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1997 Golden Globe Awards
January 22, 1997

Gillian Anderson's Acceptance Speech
"Um... um... I want to thank my daughter Piper. I want to thank... um... I want to thank the writers John Shiban, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon. The directors Rob Bowman, Kim Manners, Bob Goodwin executive producer.

Most of all I would like to thank the mother of all creators Chris Carter ...(applause) for having the foresight and sensibility to create, to introduce into our lives a character, a woman who is strong, intelligent, equal opportunity, employed ...(laughter) and... um... she has had a profound impact on women young and not-so-young around the world because of those positive characteristics and... um... I thank you for that... um... and many other people do too I'm sure.

Thank-you for allowing me to have the opportunity to spend this time with her and for being a component of this amazing, magical, historical odyssey that you have created. Thank-you."

Post Win Interview with Dick Clark

DICK CLARK: "And the reason Gillian Anderson is not there, she's here! Would you like to respond in anyway?"

GILLIAN: "Right, I was so excited! I want to be up there with them!"

DICK CLARK: "How many years ago was the first Golden Globe?"

GILLIAN: "I think it was two years ago. I just a... I remember because I just had my daughter and I remember... I remember that I just had my daughter... it was two years ago."

DICK CLARK: "In a line or two to what do you attribute the phenomenal success of this show?"

GILLIAN: "In a line or two think first and foremost is the writing, the intelligence of the show risks that the... that the directors and the creators of the show are willing to take, I think keep hearing Dustin Hoffman's voice and my heart's sinking...."

DICK CLARK: "We'll look at him and we'll be back!"

Transcript provided by Alfred.

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