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Regis and Kathie Lee
May 18, 1995

REGIS: Gillian, Gillian, Gillian, this is your very first interview?

GILLIAN: (a little embarrassed) Yeeaahh, my first talk show...

REGIS: Are you nervous?

GILLIAN: Yes, I am.

KATHIE LEE: All you gotta do is talk...

REGIS: All ya gotta do is keep talking...

GILLIAN: I know...

REGIS: I hate being a guest - it's a lot of burden, responsibility...

Gillian looks confused

REGIS: You do understand that, don't you?

GILLIAN: (laughing) Yes, I do!

KATHIE LEE: Well, as an actress you feel secure with other peoples words, but here you're Gillian...

GILLIAN: Yeah, exactly.

KATHIE LEE: But you're an interesting young woman...I've been reading how your last unemployment check was about to come?

GILLIAN: Yes...I got my last check the day that I got the pilot.

KATHIE LEE: After a year of going out to 2-3 auditions a day....

GILLIAN: Well, that was an exaggeration when it came out in print...but I was going to a lot of auditions.

KATHIE LEE: Had you set a limit for yourself - like "I'm either gonna get some work or I'm gonna go home."?

GILLIAN: (doesn't know how to answer)

REGIS: What we need here are long, lengthy word not allowed....NO, because...

GILLIAN: (laughing) No, I hadn't. I knew this was something I wanted to do...I knew that after this year I would go back to waitressing, and I wouldn't necessarily give up acting...

REGIS: What were you like in high school?

GILLIAN: Really? (not wanting to answer) (heavy *sigh*)

KATHIE LEE: Were you the cheerleader type?

Gillian laughs

REGIS: Were you the Miss Goody Two-Shoes....were you the punk rocker?

Gillian stops

GILLIAN: I was (stammering) you (to Regis) have an opinion of punk rockers? (laughing) I was a bad girl.

Regis looks shocked


GILLIAN: Yes, I was... I was in the principal's office every other day.

KATHIE LEE: For what?!

GILLIAN: Talking...

Kathie Lee interrupts: Which she won't do here...(Gillian laughs)

GILLIAN: ...stealing papers, throwing paper airplanes...

REGIS: Did you have any funny facial ornaments...?

GILLIAN: Well, I had a nose ring on the left side for a while...

KATHIE LEE: Does that heal up...?

GILLIAN: I think so...It's now covered by a scratch from my daughter...

REGIS: Well, things heal and you outgrow them and here you are, a lovely young star of a top rated television show.

(Commercial Break)

REGIS: Gillian Anderson is with us, star of the show X-Files. Incidentally, this was not only good for your career but turned out to be a rather big personal coup as well...?

GILLIAN: Well, yes that it's actually a prerequisite to a show, you sign a contract and you get a husband and baby as well. *smile*

REGIS: What was he doing on the show?

GILLIAN: He was an art director...he wasn't on the pilot but came on when we started shooting the series.

KATHIE LEE: Was it love at first sight, Gillian?

GILLIAN: No, it wasn't love at first sight. I was very attracted to him and assumed he was to me as well. We went out on a couple dates and he asked me to marry him. No, that's not true (smirking) was pretty close to that though - we had a few dates to feel it out - it wasn't bang or anything...I didn't faint.

REGIS: Who asked who first?

GILLIAN: Well, like a verbal move or a physical move...? (laughing)

REGIS: Well, you know you gotta start something...?

GILLIAN: I invited him into my trailer to eat sushi.

KATHIE LEE: You know, that worked for me once, too...


KATHIE LEE: That's very romantic.

REGIS: Yes, instead of the couch...she said, "come on in"; she said, "how 'bout some sushi...?"

GILLIAN: And when he left, he said he didn't really want the sushi...

REGIS: Well, you're happily married, you got a baby, a hit show...what more do you want, Gillian?


(laughter, laughter)

(Regis plugs The X-Files)

Transcript appears courtesy of The Regis and Kathie Lee Show.

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