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After Breakfast
September 1996
TOM: Oh, of course we would like to welcome our special guest, Gillian Anderson!

LAURIE: From the X-Files!

[The camera pans and shows GA waving with a puppet, Bob, behind her. GA is sitting on a couch, Cindy Williams (of Laverne and Shirley fame) is seated in the couch next to Gillian, and the theme music from The X-Files plays in the background]

TOM: It's the, the Scully and Shirley Show!

[ Commercial break, then all are seated in the living room for a brief interview with Gillian]

TOM: How about another hand for Gillian Anderson! Agent Scully!

[ Audience cheers and Tom gives Gillian a hug ]

LAURIE: Nice to have you here.

GILLIAN: Thank you. I thought you meant Lebon Lebon (referring to Lebeon Kansas where the show AB is also shooting scenes from). I originally saw him out there (GA is pointing to the TV) And I thought.... That's a neat switch.

TOM: Yeah, it's that nice. Yeah, it's from the song, it says "all across America," that's how we made the switch.

GILLIAN: I wasn't listening.

LAURIE: Congratulations, eight Emmy nominations for the X-Files and one specifically for you, for best dramatic actress.

GILLIAN: Thank you.

TOM: Let me ask you.. One of the most difficult things, I would think, about going to all these ceremonies isn't so much what you were going to say if you won, but what you're going to do when that camera zooms on your face and they call another name. Have you thought about that?

GILLIAN: Actually, I did... I was asked to comment the other day on that to a magazine. When I went to the Golden Globes, I was sitting at a table and I was up against Jane Seymour... J-Jaaaane Seymour and the camera zooms in and the nomination, um, award goes to Jaaaane Seymour [ GA makes a "I won!" face, then shock, in reaction to the "J-," then a face of disappointment after "J-aaane"] um.. so yes, now I'm going to sit there like this [makes a stoic straight face]

TOM: So that�s the face then..

GILLIAN: Yes, that�s the face.

TOM: Lets see a little bit of what got you the nomination. This is a scene from The X-Files where Mulder is um, toying with some fire arms.

[cut to a scene from Pusher the Russian Roulette clip ]

TOM: And uh, kids, she uses the 'B' word in a sentence there. [ laughs ] You get points for that, by the way.

GILLIAN: Thank you.

[Tom pulls out a copy of the Australian Rolling Stone]

TOM: Uh... cause one of the things that Chris Cater talks about all the time is... if Mulder and Scully get it on...the show would change.

GILLIAN: Get it on.... uh, would you explain for the kids that are watching? Get it on.

TOM: Uh, well, you know... a really special friend.

GILLIAN: I see, okay...

TOM: Yeah... look at this. [holding magazine]

LAURIE: Yeah, that came out in Australia and that picture appeared in some magazine in the States.

GILLIAN: No, that also came out in the American one.

TOM: So that came out here as well? Rolling Stone...

GILLIAN: Yeah, but you have to see the picture on the inside.... because that's where Chris Carter joins us in bed! [laughs]

TOM: Oh, is that in there?

GILLIAN: Uh huh, on the inside page.

BOB THE PUPPET: Uh huh, so the truth is in there [GA reaches for the mag]

GILLIAN: May I? [starts flipping through the magazine] you can see what Chris Carter looks like.. he's the main man, and here he is in all his glory [GA holds the picture up for everyone to see] uh, there we go,that�s Chris Cater.... right there with a band aid on his finger.

TOM: Okay, and we will get into why that happened later. Are you going to stick around for the rest of the show?

GILLIAN: I am! We're going to play...

[Later in the show]

TOM: Are you having a good time Gillian?

GILLIAN: I am having a great time, thank you!

[ Later in the show, everyone is singing the theme song ]

TOM: Come on, Gillian... everybody!

[ Gillian joins in and sings ]

TOM: And the thing about Gillian, ever since... you know you get abducted by extra terrestrials... she won't sing along anymore.

GILLIAN: I sang along with the aliens

TOM: [singing] If I could talk to the aliens.....

[Later in the show] TOM: Can we talk about firsts, since this is our first show? [asking GA] What was your first show like?

GILLIAN: Are you going to ask him about his first day of Mayorship?

TOM: Yes.

GILLIAN: Oh, ok...

TOM: Your first show...

GILLIAN: My first show...

TOM: The X-files or anything else...

GILLIAN: Um, the pilot, what would be the... I guess I would have to talk about... that�s the first show I'd ever done. Just joking... the pilot of The X-Files was was um .. shooting that show. It was my first big break and it was a big deal for the producers who were involved, and we were shooting up in Vancouver for the first time and... new crew... new everybody trying to figure everything out. It was absolutely terrifying. You guys seem a lot more relaxed and suave about it all than I could have ever imagined.

BOB THE PUPPET: Yeah, well, that's because we have a lot less to lose...

Transcript appears courtesy of After Breakfast and FOX.

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