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One Last Thing: Gillian Anderson
People Magazine: January 21, 2016

Last girl's night out

I'm part of a book club that is all women and it happens at night at somebody else's house. The person who hosts cooks dinner, I'm definitely not one of the better cooks, but I make an effort.

Last vice

I always have a secret brownie in my purse and sometimes I carry it around for weeks. Today I finished an audiobook I was doing and the brownie was only a few days old so it was my indulgence.

Last time I was nervous

I presented at the Evening Standard Theatre awards and it needed to be memorised. I know I'm an actor, I know I should be good at it, I know. But I could barely hold a conversation until I'd been up onstage and didn't completely die.

Last thing I returned

I suddenly decided I needed a pair of leather pants, but you have to order a few, so I returned the other sizes that didn't fit. I'll probably wear them and then go "Oh my God, you're too old for that."

Last fashion disaster

I had a theatre event and I'd done a photo shoot that day, so I thought I;d be able to use the hairdo, but it was greasy. I was in a hurry so I put it up in a bun and threw on an oversize dress. My daughter [Piper, 21] was like "Mom, I don't know know, are you sure?" It did not photograph well at all.

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