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Gillian Anderson Plays "F--k, Marry, Kill" With Famous Aliens and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same
by Chris Harnick
E! Online: February 1, 2016

Gillian Anderson knows a thing our two about aliens thanks to her many years playing Special Agent Dana Scully on The X-Files, but she wasn't familiar with the now-classic game "F-k, Marry, Kill." That is until E! News took to the Vancouver set. Anderson quickly became an expert.

"I don't know this game, but I'll play this. OK, famous aliens. So which one I'd f--k and which one I'd kill, basically?" See? Gillian Anderson: Emmy winner and F-k, Marry, Kill expert.

E! News was on set with as she returned to the role of Dana Scully, eight years after last playing the character in The X-Files: I Want to Believe and 13 years after the show signed off of Fox. Now, in a move that seemed to even surprise the star herself, Anderson is back in action on the small screen for six episodes alongside David Duchovny as Mulder. More on that here. When a reporter has a whole day on set with Mulder and Scully, you knew aliens were bound to come up. . .but you probably didn't expect it would be this way.

To celebrate "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," a wildly hilarious The X-Files episode airing Monday, Feb. 1 on Fox (exclusive clip below), E! News is proud to present Gillian Anderson's F-k, Marry, Kill: Famous Aliens Edition.

Mork, Princess Leia and any one of the Coneheads, your pick.
Oh, Jesus. I'd probably have to kill Mork-I think I'd have to. I don't know about screwing a Conehead, I may have to screw Carrie [Fisher] and what was the other? Marry a Conehead? Oh gosh, that's hard. That would be so annoying!

You can kill one of the Coneheads.
But then I'd have to marry Mork! OK, I'll marry Mork and kill a Conehead. Can I marry a Conehead and use the Conehead to kill Mork and just subsequently he dies too? [Laughs.] And then I screw Princess Leia? [Laughs.]

The Doctor from Doctor Who (anyone, your pick), Chewbacca and Supergirl.
I'm marrying Chewbacca definitely. I'm sorry, but he is my favorite. Marry Chewbacca. . .See, I always loved the original Doctor with the curly hair and the scarf. OK, I'd f--k him, marry Chewbacca [Laughs.] and kill-sorry, don't want to kill a sister, but killing the sister [Supergirl].

Spock, Alf and ET.
[Laughs.] Which version of Spock? Zachary Quinto version of Spock or Leonard Nimoy?

That's your discretion, whichever one you're more interested in.
[Laughs.] OK, so Alf, Spock or who?

Oh! ET. Sorry, this is very important. [she said to a crew member who came to collect her for a scene] I don't want to kill ET, but I don't want to f--k ET and I don't want to really marry ET either [Laughs.]. . .I will-I don't want to f--k ET, that's the problem.

[She returns] You could marry ET.
I could marry ET. . .

And then he would just return home.
[Laughs.] I could f--k him and then he'd return home! Have a one-night stand. Oh boy. OK, I'll f--k Spock-if it's Zach Quinto and his boyfriend Miles [McMillan] is also there-and I'll marry ET if I have to, but he could also still go home. That works for me. [Laughs.] And then definitely kill Alf, I'm afraid. Yeah.

This is the last one: Jabba the Hut-


And an Ewok.
Oh, wow. I'd f--k Superman, I'm sorry, I'll marry the Ewok and I'm going to have to kill Jabba.

Would you do it with the chains, Princess Leia style?
Oh! Gladly, yeah. [Laughs.]

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