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29 October 1997

GILLIAN: I wanna know how much more of a long haul we have left to go. 'Cause if I celebrate a hundred and then tomorrow I'm told "Well there's a hundred more to go." [smiles and gives "thumbs up"]

STEVE: She's in for the long haul. Next on "E! News Daily," Gillian Anderson -- from alien encounters to conspiracy theories -- her future with "The X-files" has never been more interesting.

STEVE: For X-Files fans who've waited all summer for the Files to reopen, the wait is almost over. Sunday marks the show's season premiere and that means answers to last season's dramatic cliffhanger will soon unfold. For Gillian Anderson, it's time to slip back into the part that's made her a star and turned her into a role model -- a role model. Here's E!'s Patrick Stinson.

[cut to scene from "Gethsemane"]

Dana Scully (DS): Four years ago Section Chief Blevins assigned me to a project you all know as the X-Files.

[scene from "Gethsemane" continues in the background]

PATRICK: And for those four years Gillian Anderson has portrayed the unflappable Special Agent, Dana Scully. It's given her career and her face a real workout.

[cut to Gillian]

GILLIAN: You furrow your brow a lot. [demonstrates] You do that.

[cut to scene of Mulder & Scully talking on cell phones]

PATRICK: And Scully's a character who's made quite an impression on viewers.

[scene with Mulder & Scully talking continues]

GILLIAN: I've heard a lot from um [cut to Gillian] letters that I've gotten. Um just people saying, you know, "I'm, I'm studying medicine because of Scully. I'm I'm signed up with the FBI, I want to be an FBI agent because of Scully. My grades have improved because of Scully."

[cut to scene of Mulder & Scully talking in the morgue in "Leonard Betts"]

PATRICK: Critics say one of the reasons Scully is so popular is because Gillian gives the character brains and strength. And makes her believable in some of the most unbelievable situations.

[scene in the morgue continues]

DS: Mulder, what are we doing here?

Fox Mulder (FM): Did I mention that Mr. Betts had no head?

DS: I mean, you're not suggesting that a headless body kicked its way out of a latched morgue freezer are you?

FM: [shrug & smirk]

[cut to scene of Gillian backstage after her 1997 Emmy win]

PATRICK: Anderson recently picked up an Emmy [cut to filming of scenes from "Post-Modern Prometheus"] for her work opposite David Duchovny and the phone hasn't stopped ringing.

[shots of filming "Post-Modern Prometheus" continue]

GILLIAN: I've heard from people that I haven't heard [laughing] from [cut to Gillian] in a long time. Um... I think that that's probably about the only about the only thing. I think. And people are nicer to me. [laughs]

[cut to "The X-Files" set]

Bob Goodwin: Action!!

[cut to filming "Post-Modern Prometheus"]

PATRICK: And just as these ultra-hip FBI agents take on the unknown, Anderson gladly takes on the challenge of being a role model for young girls.

[filming of "Post-Modern Prometheus" continues]

GILLIAN: It's incredibly rewarding because there is a sense of a comfortability [cut to scenes from "Gethsemane"] with herself. And um... a strength in.. in herself and what she has to offer that I think is something [cut to Gillian] young girls need to strive for.

[cut to scenes from "Redux"]

PATRICK: The last season ended with Mulder apparently dead and Scully battling cancer. So will the new season shine light on these dark developments?

[cut to Gillian]

GILLIAN: Yes, yes and pretty early in the season.'ll come to understand um what happens. [cut to scenes from "Small Potatoes"] The truth will be known.

[scenes from "Small Potatoes" continue]

PATRICK: But as fans of "The X-Files" know, the truth is forever changing. I'm Patrick Stinson for E! News.

Transcript provided by Cynthia Johnston and appears courtesy of E!.

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