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May 13th, 1997

Five things you didn't know about Gillian Anderson

1. Born in Chicago. Gillian moved to Crouch End in North London aged 2. She returned to America 10 years later.

2. She spent her teenage years as a punk, with pink hair and a stud in her nose and cheek.

3. Last year she was voted the world's sexiest woman by People magazine.

4. She recently turned down a multi-million dollar offer to pose naked for Playboy.

5. Unlike sceptical Scully, Gillian does believe in the possibility of UFOs.

MATT: Welcome back. A few things there that you didn't know about X-files star Gillian Anderson. One thing most people dont know that she's launched a music career. No-one has yet seen her new pop video. That is until now...

Snippit of Extremis Video is shown.

MATT: There you are, an exclusive look at Gillian Anderson's debut song: Extremis. Well the truth is always stranger than fiction. She's here now with her band "Hal" thats Duncan next door to her [there are three people sitting next to Gillian - to the right of Paul and Duncan].

Matt Lorenzo is attempting to convince GA that the two guys sitting next to her are members of her band.

GILLIAN: [laughing] They're not my band! They're not...

DUNCAN: You own us!

MATT: This is your new pop career. It says it written down here (Matt checks script).

GILLIAN: [still laughing] It's not my band!.. Its not!... Half of those things that were on there are not true, so we'll have to talk about that.

MATT: Oh, well get back to those...

GILLIAN: You said that the truth was in here, so we're ready to, we're gonna have to talk about that.

MATT: We'll find the truth somewhere. Now the truth is that you have started a pop career. 'Cos it says it here...

[Gillian Laughs and looks at Duncan]

DUNCAN: It says it there so you you must have done...

MATT: How did this come about?

GILLIAN: [Turning to face Paul and Duncan] Go ahead boys...

DUNCAN: Well we did a theme tune for the BBC, for a program called "Future Fantastic". That was last year, and Gillian presented that show, and she can take it from there [Gillian laughs]... Whilst she was filming the show thats when she heard the music for the first time.

GILLIAN: Yeah. Um. I was narrating the show and I was on my hiatus, and so I was in different parts of the world, and so I kept on hearing the feedback through my headphones while I was doing the narration of the music that was the soundtrack for the series. I kept saying to the producer and director David McNab at the time, who ended up filming and shooting the video, that the music was amazing, and that I think that they should put together a compilation of the music. The title track just sounded very different and very kind of sexy, and wonderful and so I said you guys should put together something, and they said would you be interested in doing something - singing, and I said "No". I don't sing. Would you be interested in doing something, and I said "lets talk about it". So he came back after shopping around a bit and Virgin was interested in doing something - if I put down some kind of vocal something to a song that was originally a "Hal" song, and so it's their music, and I kinda just slipped in and put down a few words...

MATT: As a video, it befits the woman that has been voted the sexiest woman in the world by not one, but two magazines...

GILLIAN: And... [Laughs histerically]

MATT: You can follow up from that 'cos you have heard it before...

PAUL: We've been voted the sexiest boys in the world. [Matt laughs...]

MATT: You must be the luckiest boys in the world... I don't know about musicians, but any man would be thrilled to have Gillian Anderson give them the vote of confidence...

PAUL: Yeah, but I think that the project has lasted so long now we've just got used to it a little bit you know, she's just Gillian unfortunately.

MATT: Do you see a career for her, she's denying it any possibility...

PAUL: She can't sing so... She came with a lot of poetry, and said I really wanna sing guys, and we said, come on then lets here it.

GILLIAN: Don't start that. Thats not true...

MATT: You come with one of the biggest press packs, not your own in fact, but the one that we've written, so you have obviously got some fans upstairs.

DARREN: [interrupts] The biggest what. Sorry?...

MATT: Press packs

DARREN: Oh, I see...

MATT: What do you think I said?... erm.. [Matt to Gillian] The leading fact was, you're the biggest star on television.

PAUL: She's really small isn't she?... [Matt laughs]

MATT: Would you go along with that? I mean the X-files is tremendously popular.

GILLIAN: It seems to be more popular over here than it is in the States even.

FIONA:> [interrupts] Oh, but you've won golden globes for it over there haven't you...and Emmys and stuff?


FIONA: [interrupts again] You're modest.

MATT: Yes you're modest.

GILLIAN: Its doing very well over there, but because its on a primary network over here it, which its not in the States. It has a different rating system, so the amount of viewers per capita is greater over here than it is over there so its consider a bigger hit over here, than it is there. But, you know a lot of people like it...still.

MATT: A few people like it. We're on season four at the moment, and I bet...

GILLIAN: [interrupts] And so am I...funny...

MATT: Fourteen million of them are probably watching at the moment...desparate to know if your gonna stay with it, because there comes a time, doesn't there always, when you have to move on...

GILLIAN: There does...I...have no idea. I know that we are definitely gonna be shooting a fifth season in Vancover where we shoot the show. It may or may not go on for a six, and a seventh...I know by contract that David and I are by contract for seven and a half, and we'll just have to see what happens. I don't know if Chris is gonna stick with it, and if he's not gonna stick with it I don't know if David and I will.

MATT: But what about the singing. Although you say she can't sing, it would be good for you guys to get another single out?

DUNCAN: Another single? Now, this is a one off I think...At the moment we view this as a one off. The single came out yesterday. So we'd just view this as a one-off at the moment. Just see how it does and...see how we feel.

GILLIAN: [interrupts] We've actually just found a new singer...Chanters...from Paris, and we're working on some new tunes with her so...

GILLIAN: [interrupts] *She* can sing...

PAUL: She can sing...

MATT: Well, at least they are honest with you.

GILLIAN: Yeah...

PAUL: She (Chanters) hasn't got quite the same exposure as Gillian unfortunately so...

MATT: We've got some facts and figures to put straight which we'll do later in the program. For the time being, thank you all very much.

FIONA: What is indisputable, is "People" magazine - its a BIG bible in the states. I really miss this. I picked this up last week when I was over there doing a few things, and it is official - Gillian Anderson *IS* one of the fifty most-beautiful people in the world. So you can't deny that, and apparently the "testosterone" brigade are interested in every move you make, and we'll be asking Gillian about that and other things at 8:20 this morning. And Gillian is also going to be taking your calls at that time too.

Gillian is interviewed by Fiona Phillips with viewers phone-in session

FIONA: Hello there 8:18, and Gillian Anderson has been with us all morning. She's been talking about life, love, and of course those X-files. And she has also launched her debut single which is called "Extremis". So before we take your calls - those all important calls, we're gonna take a look now at Gillians new single...Here it is...

Approx 30 second clip of "Extremis" video (played from beginning).

FIONA: There we are - "Extremis". You laugh, don't you when we say Gillian's debut single?..

GILLIAN: I do [laughing]...

FIONA: Do you see yourself as a pop star?

GILLIAN: *NO* - thats not what this is about, at all...Not at all. It was just a lot of fun, with some great people

FIONA: Good. Right we'll talk about that in a minute. I'm gonna be quiet now for a change, and get straight on to the phone lines, cos the've been ringing all morning with questions for Gillian. Lucy Watson's on the line right now. Morning Lucy...

LUCY: (caller from Leeds): Hi. Morning..

FIONA: What would you like to ask Gillian?

LUCY: Right. Hi Gillian...


LUCY: Hi. Right, I know you get sick of tired of answering this question...But I'm gonna...

GILLIAN: [Interrupts - teasing caller] Why are you asking it?

[Laughing all-around..]

LUCY: Because I need to hear it from your mouth...


LUCY: Anyway. What you do think of the on-screen sexual tension between Mulder and Scully, and do you think it would be good for the show if they got together romantically?

GILLIAN: Well. I think that the er..the sexual tension thats on the show right now working. I think that it's probably the most intimate that two can get without...erm..getting more intimate (laughs). Um...and seems to be working so I don't, I don't really see any reason for it to uh, to extend beyond that..

LUCY: Because erm. rumour has it that they er. - sorry to interrupt you -erm..

GILLIAN: Thats alright...

LUCY: Rumour has it that they're gonna get together in the X-Files movie which is coming up soon?...

GILLIAN: Thats, thats an interesting rumour...I, I haven't heard that one myself. I think you know in the er. in the episodes that there isn't time for it, because within an episode we have so much that we have to do in order to chase all the yucky monsters and everything, that um...that if we were you-know jumping into bed, and out of bed, discussing who made coffee in the morning, and arguing and stuff; then, you-know there wouldn't be any room to chase monsters...

LUCY: I think we should have one episode devoted to them...

[interruption by Fiona wanting to take another caller]

LUCY: bed together thats what I think...

FIONA: Good idea Lucy. We've got to leave it there, cos we've got *loads* of people on the line. Jonathon McEnzie...Actually, it says here Jonathon, Jonathon M,C..Kenzie, I thought you were a rapper for one minute. But it *is* Jonathon McKenzie isn't it?...Morning...

JONATHON: [caller from the county of Essex] Yeah. Hello.

FIONA: Hi. What would you like to ask Gillian.

JONATHON: Er. Morning Gillian..

GILLIAN: Good Morning....

JONATHON: ...Have you got an ideal way, that you would like to leave the show?

GILLIAN: [pauses to think] Um...Without being sued!?


GILLIAN: No. Um....

FIONA: Gunfight, or something?

GILLIAN: Gunfight? - uh...No I think it might be nice to um. (pauses for thought - laughs) It might be nice to go, you know right, -right now Scully is, is um dying of cancer, and um. um. we don't know how that's gonna end...that might be uh, I can't say nice way, but that would be an interesting um. an interesting conflict and

JONATHON: [interrupts] Will er. Jeremiah Smith come back to heal her?

GILLIAN: *HEY* that's actually a very good idea!...

[Jonathon laughs]

GILLIAN: ...I'll bring that up to Chris.

JONATHON: Thanks...

FIONA: [interrupts - attempting to rush on to next caller] *Okay*. Sorry; sorry Gillian. We have got loads of calls....

GILLIAN: Alright...

FIONA: ...So thank you Jonathon for calling in this morning...

JONATHON: Thanks...

FIONA: Now then, Gillian. A name you might recognise on the line right now, it's Chris (pauses to evaluate how to pronounce Chris's Surname) Monkay (spelt the way that Fiona pronounced) - I think you say it..

GILLIAN: [interrupts] Muncke.

FIONA: [having some difficulty with the pronouciation] Muunka...Muncke. Morning to you Chris (caller from Hemel Hempstead)...Explain all...

GILLIAN: [laughs - realizing who the caller is] *No*.

CHRIS: Morning. Morning Gillian.

GILLIAN: [excited to hear Chris's voice] *HOW ARE YOU*

CHRIS: I'm fine thanks. How are you!

GILLIAN: *IM GOOD*. Now aren't you supposed to be teaching in class right now!?

CHRIS: Ah. Well. I'm on my way. I'm just rushing out the door. I just thought I'd just ring an' ask you to say "Good Luck" to all my kids at Bellgate.

GILLIAN: *OH I'D LOVE TO!*. *GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY* They're, They're taking their tests today, is that what I hear?

CHRIS: Yes, they're doing their tests. They're all shaking in their boots, 'cause they've got two *BIG* ones this morning.

GILLIAN: Ah, well, wish them good luck from me.

CHRIS: Great!



FIONA: [interrupts what is turning in to a good conversation] *BEFORE YOU TWO GET INTO A BIG-LONG CONVERSATION*. Chris. Could you just explain exactly who you are please...

GILLIAN: [Laughs]

FIONA: ...cos everyone's bewildered here...

CHRIS: Oh. I'm just. I'm an old friend of the family. I used to baby-sit for Gillian years ago. [Chris pauses, and then laughs]

FIONA: Do you remember that?

CHRIS: How embarasing...

GILLIAN: I *DO*. I mean he's been a friend of the family for years, and still is, and um [pauses....]

CHRIS: [what sounds like] I hope I...

GILLIAN: *BYE!!!!!!!* [laughs]

FIONA: *GOOD LUCK TO YOU*. Good luck to your class Chris, and thanks for calling this morning.

CHRIS: Thanks... Bye Bye.

FIONA: Now then Maureen Kelly is on the line. Morning[pauses to wait for caller].....hello?...No, she's not there. Er. Is Stephen Marsh there!??

STEPHEN: Yes I'm here.

FIONA: Oh thank goodness for you Stephen. What would you like to ask Gillian this morning?

STEPHEN: Hello, good morning. A very good morning to you Gillian.

GILLIAN: Good morning...

STEPHEN: Yes, I'd like to know, when you do decide to finish with the X-Files, where you would like to take your career from there, whether you like to stay with the television series, or move on to the big screen?

GILLIAN: Um. No. I think I'd be done with tv, after this, erm. for a while. I'd like to move on to do films, it's something I've always wanted to do, and um. also at some point interested in going back and doing some theatre, but erm. *films*.

FIONA: While you're talking about that Gillian, you've just made one haven't you, with Sharon Stone?

GILLIAN: I did, uh.. a few days on a small Mirrormax film called "Freak the Mighty" which is uh, a wonderful film based on a childrens book that she is in, but also uh. Genna Rowlands, and Harry Jeanstanton, and its a great script - directed by a British director called Peter Chelsom, who did "Funny Bones" and "Hear my song". He's wonderful. So that was fun...

FIONA: So you firmly want to move on, leave tv behind and movies is your next big...


FIONA: Oh great. Well good luck with that....Now, do we have any more calls, thats what I'd like to know? - Do we? - *NO*. Apparently we don't! We've had a bit of a technical meltdown apparently [laughs] so...

GILLIAN: [Laughs]

FIONA: We're going to move, but obviously, you've been *so* popular. Usually we have guests in here and obviously people like seeing them, but this morning we have had loads, and loads of calls, and loads of calls it's amazing isn't it?

GILLIAN: So where'd they all go!

FIONA: *Err* we get to hear about them. If you go outside they'll tell you. They have all sort have been sub... by our technical meltdown. It's an interesting place this, and I think you have had an effect on it.

MATT: Just, er. for the record. We have five facts you didn't know about Gillian, and erm at least two of them are wrong. erm... What is...the nose ring you admit to, but not the cheek ring...

GILLIAN: No, I didn't have a cheek ring...

MATT: ...and what about this Playboy deal?...

GILLIAN: It says something there about a multi-million dollar deal - it wasn't - it wasn't seven figures it was only six figures.

MATT: You under-sold yourself...

FIONA: [trying desparately to get a word in edgeways attempts to interrupt] Im sorry, I keep talking [mumbles]...

MATT: ...Do you miss "Crouch End" at all?

GILLIAN: I was just there yesterday...

MATT: Really?

GILLIAN: I just went back with an old friend, and checked it out, and got a picture of me under the clock-tower.

MATT: Cos you were at school there, weren't you?

GILLIAN: I went to Colaridge (sp) Just right up the hill.

MATT: There must have been a million people that wished they knew that. About 10, 15 years ago?

GILLIAN: *Um*. Yeah [both Gillian and Fiona burst out laughing]

FIONA: It's great to see you this morning. You're back again, aren't you...

GILLIAN: Yeah. I know

FIONA: poor thing!... So you'll get another chance to see Gillian again, in um... Lorraines 9 O'clock Live... Oh and thats exactly what we're talking about now isn't it.

[Fiona continues to waffle on about whats coming up on todays program...]

Lorraine Kelly's 9 O'clock live: One of the articles that Lorraine covered on her segment of the breakfast program was handwriting. Here's what she had to say:

Did you know the way you write - your handwriting - reveals an enormous amount about your personality, and it could cost you your job.... about "Graphology", and how your handwriting can be used to reveal your potential in a working So wether you are a Chief Executive of a large multi-national, or a bus conductor, are you in the right job?...

Watch out for your double LL's - [graphic example of the handwritten word "fulfill" is shown] - those happy in their work, produce strong-bold double-l's, whilst those with short-stubby double-l's, or loopy double l's [ll's looped at top of each letter] should start looking for a different career.

The letter W sorts the eager, enthusiastic workers from those that can't be bothered. Those with a W that drifts off to the right are the most enthusiastic people to have around - motivating your staff. While a small W indicates indifference.

The letter B shows if a person is good with money - a b with a slash across the bowl and onto the next letter, means that the writer recognises a good financial opportunity when they see one.

Cash Peters - (Handwriting expert extrodinare) joins Lorraine. Lorraine hands Cash a card with a handwritten message from a mystery guest. Lorraine asks Cash to tell her what this person is like:

CASH: Well you can tell already I dont know if we're just doing career with this, but you can tell already that their l's are quite tall...

LORRAINE: Tall l's - this is good..

CASH: This person, I would say is probably quite successful in their career. Her l's are actually quite tall so this is a sign of sombody who really probably has done quite well for herself. What's very very interesting is that her *f* which we haven't dealt with this morning - her little *f* on the word funny that she's written here, has got what we would call a "mask" on it. Now this is somebody who, actually has an "outer-self" - the self that you actually see, the self that they put on for dealing with people, and then the "inner-self", and there is a definite mask there, there is something which you see which actually underneath is not necessarily them and it's a kind of thing that whereby they have put-on a good presentation or whatever. They are quite good supporters, quite good supportive person, quite tough. I think this person has learnt to be quite tough where in fact underneath they might actually be a little more tender and soft.

LORRAINE: Okay. Shall we reveal who our mystery guest is, and lets see who she is. Do come in!

CASH: I can't wait...

LORRAINE: Here she is. I think she is coming! Yes she is!

CASH: Oh no! Oh No!

LORRAINE: I think we should find out from Gillian herself. It's Gillian Anderson of course from the X-Files, who has been with us *all* morning, and she's coming into the studio, and she is either going to thump you, or going to think that you're wonderful. But actually, I think you probably got her quite well.

CASH: I don't mind being thumped by the most beautiful woman in the world.

LORRAINE: Gillian, hello!


LORRAINE: Good to see you. Do have a seat.

CASH: You didn't hear a word of that did you?

GILLIAN: [Laughs] No I did. I heard the whole thing.

LORRAINE: Cash says that you are very succesful. You have got a little *f".

CASH: You've got a little *f* Gillian

GILLIAN: [Laughs] A masky *f*, I heard you say.

CASH: Basically I guess you're an actress then? And that would be absolutely true. That you wear a mask for public things. I think probably underneath you're not actually what you may seem.

LORRAINE: And quite tough you said as well?

CASH: I think you've learnt to be a lot tougher. I think you've learnt to put a bit more of a front on now. I think at one time you were probably a bit less tough than you are now.

GILLIAN: Well I was very relieved to hear that I didn't have stumpy l's.

CASH: How can you possibly have stumpy l's doing what you do. I think you are actually very succesful.

LORRAINE: So do you think he got it correct. Reasonably right?

GILLIAN: There's some accuracies in there.


CASH: I know what she means - I was dead was dead right, and she just cant admit it on national television.

GILLIAN: [giggles]

LORRAINE: Cash thankyou. Gillian you stay with us -were gonna speak to you lots more.

GMTV take an ad-break.

LORRAINE: Hello there, welcome back, now she has been voted the most beautiful woman in the world by British Mens magazine, she is of course Gillian Anderson, and she joins me now. Great to see you. It really is.

GILLIAN: Thank you

LORRAINE: All these lables: You're the most beautiful woman, the most sexy woman. It's rather know it's better than being the most horrible woman.

GILLIAN: Oh yeah. It's very flattering.

LORRAINE: I must say, what is really good about it is, you're a very kind of normal looking woman if you like, you know, you've not got silicone in your boobs, and you have not got that Pamela Anderson like. You know all of that you're actually. I just think that is really encouraging.

GILLIAN: (Laughs)

LORRAINE: You know. Cos you look normal, you know you don't look nearly like a Barbie doll. I think that's very encouraging.

GILLIAN: Thank you!

LORRAINE: Very encouraging.


LORRAINE: It's a really good show, and very very successful, obviously, and it must be nice to be in something, that's successful, but is also good! You know its intelligent.

GILLIAN: Yeah, no it is. The scripts are wonderful and its a very intelligent show, and it's done incredibly well, it's very tight and its very slick, and it's very moody, and it's a great package that I think gets a lot of respect from people in the industry, and from people who watch it, so...

LORRAINE: And that's very difficult to do. If you can get the critics liking it, and the public loving it, and the kind of admiration of your peers, that doesn't happen all that often.

GILLIAN: No, no. It would be dreadful to be on a series that was not successful, and to have to go through the run of it, and to show up at work everyday, and to know that you are doing something that you didn't completely believe in. I couldn't imagine what that would be like.

LORRAINE: Did you know, when you first got offered this, did you really have a gut feeling that this was going to be so huge?

GILLIAN: No, I don't think any of us did. I didn't even really understand, what seasons where, or series are - as you call them over here. That you have blocks of episodes. and that you have a hiatus in between, and then you come back and you shoot for the next season, and stuff. I didn't understand any of that. So when they said that I was shooting a pilot first of all I asked what a pilot was cos I didn't know what that was, and when we got picked up I had no idea that it could actually extend for as long it was. I think originally we were picked up for 13 episodes, which was a tremendous amount for me, and I would have been more than happy to do just 13.

LORRAINE: It's just gone so well. It's incredible...How do you actually, cos its something like that, it must be fairly intense - the workload must be fairly intense, and you've got a wee girl, and she's what 2 1/2.

GILLIAN: 2 1/2

LORRAINE: ...Piper, yeah.


LORRAINE: What do you do - how do you manage to juggle that, I'm most interested in that as I have to do that myself.

GILLIAN: She actually gets to come to work with me every day.

LORRAINE: Do you take her with you?

GILLIAN: Yeah. I do.

LORRAINE: What does she do on the set, because there are some weird goings on there, you know she doesn't sort of in all this weird makeup, cos...

GILLIAN: She does. Actually she has been okay with it up until now. There was a recent episode where I had some bruises on my back, and she was very distressed at the fact that I had bruises on my back. But most of the time she runs around, and she plays. She walked into the trailer once with the head of a goat, it was a plastic goat, or a rubber goats head carrying it like a little baby. It was very disgusting, it had like an eyeball sticking off to one side, and stuff like that.

LORRAINE: But kids take all that sort of thing in their stride, sometimes.

GILLIAN: They do.

LORRAINE: She wont see it, wont she, she don't watch it.

GILLIAN: No. She doesn't, no. It's a bit too much.

LORRAINE: A bit too dark perhaps?

GILLIAN: She really loves being there. It's an extended family for her, and she has a lot of fun.

LORRAINE: Well thats good, and you have got somebody that looks after her when you're there, and I suppose, all the crew, that she has probably been adopted by all of them I would imagine.

GILLIAN: Yeah, she has.

LORRAINE: Shall we have a look at the X-FILES.


LORRAINE: Let's have a look. Here we go:

A video clip is shown with M & S sitting at a table in a restaurant. Mulder has a toothpick sticking out of the corner of his mouth.

Mulder: This is something that reminded me of you.

Scully: What, an Alien Implant?

Mulder: Two, actually I meant about the earings.

Scully (Opens a small box containing a keyring engraved with Apollo 11, and a picture of an eagle flying over the the surface of the moon, with the planet earth in the background)

Mulder: Read the back.

Scully: Commemerating Apollo 11, and the mission to the moon. July 1969...

Mulder smiles.

Scully: I'm touched.

End of video clip.
LORRAINE: Im touched...Much is made obviously of the chemistry between the two of you, but if you ever did get together, on screen I should say, it would ruin it wouldn't it?


LORRAINE: Yeah it would...

GILLIAN: It would..

LORRAINE: ...It would definitely would, it wouldn't be the same, it think the fact that they sometimes just nearly, you can see somtimes that they just maybe just going to have a cuddle. There you are look , you *did* have a cuddle on the front of "Rolling Stone" magazine mind you.

A picture of the front cover from the Australian Rolling Stone magazine is shown on screen - showing Mulder and Scully together in bed cuddling one-another)

LORRAINE: ... What a very sexy picture that is. What was that done for? Just a kind of ?

GILLIAN: It was done for the cover of Austrailian Rolling Stone originally, and then it went to the American Rolling Stone cover.

LORRAINE: Oh right...

GILLIAN: And er. It was a lot of fun.

LORRAINE: That was good. I mean you obviously have to get on well

GILLIAN: (Laughs)

LORRAINE: ...You have to get on well. If you're working with somebody so intensely you have to get on well. How do you manage to do that?

GILLIAN: Umm. We stay out of each others way - You know. We are thrown together in a situation which is unlikely, and under an incredible amount of stress, in the hours that we have to work and stuff. So, being essentially married which it feels like sometimes, with somebody that you see - you know, 16 hours a day can get a bit tedious.

LORRAINE: You would probably see more of him than your man in your life. Do you have anybody in your life just now, or are you just footloose and fancy free.



LORRAINE: Well I thought you'd might. Just me. Nobody else.

GILLIAN: Oh yeah. Thanks.

LORRAINE: David got married just recently didn't he.

GILLIAN: He did indeed.

LORRAINE: Yeah. You wern't able to go - were you working?

GILLIAN: I was working.

LORRAINE: Thats a shame...

GILLIAN: And I actually didn't know it was happening.

LORRAINE: Really. Was it a kind of whirlwind romance?

GILLIAN: I cant speak for that, but it was not public information.

LORRAINE: Right, ok, so he's fine. When do you start working together again? When do you get back together?

GILLIAN: We're shooting the X-FILES feature, it seems, starting in June, so we'll see each other in June.

LORRAINE: So you'll be back then, and what next for you, cos really the world is your lobster as they say.

GILLIAN: Well first I'm doing the X-FILES feature, thats next after a bit of a relaxation break, hopefully, and then um, and then go back to shooting the series for another season.

LORRAINE: You're still loving it? Getting a lot out of it as well?

GILLIAN: Yeah. It is.

LORRAINE: It's been fantastic to talk to you. I wish I could chat to you lots more. Its been great to see you. Thankyou very much indeed. Hope you do lots more X-FILES. Im a huge fan.

GILLIAN: Thanks.

Transcript provided by Pete Harvey and appears courtesy of GMTV.

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