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September 16, 1995

Gillian Anderson on 'Undernet' Sat. Sep 16 This is the edited short version where a question was asked and Gillian answered it. The rest of the static is removed.

IRC log started Sat Sep 16 19:23
[E/X] The IRC Logfile is ON.

Ali4: (--just the op :)

Ali4: She is on the radio..listening? :0

Ali4: just the op for tonight :)

x3b4_GA: Robert here at RT: I'd love a copy of a loglater: can one of you email me

x3b4_GA: Robert here: we're going to give her all thee-mails to take home, 'k?

x3b4_GA: Robert Here: just so you know, I'll be typing for Gillian when she's done on the show

ZiggyB: hey robert! Do you see her now?

x3b4_GA: Robert Here: I will always note my name if it's ME talking, 'k?

x3b4_GA: Zibby: (robert:) I can't see her from here...but did bring her into the studio earlier. She's very very nice

ZiggB: robert: thank you :)

Necromncr: Zibby? :)

ModestyB: robert, what sort of a set up are you gonna have for this chat?

x3b4_GA: Modesty: Robert here: we'll do our best to answer'll be a bit nuts, but I type fast :-)

Jazz: Zig: CBC really screwed me BAD!

ZiggyB: jazz: what happened?

x3b4_GA: Modesty: thanks for the time?

ZiggyB: robert: So there will be a next time? :D

x3b4_GA: ZibbyB: maybe...

* ZiggyB hopes GA is wearing her GATB Shirt that he sent her :) :)

*** ZiggyB is now known as GATB-Zig

* GATB-Zig coined the phrase GA is IDDG! :)

Cynical: Zig: they mentioned it at the beginning of the show

x3b4_GA: Robert here: RealAudio had to leave us at about 12 minutes to the hour: their schedule...sorry all

x3b4_GA: Robert Here: She'll be here shortly after Leora finished speaking with her

[Gillian has entered the building!]

x3b4_GA: Hi. Gillian is here. Thqnks to Ali for oping tonite


x3b4_GA: GatB: thanks, remember the pic frame

x3b4_GA: thanks

Bokke: Gillian: do you remember James Hillier-Brook?

x3b4_GA: Booke: yes

Gillian- there is an ongoing argument on thenet...WHAT is your eye color???

x3b4_GA: Jasmine: somedays blue, somedays green, somedays grey

Bokke: Gillian: I went to school with him........ :)

GATB-Fro: Gillian, we sent some toys for piper this year, hopefully they wont get disected by customs or something :)

x3b4_GA: Gatb: no

Ali3A: relax she is answering I can not take msgs sorry

palomar: gillian what were u in u're past life?

x3b4_GA: Pal: iguana

PretIndi: Gillian: how do you feel about a GA list (not composed completely of drooling male fans)?

x3b4_GA: Pet: Haven't seen it

WXFC-Jazz: GILLIAN: What do you do in your spare time

x3b4_GA: Jazz: see movies

SirDavid: Gillian: do you have any pets (iguanas)?

x3b4_GA: Sir: used to have an iguana...jsut about to get a dog...neapolitan mastiff

LAman: Gillian I the hole from the ring still there?

x3b4_GA: no, the hole from the ring is no longer there

Cynical: Ms. Anderson: would you ever like to do comedy - as in theatre, sitcom or theatrical release?

x3b4_GA: Would love to do comedy

Eve32: (May I request that all who have already asked question calm down, and don't mention the spam?)

x3b4_GA: where's the spam

ModestyB: Gillian, will you be definitely appearing at the X Files convention in January in Los Angeles? :) I'm going to be in LA at the time and just wanted to know

x3b4_GA: yes, will be at the convention in Burbank

LemonTree: GA: Would you do theater again?

x3b4_GA: Lemon: yes want to do theatre again

Cynical: Ms. Anderson will you be taking time off (it would be a good idea) within the next couple of years (like a sabbatical) to be with your family and raise Piper?

x3b4_GA: I don't have a choice about taking time off....during the hiatus which is about 2 months, I spend time with my family

LemonTree: Gillian: Who inspires you the most? In acting, and in life?

x3b4_GA: Who inspires me? Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman...

[gyrl]: gillian what kind of music do you like? a random query

x3b4_GA:Music: Alanis Morrisette, Portishead, counting crows, mozart, Miles Davis, Dead Can Dance

GeneSun: Hi from Toronto !!! Gillian do you have a computer ?

x3b4_GA: Gene: yes

WXFC-Jazz:GILLIAN: Do you read any of your fan mail?

x3b4_GA: Fan Mail: I do read as much as I am able to. I don't surf the net

polar: Gillian: Was that you or a dummy on the Leno Blooper.

x3b4_GA: Leno Blooper: that was my standin

lechtzin: (lechtzin) gillian: what cereal do you like?

x3b4_GA: Cereal: muesli and multi grain cherioos

StEpWolF: gillian : will you ever come to Europe ?

x3b4_GA: Went to Europe last hiatus: london paris munich

LAman: Gillian do they allow gatb guest passes for tapings of the show?

x3b4_GA: No guest passes for taping the show

Jasmine: gillian- tell the writers you want scully to get physical and kick butt at least once this season! :)

x3b4_GA: I will be kicking butt in the 6th episode of 3rd season :-)

GATB-Fro: Gillian, have you had a chance to read the GA Frequently Asked Questions list?

x3b4_GA: I have read the DDG faq

Fagardo: What was the first TV show you appeared on?

GATB-Weas: GILLIAN: how much does Piper weigh?

x3b4_GA: Piper weighs about 24 pounds, maybe

Reset:Gillian: Who does the computer visuals for the show? What sort of computer are they supposed to be?

x3b4_GA: Computer visuals are by Scott STains

Jasmine: gillian- once and for all, PLEASE, WHAT is your eye color???

x3b4_GA: eye colour: basically blue

Junebug: GILLIAN: Will either you or David be doing a East Coast Convention???

x3b4_GA: East Coast Conv: it's hard to get to the East coast on the weekend

Honey: Who is Gillian?

x3b4_GA: Honey: who is Honey

David: Gillian: R u using your famous laptop???

x3b4_GA: DAvid: no

GATB-Weas: Gillian- Piper speaking yet?

x3b4_GA: Gatb: piper says her name, she says HI, she says dog without the G,

FallGuy: Ms. Anderson: Neither you nor Mulder seem to have much social or family life in the this an area for further development?

x3b4_GA: Fallguy: hopefully

Puffball: Gillian: What would be your dream acting role? Assuming it is not Scully. :)

x3b4_GA: Puffball: just from this year I loved the roll Meryl STreep played in Bridges of Madisson County

x3b4_GA: and michelle phiffer (sp) in Dangerous Minds

GATB-Zig: Gillian HOw do you feel about David have more of the more famous talk shows when you get invited to some of the lesser known talk shows?

GATB-Zig: GIllian Such as David going on Letterman and Leno and you go on Stward and O'Brian?

x3b4_GA: GAtb: bedcause of David's previous film experience, he's considered more of a "star"

GrayLight: Better still, do you like John Foo?

x3b4_GA: Yes I like John Foo

LemonTree: Gillian: Is it just me or do you like Japanese stuff? (I know it's a weird question...)

x3b4_GA: And Yes I like Japanese stuff

Ciaran: Gillian: What was your *least* favorite episode?

x3b4_GA: Least Favorite episode probably was ":space " or "fire:

Cynical: Ms. Anderson: a lot of people are disappointed that you and Mr. Duchovny sometimes let assistants sign autographs for you - what are your feelings on the subject?

x3b4_GA: Cynnical: we don't let assistants sign autoghraphs for us

ModedtyB: Gillian, have you had any film offers?

x3b4_GA: MOdesty: yes, I have had film offers

GAT-Fro: Gillian, how much screen time did you have in "Home Fires Burning" and " The Turning" ?

x3b4_GA: Gatb: both those titles are the same movie and I don't think even made it to video

Reset: Gillian: What were the alien bodies made from? Who made them?

x3b4_GA: Alien Bodies bodies were made by Toby


x3b4_GA: Yes I am hoping for more episodes like Beyond the Sea

Selestra: Gillian: DO you ever contribute to story lines ???

x3b4_GA: Story Lines: no

MeTHoD: gillian : have they started filming tha new episode's yet??

x3b4_GA: Filming has started

ModestyB:< Gillian, there's a rumor that you met Quentin Tarantino at the Golden Globes and he didn't know who you were? Is this true? And what exactly did he say to you?

x3b4_GA: ModestyB: not much, he was drunk

David: Gillian: Were u scared doinf fresh bones???

x3b4_GA: David: I hate anything that has to do with voodoo

[gyrl]: gillian i know you said in SFX that you wanted to direct, is that a possiblity?

x3b4_GA: Directing: in the far future

Spam: Ms. Anderson, What are you wearing right now?

x3b4_GA: SpaM: long skirt and a cashmere sweater

LAman: Gillian Do you like Canada or the US for raising a child?

x3b4_GA: Canada's great for raising Children

Selestra: Gillian: Have you ever had real life x file type experiences ???

x3b4_GA: Celestra: no I havent

Ciaran: Gillian: How are episodes filmed, several at once or one at a time?

x3b4_GA: We film one episode at a time...we usuaally take 8 days to shoot an episode

boysen: gillian: were you and david nervous at the emmy's?

x3b4_GA: Yes we were nervous at the Emmys

ResetA: Gillian: A re you doing the typing yourself? Or are you using an assistant?

x3b4_GA: Using an assitant who isn't a very good speller

SYXagent: Gillian: Were you surprised that the show was nominated for Best Drama Series?

x3b4_GA: Syx: no

Junebug: Gillian: Could you shed some light on Umm Davids suit??

x3b4_GA: Junebug: david's suit looked very hype in person

GATB-Weas: Ms. Anderson- was Clyde with you at the Emmys????

x3b4_GA: Yes Clyde was with me at the Emmys

AndrewH: Ms Anderson- who would *you* stay up till 4.30 am to talk to?

x3b4_GA: Andrew: piper

WXFC-Jazz: Gillian: Would you like to get an Emmy someday?

x3b4_GA: WXFC: yes

PVitaris: GA: Did you enjoy working with John Neville?

x3b4_GA: PVitaris: ys I love working with John Neville

Selestra: Gillian: Does piper have a middle name ?

x3b4_GA: Piper's middle name is Maru

WXFC-Jazz: Gillian: How did you come up with Piper's name??

x3b4_GA: It's polynesian

Reset: Gillian: Do you ever become tired of the shooting schedule?

x3b4_GA: Reset: yes

LemonTree: Gillian: Do you get X-mas off?

x3b4_GA: Lemon Tree: ys we get xmas off

boysen: gillian: where in chicago were you born? (that's my hometown also)

x3b4_GA: Boysen: st. mary's hospital in cook country

x3b4_GA: cook county

GATB-Weas: Serious question, Gillian: In the Pilot Scully was supposed to have a boyfriend (Ethan). Why was that character deleted?

x3b4_GA: GAtb: it didn't fit into the structure of the show...

x3b4_GA: we were too different

LAman: Gillian We all get togeher after the show on fridays on #xf have you ever peeked in on out talk?

x3b4_GA: Lanman: no

Starling: Gillian: what will your dog's name be? is he a puppy?

x3b4_GA: Stalring: it's a she, name Cleo

x3b4_GA: Thanks everyone. thanks and bye

IRC log ended Sat Sep 16 20:56