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Gillian On MTV/AOL Chat
March 16th, 1997

MTVixen: Welcome to the MTV Arena for this chat with Gillian Anderson, live from the premiere party at GameWorks in Seattle. Prepare yourself for celebrity chat with some of the people in attendance: Gillian Anderson (X-Files) will be our featured guest, and she will be chatting with you here in the MTV Arena for the beginning (1/2 hour) of this event, and will then be joined by some of the other celebrities in attendance here at GameWorks: Steven Spielberg, Beck, Coolio, Rob Zombie, Bill Gates and Paul Allen (of Microsoft), Melrose Place's Patrick Muldoon and Courtney Thorne Smith, Vince Vaughn ("SWINGERS"), Weird Al, and Arsenio Hall.

MTVixen: Welcome to Gillian Anderson, who you may know as Scully of X-Files!

MTVixen: Gillian, we have plenty of questions for you, here is the first one:

MTVixen: How's motherhood treating you?

GillianXFL: Fabulously

GillianXFL: Thanks!

MTVixen: Are you a GEEK? (do you like technology - the web, video games, computers in general)

GillianXFL: I like it but I don't participate.

MTVixen: Are there any similar characteristics between Sully and Anderson?

GillianXFL: same hair color.....

question: How long do you plan to continue with this show?

GillianXFL: least one more year.

question: What episode of the X-Files was the most challenging to film?

GillianXFL: Memento Mori

question: Gillian, what other roles would you like to see yourself in besides Scully?

GillianXFL: oh yeah the kitty cat episode too.

GillianXFL: Kate in The Taming of the Shrew.

MTVixen: Do you believe in aliens?

GillianXFL: yes I believe in aliens...

MTVixen: Gillian Anderson of X-Files is our guest here in the MTV Arena!

MTVixen: To ask Gillian Anderson of X-Files a question, click the "Interact" button on your screen and send it.

MTVixen: What 3 records would you bring to a desert island?

GillianXFL: Cake, Emmy Lou Harris "Wrecking Ball", Jane Siberry "When I Was a Boy"....

GillianXFL: Cake's "Fashion Nugget" is absolute fav.

MTVixen: SiLLy FoX asks:

question: What do you plan on doing after the X-Files is over? Any new shows/movies?

GillianXFL: Movies are in the works....

MTVixen: when did you know that you wanted to be an actor?

GillianXFL: when I discovered when I happy with acting....

MTVixen: Shanno275 asks:

question: Whatever happened to the tattoo Scully got in the episode "Never Again?"

GillianXFL: she still has it....

MTVixen: how did Chris Carter find you?

GillianXFL: in need of a meal....

question: Do you ever get tired of doing the X-files? Is there going to be an X-files movie?

GillianXFL: yes and yes...

MTVixen: MrElevatr asks:

question: What is your biggest fear in life?

GillianXFL: fear itself.

MTVixen: Pandora12 asks:

question: how much longer? how do we know it's really Gillian Anderson?

GillianXFL: you can tell by my mole on the upper lip.

MTVixen: Brodygirl asks:

question: what do you do in your free time?

GillianXFL: hang out at Gameworks!!!

MTVixen: Wormie113 asks:

question: What was it like to work with Jewel Staite in the episode, "The Oubliette"?
(No apparent answer to this one)

MTVixen: Dreamer89 asks:

question: Why do you think you and David Duchovny work so well together or have that chemistry?

GillianXFL: I have no idea....but thank the heavens!!!

MTVixen: if I were to go a video store would i find Gillian Anderson in any movies?

GillianXFL: not yet....

MTVixen: mulder and scully seem to use alot of flashlights in X-Files, do you have a favorite style?

GillianXFL: there are these tiny little ones that are great....the old ones weighed 50 lbs...these are much better.

MTVixen: Yoko Gosh asks:

question: Do you still keep in touch with everyone you used to, before you came famous?

GillianXFL: yes.

MTVixen: MarieOfBC asks:

question: A question for Gillian: Hi, Gillian. You've been playing Agt. Scully's character for a long time, have you learn anything from this character by playing the part? What are they?

GillianXFL: be fearless!!!!!!

MTVixen: What kind of research did you use to understand how an FBI agent works and thinks?

GillianXFL: I didn't...

MTVixen: TriciaBBV asks:

question: Was the X-Files your first TV appearance?

GillianXFL: I would give a long answer but I don't trust my typist....

GillianXFL: no I did an episode of Class of '96.

MTVixen: ETAC3692 asks:

question: Do you believe in the paranormal in real life?

GillianXFL: yea, yea, yea

MTVixen: do you have a favorite X-Files episode(s)?

GillianXFL: a few...

GillianXFL: Ice.

GillianXFL: Piper Maru...and Memento Mori...

GillianXFL: Jose Chung�s From Outer Space....

MTVixen: have you played any of the games at Gameworks, and do you have a favorite?

GillianXFL: not yet, cause I'm stuck on the internet.....

GillianXFL: just joking.

MTVixen: TCole2436 asks:

question: What is your favorite food??

GillianXFL: Salmon Sashimi

MTVixen: FONZI 200 asks:

question: Do you have any X-Files of your own?


question: As a child who were your role models?

GillianXFL: Meryl Streep....

MTVixen: it's sad that Scully has cancer.....will she overcome the illness or will Mulder be without a partner/friend? (Please don't leave us!)

GillianXFL: good question.....

MTVixen: is Mulder the type of guy you like? what do you look for in a relationship?

GillianXFL: um.......Kevin in row 29 would be the prototype...

MTVixen: TCole2436 asks:

question: Do you have a pet? What kind and what is it's name

GillianXFL:a dog, Neopolitan Mastiff called Cleo

MTVixen: Yoko Gosh asks:

question: Do you find people you knew before you were famous asking you for money?

GillianXFL: yes....

MTVixen: Shanno275 asks:

question: Will Mulder and Scully ever have a relationship, besides the one on the job? A serious relationship.

GillianXFL: in my opinion....

GillianXFL: they have the most intimate relationship....

GillianXFL: in the history of world!!

MTVixen: NadineCre asks:

question: Were your imaginings of becoming such a big star anything like the reality?

GillianXFL: yes and no.

MTVixen: Meriel68 asks:

question: How has your success changed your outlook on life?

GillianXFL: I�m more open and guarded in my entire life...

MTVixen: Jim007bon asks:

question: Did you grow up as a fan of science fiction? If so, what is your favorite sci-fi film and book?

GillianXFL: no

MTVixen: myth has it that red-heads seem have special you feel you have any?

GillianXFL: as a redhead�I can read Kevin�s mind row 29.

MTVixen: LuFrohike asks:

question: Do you know how much research and work is put into creating the storylines and plots for the show. so many of the episodes directly correlate with current events - and they have a true side to it -

GillianXFL: lots and lots and lots and lots....

MTVixen: NadineCre asks:

question: You seem to feel uncomfortable with publicity. Care to comment?

GillianXFL: no it makes me uncomfortable...

GillianXFL: one more then I gotta go...

MTVixen: RBishop75 asks:

question: GA- are you a republican or a democrat?

MTVixen: Here is Gillian's final question...

GillianXFL: hi Queequeg!

GillianXFL: a democrat...

MTVixen: Thanks to Gillian Anderson for joining us here in the MTV Arena. Please stay where you are; we are bringing more celebrities this-a-way!

GillianXFL: Kevin......Kiss my A**!

GillianXFL: cya!!!!

Transcript provided by Iain McLeod and appears courtesy of AOL & MTV.

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