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February 1995

She may play the oh-so-cool skeptic Dana Scully on The X-Files, but motherhood has thrown Gillian Anderson's life into chaos. We recently sat down for a heart-to-heart with the lovely actress and found her suffering from a severe case of sleep-deprivation.

GILLIAN: (with her head in her hands, moaning) I can't thiiiiiiink!!! Ooooooohhh!

We set off on a simple course of questioning... since Scully was abducted by aliens earlier this season, wouldn't that make her less of a skeptic?

GILLIAN: It's not going to suddenly make her accept all cases. It's not going to suddenly...(exhausted) I'm completely... My brain... (frustrated) This is killing me..!!!

We thought rewording the question might help.. So what are some of the experiences Scully's had that would most defy scientific explanation?

GILLIAN: Well, I think at the end of most episodes, um, that we shoot, it could go either one way or another. There are umm... there are umm... you know, very strong... umm... (laughs and looks off camera) Can you believe this?!?!...

We were about to shift gears entirely, but Anderson seemed determined to answer the question.

GILLIAN: (still laughing) There's very strong evidence pointing to, umm.... let's go on to the next question!

Maybe Anderson was having a paranormal encounter during our interview. But as a working woman, and a new mother, she did find the strength to put the myth of the "supermom" into perspective for us.

GILLIAN: I have no time that is my own, it seems, anymore. Before... you know, it's so- it's so ironic, that this year.. from last year, in the first season, we- you know, the actors, always have a place to go to. You know, they have these little trailers that they go to- in the first season it was a little trailer- and this year the trailer has grown considerably which, of course, is beneficial because I have a nanny and a baby on set with me, but, I find myself just wandering around (laughing) the parking lot and the streets because I can't even go in there to get any piece of mind. You know, I do, to be with the baby, but sometimes, when I need a break, I just kinda take off down the street because there's nowhere to go anymore! (still laughing)

Life, and The X-Files, obviously goes on for Gillian Anderson, but as for our interview, we decided to quit while we were ahead!

Transcript appears courtesy of Sci-Fi Buzz.

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