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Breakfast Time
May 19, 1995

TOM: Could I ... could I just offer a ... a possibility here? I know that as a result of Bill McAllister from Denver Colorado, and trying to avoid his camera work, I threw my knee out. But, ah, but his friend Janine, before we actually start interviewing Gillian, has a skill that I think you might enjoy.

GILLIAN: Uh-huh (smile)

TOM: Janine, could you come over here for just a second? (motions to Janine) She teaches Irish dancing, she's a very good Irish dancer.

GILLIAN: (smiling) And I'm going to enjoy it? (laughing and smiling)

TOM: You seemed ... you seemed upset that you missed the strut.

(Every Friday morning on Breakfast Time, to start the show, the hosts and crew get together and 'strut' through the fX apartment.)

GILLIAN: I did. I was upset that I missed the strut. (smiling)

TOM: You wanna do a little Irish dancing?

GILLIAN: Ahhhhh...go ahead! (smiling and laughing)

(GA, TB, Laurie Hibbard (the other host), Janine, and Bill McAllister get up at this point and do an Irish folk dance.)

TOM: Yaaaaaaay...thanks Bill, thank you very much. Now I'll leave you all alone. I've done my damage. I'm outta here.

GILLIAN (smiles and salutes TB)

BOB THE PUPPET: Yeah... you threw your knee out, now we'll throw the rest of you out.

JIM THE ANNOUNCER: Now... Mambooooo!

LAURIE: Now, light up the interview and leave Tom..thanks. (smiling and turning to GA) You have had the most dramatic changes in your life. This is someone I aspire to be. Two years ago, unemployed actor... single. Now, employed actor on one of the hottest shows on television, married with a child, in two years. Man you work fast. (laughing)

GILLIAN: (smiling) Yeah... I guess I do. Wow, I'm vibrating. My voice just got louder.

LAURIE: Yeah, it's the talk back.

GILLIAN: Okay. (smiling and laughing) It must be an important moment. (smiling) (crew and guests off-camera laugh)

LAURIE: You must pinch yourself sometimes. This has been a roller coaster for two years.

GILLIAN: It has been a roller coaster, but ummm ... it just ... it happened. I was just, you know ... I was doing my life and it just kind of happened. And, umm, in retrospect it does seem like a lot.

LAURIE: Yeah, it was time.

GILLIAN: Think about it first. Honestly. (starting to smile and laugh) Don't wish it upon yourself too quickly or it might actually happen.

LAURIE:(laugh) Well, Gillian's here to talk about the season finale of "The X-Files," which airs tonight?


LAURIE: At nine o'clock on FOX. Lets take a look at a clip and then we'll come back and talk about it.

[Clip from finale:

Scully: Was it? Is this cassette worth risking everything?
Mulder: I'll tell you when I find out what's on it! Now just tell me who I can talk to about breaking that code!
Scully: (pause) I'm meeting with somebody in an hour. I might know something later tonight...I...I just need some kind of assurance that they're not gonna let us hang ourselves with this! That I'm doing the right thing! ]

(crew and guests clapping and cheering)



LAURIE: Well that's ... great clip, but it doesn't tell us anything about the season finale of "The X-files".

GILLIAN: (smiling) No.

LAURIE: Can you give us any idea of what's going to happen?

GILLIAN: Sure I can. Ummm...Mulder gets ahold of some kind of very, very top secret information and its been decoded, so I offer to find someone who can decode it.....yes....and for some reason, which you'll find out, Mulder kind of turns into a jerk. He starts acting really weird, and that's why he was yelling at me uncharacteristically back there. And we get ourselves in a lot of trouble and end up somewhere else. (smiling broadly)

LAURIE: Cool. Very cool. (pause) You guys just delve into some really weird stuff.

GILLIAN: Really weird stuff.

LAURIE: Do you just get the script every week and go, "Ohhh no..."

GILLIAN: Umm... we've gotten so many scripts and had to do so much, so I know what to expect. Sometimes there are little things where I just think, how the heck are they gonna do this?

LAURIE: (smiling) And then they do it.

GILLIAN: (nodding) And then they do it.

BOB THE PUPPET: Like when you ate the bug, right?

GILLIAN: (looks back at BTP incredulously)

BOB THE PUPPET: HAA-HAA-HAA-HAA! I watch television.

GILLIAN: I bet you do... it looks like you eat a lot of bugs. (smiles)

BOB THE PUPPET: Well ... the ones that can�t get away, sure.

LAURIE: Has this heightened your belief in the paranormal, doing this show?

GILLIAN: Uhh� not really. I've always had a general belief in paranormal activity and that kind of ... stuff. But umm...I...and I guess it just kind of just kind of enhances that a little bit. It's nothing that I'd read and I said "Ohhh I believe."

LAURIE: Uh-huh. (smiling)

GILLIAN: It's mostly "Now... I don't know about this." (laughs)

LAURIE: Do you have a favorite plot-line that you guys have done?

GILLIAN: Umm...I think the episode that was the most fun to work on as an X-File was actually kind of off the track from the regular X-Files; it was called "Humbug" and it was...ummm... Mulder and Scully were in a town of circus freaks and ummm...

BOB THE PUPPET: Yes. Great episode. Great one!

GILLIAN: Yeah...where I ate the cricket (looking back at BTP) that you so kindly brought up. And umm.. yes, that was a very fun show to work on.

LAURIE: That must have been ... did you have actual circus performers?

GILLIAN: Yes we did. And Jim Rhodes and his sideshow were there. If you're not familiar with them. Jim Rhodes, like, puts nails through his nose and the beautiful Mr. Lifto who lifts things with his....nipples. And...

TOM: (from off camera) Who hasn't done that?

GILLIAN: (smiling) We could demonstrate. We've done the jig. Would you like to... (smiles)

TOM: No, no...but thanks for thinking of me. (smiles)

GILLIAN: I think I saw some cement blocks around here. (laughs)

TOM: That's alright, that's alright.

LAURIE: Things are getting pretty interesting with uhh Mulder as well. Between Scully and Mulder.

GILLIAN: In what way? (mischievous grin)

LAURIE: Uhhh.. just a little more sexual tension and stuff.


GILLIAN: Little more... you know, it's funny, because I heard a short time ago that they felt like the sexual tension was going away. Ummm but I think that because lately the episodes that we've been working on have been� especially the season finale, which you'll find out, is quite intense. It brings us together and there may be a hint more sexual tension in the finale than people expect.

LAURIE: Yeah, but take a cue from 'Moonlighting' and 'Remington Steele'. Don't do it!!


LAURIE: Don't do it!!


LAURIE: Wrecks the whole plotline.


LAURIE: We wish you great good luck with the...

GILLIAN: Well thank you.

LAURIE: Well, you really don't need a lot of luck because it's doing so well.

GILLIAN: Thank you very much.

LAURIE: But �The X-Files" season finale is tonight at nine o'clock on FOX. And you're gonna stick around to talk about the Personal fX Auction. That's also tonight on fX.

GILLIAN: Yup. Yes I am.

TOM: Gillian, didn't a psychic predict that you were going to get married and have a daughter?

GILLIAN: Not that I was going to get married, but that I was going to have a baby.

LAURIE: Which must have gone, �Ohh... I better get married.� (laughs)

GILLIAN: (big laugh and smile) I actually had forgotten about it and remembered later on... after... I was puking and... (crew and guests laughing)

GILLIAN: ... that someone had told me about... that this was going to happen.

LAURIE: Good luck and thank you.

TOM: We're gonna take a look at some of the items from "The X-Files" and they'll be part of the auction.

LAURIE: Gillian Anderson, everybody. (crew and guests clapping)

BOB THE PUPPET: Way cool, way cool.

GILLIAN: (blowing kisses at BTP)

Transcript appears courtesy of Breakfast Time.

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