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Gillian Anderson IRC Chat
#Realtime 21st - 22nd September 1996

Gillian's username was 'tnox_ga'
* Tak welcomes Gillian to the IRC chat.

[Tak]: The real Gillian is tnox_ga

[Tak]: As coordiator, let me welcome you all...

[tnox_ga]: hello

[tnox_ga]: (Chow) How was it like acting against Peter Boyle in "Clyde Bruckman's Final Response"?

[tnox_ga]: He was a delight to work with

[tnox_ga]: (Silo1013) Has filming of the X-Files movie started yet?

[tnox_ga]: no it hasn't started yet.

[tnox_ga]: (Cynical) Will you be doing a sequel to the ReBoot episode? It ended on a cliffhanger. Btw, you should see Wallace & Grommit - another great episode!

[tnox_ga]: I love, love, love Wallace and Grommit

[tnox_ga]: (BethHeke Gillian how is your brother and how do I get involved with the NNFM?

[tnox_ga]: call realtime, they have the numbers to contact for Neurofibromatosis Inc. call collect 604 669 3733

[tnox_ga]: (moxy) what are some of your fave books right now, if you have time for reading?

[tnox_ga]: one true thing by anna quindlan

[tnox_ga]:> (Chow) Which is your favourite epsiode of the 3rd season?

[tnox_ga]: piper maru and jose chung is from outer space

[tnox_ga]: (Gaby) Gillian, who's your favourite guest star in The X-Files?

[tnox_ga]: answer: Peter Boyle and Charles Nelson Riley

[tnox_ga]: (Nerak) Gillian, is it true you wrote an episode for this season?

[tnox_ga]: no I didn't write an espisode, I have an idea for a story

[tnox_ga]: (Deanna) Hi Gillian, I wanna compliment you on your excellent show.. my question is: how did you feel about having an episode named after your daughter?

[tnox_ga]: it was flattering and appropriate

[tnox_ga]: (GShock) how long will she be here?

[tnox_ga]: another 10 minutes

[tnox_ga]: (Chuff) Gillian, have you ever read a script of an X-Files episode and thought "Ewwwwww, yuck! I can't do this!"???

[tnox_ga]: yes, recently as a matter of fact

[tnox_ga]: (Stopsign) what's your puppy's name?

[tnox_ga]: cleo

[tnox_ga]: (Clam) Now that your a mother, do you wish you had more time off to spend with your child?

[tnox_ga]: always

[tnox_ga]:> (Leandro) Hello Gillian, we are from Argentina. Are you planning a tour in South America?

[tnox_ga]: not anytime soon, but I'd like to someday

[tnox_ga]: (KelliR) Give us the scoop Gillian... will Mulder get a girlfriend this season?

[tnox_ga]: the question should be When will scully get laid?

* Tak LOL's on behalf of the group

[tnox_ga]: (oldrotgut) what was the last movie you saw (and liked)?

[tnox_ga]: trainspotting

[tnox_ga]: (DScully) Were your conscious for Piper's birth?

[tnox_ga]: yes

[tnox_ga]: (James) Is the X-Files still fun to do?

[tnox_ga]: yes, most of the time

[tnox_ga]: (Sensation) So you like the dog or Wallace or the penguin?

[tnox_ga]: the penguin

[tnox_ga]: okay, 2 minutes left!

[tnox_ga]: (Gaby) Gillian, do you go out to get your CD's or do you send someone out?

[tnox_ga]: I go out to get my own cds

[tnox_ga]: (DJSmooth) Did you enjoy doing "Future Fantastic" for the BBC?

[tnox_ga]: yes I love working on future fantastic

[tnox_ga]: (OrangeSun) If you could be one aquatic mammal, which one would it be? and why?

[tnox_ga]: manatee

[tnox_ga]: (Chuff) What is your favourite place in the world?

[tnox_ga]: Italy

[tnox_ga]: thanks everybody, its been a ball, see you soon

[tnox_ga]: thanks to the people on realtime-control and all those irc people

* Tak thanks everyone for coming....

* Tak thanks Gillian on behalf of all her fans... thanks Gillian for taking the time to talk to us.

Transcript provided by Julie Ng.

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