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Radio 1 (UK)
February 6, 1996

MARY ANNE HOBBS: "...In the meantime, we caught up with actress Gillian Anderson who plays the role (of Dana Scully). And I can tell you that she was dusting the shrapnel off a rather fetching trench coat at Rick's Bar in Casablanca. And, em, mulling over the spooky coincidence that the local multiplex appear to be playing three of her favourite films."

GILLIAN: "Okay, on screen 1, I guess, um... It's not actually a movie, it's an animation. A Wallace and Gromit short called The Wrong Trousers, which I could watch over and over again, endlessly. I was looking forever for a copy of it, and finally found a copy, here... since I've been here. So I've, I bought it, and I've been watching it frequently since then. I'd love that to be playing in theatre one... please. In screen 2. You know, I could see 'It's a wonderful life' over and over and over again. It's just something.. I have actually seen it over and over again. It's just so, um, human, so touching and, and wonderful. I'd didn't actually realise how much I loved it until I'd actually seen it, like 2 or 3 times, and I bought a copy of it, but, uh... Yeah, that's a huge favourite of mine. Could I have like, a film made up of little films, of shorts, like Buster Keaton's greatest films? - Live the General, and uh, Steamboat (?), and um... I mean he was so... innocent, in a way. I mean, I always got the sense that he was in his little world, and these things were happening anyway. And he was... one of the forefathers of film. I mean he... he really paved he way for many different techniques with the camera, and, um, in terms of the stunts he did, they were just unbelievable. But there's one that I can't remember. Damn."

MARY ANNE HOBBS: "The X Files, Gillian Anderson picking her three favourite movies to see her through an unexplained night in Casablanca. That's it for this week..."

Transcript provided by Darren Smith and appears courtesy of Radio 1.

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