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Chicago Sun Times
June 28, 1998

5 Minutes With ... Gillian Anderson
by Cindy Pearlman

The star of "The X-Files" movie reveals some personal truths.

QUESTION: Why do you have burn marks on your hands? Toxic DNA from aliens?

GILLIAN: No, I was making my daughter a grilled cheese sandwich and I burned my hand in the broiler. Oh, it killed.

QUESTION: Why do you think so many men find Scully so sexy?

GILLIAN: You know, I can't explain it. I really don't understand it at all. I think it has to do with librarians letting their hair down and taking off their glasses. I would like to imagine that it's the balance of her strength and intelligence. I might be an optimist.

QUESTION: Enough Scully. Does fame make it easier or more difficult to have a real relationship?

GILLIAN: [Laughing.] Oh, more difficult because you go out to dinner with a very good friend and everyone assumes that you're dating and all this attention is brought on that other person. The press digs up stuff about their life.

QUESTION: Do you ever think about forgetting men and just raising your daughter alone?

GILLIAN: Yeah, I am actually doing that right now. I'm happy about it. Thank you. It just takes too much energy to date.

QUESTION: Were you afraid of the bogeyman as a kid?

GILLIAN: I went through a period of time when I was afraid of the dark. But I think I experienced more fear as an adult. To be honest, I was never a kid who liked scary movies. I don't understand the attraction to horror films at all. I don't enjoy being terrified in that way.

QUESTION: Tell us about your years at DePaul. Good or terrifying?

GILLIAN: Good. I was there from 1986 to 1990. I was born in Chicago and then my family moved to London. I was always curious about the city and I heard from numerous people that the Goodman Theatre School was a great, comprehensive conservatory.

QUESTION: Did you live on campus?

GILLIAN: No, I found an apartment in Bucktown. I lived there the whole four years. It was great because it was a really ethnically mixed neighborhood back then.

QUESTION: Any hangouts?

GILLIAN: Oh, Club Metro, and Neo and some blues clubs. Get Me High was a great little jazz club. I used to go to Peter's all the time for lunch. There was a little pizza place on the corner near the school.

QUESTION: Have you ever seen the Scully doll?

GILLIAN: I had to approve and disapprove her parts. I don't know how to contemplate these things. I don't know how to put it in my frame of reference. The doll is taller than I am, proportionally taller. The other thing that's weird is that probably at some little girl's house I'm dating Ken.

QUESTION: Do you believe the truth is out there?

GILLIAN: I believe in certain things that would be considered paranormal. I'm not sure if I really know what "the truth is out there" means.

QUESTION: Do you ever get weird alien dreams?

GILLIAN: I never, ever, ever dream about the series. No UFOs. Nothing. I'm basically a boring person.

Transcript appears courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times.

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