoever other than that the girl who runs my social media will send me things that she has found in her spare time and says, 'What about this?'. And if I like it then I'll come up with a quote.

One of these Twitter posts that went viral earlier this year was Anderson mocked up as the next Bond.

Asked whether she thought the next James Bond should be a woman, Anderson said "maybe we can reinvent what James Bond is."

She said:

"Not necessarily. I think maybe we can reinvent what Bond is. Maybe he doesn't have to fit into that paradigm. But it was flattering. I was a fun little thing that ran for a little while."

Dornan then told her: "I put a bet on. You can bet on you though, I looked into it."

The news story that Daniel Craig was reportedly offered 150BP million to continue playing Bond then came up in conversation, to which Anderson joked: "I wasn't offered 150BP million to play James Bond."

One element of The Fall that a lot of people have noticed is how well it deals with feminism.

Moments like this have been picked up by both viewers and critics, in response to accusations that the show is misogynistic. - "The media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps, angles or whores. Let's not encourage them." (Gibson)

When asked whether she considers the show to be feminist, Anderson agreed and said it reflects the leanings of screenwriter Allan Cubitt.

She said:

"I think this is very much a showcase for Allan's feminist leanings and I think he syphons the majority of it through Stella and the nature of the endemic patriarchal society that she finds herself in, in the police force. Absolutely."

The final episode of the second series featured a shock twist when Paul Spector was shot while in police custody, and was battling to stay alive.

So why does DSI Stella Gibson feel so compelled to keep him alive? Anderson explained:

"She wants justice for the families. It would be devastating for them to feel like he got away with it, because he would have. It is a morbid way to look at it, but he deserves to stand trial. He deserves to stand trial for all of the crimes that he committed."

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