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Q&A with Gillian Anderson on Tumblr
May 23, 2016

How are you feeling after so many streetcar days? Wish you could have some days off!
Today is my day off. I'm dead!

If Chewbacca were to take you on a date, where would you think he'll take you?
Our last date was to the Lego store at Rockefeller Plaza. He knows my priorities.

Scully, Stella and Blanche go out together. Who's winning the drinking game? And what kind of drunks are they?
Blanche!! In one word, she's a hilarious drunk. Scully's a conservative drunk. And Stella's a dangerous drunk.

If you had the power to change, create or amend one law internationally, what would it be?
That's a good question. The fucking Equal Rights Amendment!

What are the biggest differences in the rehearsal process for a stage show versus a television show, and which do you prefer to be a part of?
All of them go through the same internal process. Yay, what the fuck was i thinking, I can't do this, oh maybe I can pull it out of somewhere, oh it's not so bad after all.

How do you feel about the Jane Bond news and how big it got all over the Internet? How do you think it can add on to your list of powerful female characters you've played?
Well, it's not news, it's a fantasy. Someone made a fabulous poster and it started an intriguing conversation. Will it ever happen in the real world? More than probably not.

Why aren't you the president of the world yet?
Hahaha I'm too lazy to launch a campaign!

Is Vanessa Kirby still as messy as she was in London?

What's your favorite Adele song?
Probably "Someone Like You".

How do you like Brooklyn so far? Have you had any time to explore?
I'm not good at exploring when I'm working and this particular production makes me anti-social and anti-adventurous. But I have had some yummy Brooklyn grown tasty treats!

If you were writing Streetcar what ending would you of given Blanche? In my head she is a lost soul forever walking in hi heels, wearing a dress with bottle in hand looking for happiness.
That about sums it up.

Is David still in the shower?
David is always in the shower. ;)

What's your favourite museum in London? And what's your favourite item exposed in that museum?
Two of my favorite museums are the Foundling Museum and Wellcome Collection. The former is just a fascinating history and the latter has some of the most intriguing exhibits ranging from an exhibit on death to one on the human brain. . . anthropological studies.

What's the best rumour you've ever heard about yourself?
That I might be the next Bond.

What is the meaning behind the wall of pictures in your St. Ann dressing room?
Those were pictures that were sourced either by or for our director, Benedict Andrews and were posted up in our original rehearsal space. When we moved to the Young Vic, I asked if I could have copies of them. They were and are inspiration. In the play, Stanley eats pork chops. He tosses meat to Stella. Blanche refers to him as swine. Meat is a running theme. And we are all devoured.

End of the world. Mulder and Scully are trapped in a room. What would they do?
We be all night. Surfin' all in this good, good.

Where can we get the future is female shirt?
The Future is Female t-shirt link

BB-8 or R2-D2?
R2-D2 forever!

How do you keep a performance like Blanche so consistent from night to night or do you think every show is a different version of her?
I feel like every night is different by degree. Some nights feel far more intense than other nights inside of me. And I have always imagined that would equate to the audience's experience as well but I'm not so sure anymore.

Would you consider yourself optimistic, realistic or pessimistic?
All of the above at the same time. Terrible answer but I'm afraid it's true.

Are you a beach or pool person?
I'm a sitting by the ocean or the pool person.

Can you fold a fitted sheet?
Can I? Yes. Do I? No. (Just kidding.)

What's a book you're currently reading that you would suggest people read?
Over Easter I read A Little Life and When Breath Becomes Air - both highly recommended and I've just been given A Man Called Ove which looks wonderful.

How hard is it for you to let go of Blanche after your performance? And how do go back to being Gillian?
Some nights are harder than others. I take a hot bubble bath with epsom salts. And try to change the subject.

What is your favorite emoji? Which emoji would you say most accurately describes you?
The pufferfish.

How long did it take you to master Blanche's southern accent? And what did you watch/listen to, to do so?
Not too long. There was an old recording online of a woman actually from Laurel, MS and I listened to her a lot. And I think adapted it over time.

What did you have for breakfast?
I had a soft boiled egg on toast.

Once Streetcar closes, what are you looking forward to doing?
Spending time with my children.

If Tumblr had existed 20 years ago and you had joined, what would your username have been back then?

What's your favorite line that you said during any of the seasons of X Files?
Sure. Fine. Whatever.

What's your favorite scent?
So many things. Rosemary, lavender, sage, rain, grass, the smell of the person you love.

Which song would you choose to describe yourself?
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

Thank you! I had a great time answering 1% of your 10,000 questions. Wish I could have answered more. Next time. Thank you for participating!

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