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June 8, 1998
Interview by Steve Kmetko

Steve Kmetko: Alien abductions, paranormal activity, government conspiracies and that was just during the Reagan years. All run of the mill stuff for the FBI agents played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who shared their very first X-File together nearly five years ago. Anything but ordinary however, is the success they�ve enjoyed on prime time television. And as Patrick Stinson reports, it�s a success they *hope* will translate to the big screen when The X-Files movie opens next week.

David: I�m runnin, I�m jumpin, I�m fallin. I�m the runningist, jumpingist man on television. And now I�m trying to be the runningist, jumpingist man in film

[Multiple shots and stills from the film quickly interspersed.]

Interviewer: The X-Files movie is a non-stop, sci-fi, summer thriller with enough action to keep even skeptical Scully satisfied.

Gillian: I . . . I love doing the physical stuff. I�ve always had fun doing that.

Interviewer: But the film is more physically demanding than the TV series, with scenes like this...

[Helicopters scouring a corn field with search lights focused below. See Mulder running through tall rows of corn trailed by Scully. View of Scully kneeling out of range of helicopter search light, waits a moment, gets up, and flees. Where Mulder and Scully are being chased by choppers while up to their ears in corn.]

Interviewer: What was that like for you, running through that corn field with the helicopters buzzing above?

Gillian: The corn field itself was probably one of my least favorite experiences on the film.

David:You�re running fast, you�re watching your step, and it goes "whack!" It�s, these corn stalks, they�re like clubs.

Interviewer: The two also come very close to getting hit by cupid.

[Mulder and Scully standing together in field.]

Gillian: The relationship between Mulder and Scully in the film is, is much stronger, and more tender, and more intimate than we've ever seen. And it's really, um, it's really romantic in a, in a wonderful, wonderful way.

Interviewer: Romantic yes, but how far do the two actually go in the movie?

[Scully and Mulder outside in FBI jackets walking up the roof stairs of a city building.]

[Scully and Mulder about to kiss.]

David: Even though you might not get exactly what you want, you get enough that, that you're pleased. And ahuh, you know birds do it, bees do it, right?

Interviewer: So, will Mulder and Scully do it on the TV?

David (laughing): Well, I don't know. I doubt it.

Interviewer: But with that said, you should remember The X-Files mantra

[Shot of Well-Manicured man seated in an airplane saying]

"Trust no one."

[See Mulder and Scully exit car at nigh under a glare of approaching lights, looking up.]

Transcript provided by Mica Kreutz and appears courtesy of E! News Daily.

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