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NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno
June 10, 1998
JAY: My first guest, an Emmy-award winning actress. I'm a huge fan of this woman. She stars as agent Scully in the popular series "the x-files." "The x-files" movie opens June 19. I saw the movie. I'm not going to give anything away. But you don't have to know the tv show to follow the movie. Wouldn't you say, Kev? People think you got to watch it. No, no it holds up well on its own. Please welcome, it opens June 19th. Please welcome Gillian Anderson!

[ Cheers and applause ]

GILLIAN: How many are going to come see the movie?

[ Cheers and applause ]

GILLIAN: Will you come see the movie?

JAY: We have a major infraction here. Are you chewing gum?

GILLIAN: No, I'm not.

JAY: Right here young lady. Right here.


JAY: Just a minute. Let me put this down here. Hang on, hang on, young lady. You put it right there. [Jay puts a napkin on his desk and Gillian removes a mint from her mouth, placing it on the napkin] Sit it right down. There you go. Oh, it's not the one with the hole in it?

GILLIAN: No, it doesn't have a hole in it.

JAY: It looks just like something from "The X-Files." It's white with green dots.

[ Laughter ]

GILLIAN: Yeah, I was walking out here, and I realized that I look a little too much like a Spice Girl myself.

JAY: What's wrong with that?

GILLIAN: No, no, no, I didn't mean there was anything wrong with it that. But I think I probably --

[ Laughter ]

JAY: You know, you're one of those people, I'm sure it's because of the show, like you get on the internet and there is all these like stories about you. Like there was one, you tell me is this like an urban legend.

GILLIAN: Can we should use you for the sound track of the movie.

JAY: I normally do that while making love.

[ Laughter ]

JAY: Let me ask you --

GILLIAN: I really didn't need to know that.

[ Laughter ]

JAY: Probably the last chance you'll get a chance to hear it. Anyway, as I was saying, this urban legend, like you were down on your luck and all set to leave Hollywood and the next day you got "The X-Files." Was there any truth to -- do you know what I'm talking about?

GILLIAN: About. I wasn't about to leave Hollywood. I had been out of work for about a year. And I'd been auditioning and trying to get work and was actually considering waitressing again, you know, not leaving Hollywood and waitressing and trying to get work. And then the call about "The X-Files" came up. I went through the whole week-long audition process. My last unemployment check arrived.

JAY: Way to do it. Have the check run out just as you get the job.

[ Laughter ]

GILLIAN: Yeah. You know, it's just kind of neat.

JAY: Yeah, that's cool.

GILLIAN: Yeah, isn't it? So it's much more dramatic if I was going to leave Hollywood and end my career as an actress.

JAY: Or would be as huge as it is? I'm sure you've been asked this a million times. But it's like a worldwide phenomenon. Seriously, South Africa, England...

GILLIAN: I know.

JAY: Here. It's big there.

GILLIAN: It's bigger there.

JAY: It's really huge.

GILLIAN: It's amazing. You know what? We did the press junket this funny story. He said that he was at the screening. And he lost his wallet. And so, when he realized that, he went back in the screening room and found his wallet. It was missing some money. And he was missing his driver's license. So he called up the police station to report it. And he said he was talking to the police officer and the police officer was filling out a report. And he says -- the police officers says, "Okay, sir, what screening were you at?" He said, "'The X-Files' screening." And he said, "Wait a second. Do Mulder and Scully kiss?"

[ Laughter ]

GILLIAN: He said, "Hang on a sec, that's not really important right now, I need to find my driver's license." And he's like, "No, no, I'm not going to tell you anything else unless you tell me whether Mulder and Scully kiss."

[ Laughter ]

GILLIAN: That's going just a little too far.

JAY: Very showbizzy in this town. I got stopped one time on Hollywood Boulevard going 45 in a 12 -- you know, one of those things.

[ Laughter ]

JAY: And I go, "Oh." The guy goes, "Hey, Jay Leno." He said, "Do you accept jokes from outside your office?" I said, "Yeah." I amused him. I go, "Sure." He goes, "Ha ha." And he gives me a ticket.

[ Laughter ]

JAY: Oh, that's terrible. I'm thinking, "Send me -- I'll hire you right now."

GILLIAN: That's horrible.

JAY: Let me ask you this. "The X-Files" is always very scary, well interesting and scary. But it always makes you think. Do you get scared? Do you read these scripts and go --

GILLIAN: I don't get scared from watching the show because I've been through it at that point. But when I receive the scripts to start preparing for it, I will not read at night time. During the day, with the lights on, with the dog in, and my daughter in and everything. I can't. There's sometimes where I actually have to put it down and come back to it later because it's just getting a little too dark outside or something. I don't know.

JAY: That's very funny. That's pretty funny. Now the show is finally moving from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

GILLIAN: I know.

JAY: Are you happy about that?

GILLIAN: I am happy about that. I think it's going to be really good. There's one little problem because of the Canadian exchange rate, the scripts are only going to have 80% of the conspiracies. As you know, Vancouver is beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. Its got mountains. And it's safe. And it's inexpensive. And the people are about as nice as they could possibly be. But you get tired of that after a while.

JAY: Stay away from that candy. Hands off the candy. No, at the end of the segment you can have your candy.

GILLIAN: Okay. I just need to fiddle with something.

JAY: Now, we have a clip of the movie.

GILLIAN: Yes, you do.

JAY: Tell us what we'll see.

GILLIAN: I think it's me on a roof and it's hot out and I'm sweating.

JAY: Sounding like the pictorial.

[ Laughter ]

GILLIAN: And it's hot. Oh, I'm looking for a bomb.

JAY: Looking for a bomb. Okay, here we go. Let's take a look.

GILLIAN: I'm looking for a bomb.

JAY: "The X-Files" movie.

(scene from the movie)

Scully: The rational object of terrorism is to promote terror. If you study the statistics, you'd find the model behavioral pattern for vi in accordance with that data, if you ignore it as we've done, the chances are great that if there actually is a bomb, we might not find it. Mulder?

Scully: Boom.

Scully: Mulder.

Mulder: Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully?

Scully: I know you're bored in this assignment, Mulder, but unconventional thinking is only going to get you in trouble now.

Mulder: What makes you think I'm bored?

Scully: You have to quit looking for what isn't there. They closed the x-file. There's procedure to be followed now -- protocol.

Mulder: We could call a bomb threat to Houston. I think it's free beer night in the astrodome.

Mulder: Now what?

Scully: It's locked.

Scully: So much for anticipating the unforeseen. I had you.

Mulder: No you didn't.

Scully: Oh, yeah. I had you big time.

Mulder: You had nothing. Come on, I saw you jiggle the handle.

(end clip)

JAY: Do they kiss?

GILLIAN: I guess you'll just have to buy a ticket, Jay.

JAY: I know there is something with a breath mint. Go ahead, you can have it.

GILLIAN: I can have it now?

JAY: Go on. Go on.

GILLIAN: Thank you very much.

[ Cheers and applause ]

JAY: Terrific job. Opens June 19th. Be right back with Hank Azaria right after this. Gillian Anderson!

Transcript provided by Jon Gauthier and appears courtesy of NBC's Tonight Show.

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