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KROQ-Kevin and Bean Show
October 9, 1998

BEAN: Yeah, Gillian called, you know, during the Beastie Boys record. I was.....(he was taking really fast here).....rapping(?) at that with her alittle bit.

LISA: Oh, he said, 'Hey babe, can you call me back, I'm busy.' (jokingly)

BEAN: I did, I said...

KEVIN: Hey, while we're on that topic, can I read a fax that I just got?

BEAN: Sure.

KEVIN: (Reading the fax) 'Hey Kevin and Bean, enough Tyra already. Tyra this, Tyra that. Stop!'

BEAN: Whoa..whoa whoa with that. (Bean is a HUGE Tyra Banks fan)

LISA: Thank you.(clapping her hands)

BEAN: (still reading) 'Enough is enough. Let's move on Bean. How does your wife stand you?'

LISA: Well that's a WHOLE other question.

BEAN: Yeah!..Hi Kevin...Hi Lisa (laughing)

OTHER GUY: Gillian's WAY better than Tyra


LISA: Yes, I have to agree.

KEVIN: Bean?

BEAN: Well.....


BEAN: It's hard to....

OTHER GUY: Let's make Bean comment.

KEVIN: Bean? Who's better?

BEAN: I think Gillian is very nearly a perfect woman. She is spectacular.

OTHER GUY: But who's better? Who's better?

KEVIN: You have to pick one.

BEAN:> Gillian is also an FBI agent and a medical doctor so she has that going for her, but I....

KEVIN: Who's better though?

BEAN: For what though?

KEVIN: Who's better?

LISA: You know for what!

OTHER GUY: Who's the more desirable woman?

KEVIN: Tyra Banks or Gillian Anderson? Bean?

BEAN: Is Gillian on the phone?

GILLIAN: (laughing) Yeah....

BEAN: Ohhhhhhhh (Entire studio is laughing)

GILLIAN: (laughing)You'd have to say Tyra Banks

BEAN: I think Tyra...(he's at a loss for words)..see like I said....Gillian (GA is laughing)

KEVIN: Bean?

OTHER GUY: Listen, the rest of us all have Gillian.

KEVIN: We all love Gillian.

BEAN: I love Gillian too! You know I love Gillian!

OTHER GUY: How many pictures of Gilian do you have up on your wall compared to ...

GILLIAN: You guys....

OTHER GUY: compared to how many pictures you have of Tyra?

GILLIAN: I can't be privy to this.

BEAN: I have one picture up here in the studio in front of me. The picture of you in the red dress. I think it was from the Emmy's or something.

GILLIAN: Are we on the air?

LISA: Yes.


LISA: But this is an intervention.

GILLIAN: (laughing)

OTHER GUY: Yes we are.

KEVIN: How many of Tyra?

BEAN: About 200.

GILLIAN: (laughing) ohhhhhh.......

BEAN: I love Tyra. I love Tyra. You know that.

LISA: It's sick.

KEVIN: Well Gillian, the rest of us love you.

BEAN: I love Gillian too though!

OTHER GUY: No you don't!

KEVIN: You can't!

GILLIAN: You guys....

KEVIN: You can't have everyone.

OTHER GUY: You have to be a monogomous stalker...(everyone is laughing)... in front of everyone's house.

BEAN: That's true. There's only so many hours in the day. I can't be driving ...

GILLIAN: I love that concept!

BEAN: I can't be driving to Gillian's house for an hour, then driving over to Tyra's house for an hour. I might miss something!

KEVIN: Right, Right, so...

OTHER GUY: Gillian, we'll be camped outside your place.

GILLIAN: Oh...that's okay.

BEAN: How are you doing beautiful?

GILLIAN: Oh I'm alright. I'm kinda a bit groggy actually at the moment.

KEVIN: Did you just get up?

GILLIAN: Well, no. I've been up for about an hour, but I just can't seem to shake it.

KEVIN: Well you guys, I don't know if you worked last night, but I know that you film so much stuff at night that you keep some crazy hours anyway.

GILLIAN: We do keep crazy hours..but I..I was home by..I was home early. I was home by like 11:30 or something.

KEVIN: How awesome is it for you to be living in Los Angeles now after what, 4 or 5 years in Canada?

GILLIAN: You know what? It's really awesome.

KEVIN: Are you just crazy-I mean alot of your friends are down here and stuff.

GILLIAN: Alot of my friends are down here. I've got family that's nearby. You know, it's great. I mean, Vancouver was wonderful.

KEVIN: Sure.

GILLIAN: It's a wonderful city. Well you guys know-you were up there.

BEAN: Yeah-We loved it!

GILLIAN: In your shorts in the pouring rain.

KEVIN: In the pouring rain, in the freezing cold! That's the first thing she made fun of! 'Why are you guys in shorts?' (GA laughing)

GILLIAN: I know, I had no idea.

BEAN: What did you miss the most about not being down here, besides Rosco's Fried Chicken waffles-the obvious.

GILLIAN: What did I miss the most about not being down here?

BEAN: Yeah..besides us.

GILLIAN: umm.. What?? (Everyone laughing)

KEVIN: Besides us, right.

GILLIAN: I think it would have to be the sunshine. It really makes a huge difference. It's like walking around with a cloud over your head all the time.

KEVIN: It's not like that Gillian. It is that. You are walking around with a cloud over your head.

BEAN: But does it make it hard to do like a dark show in a city that's always sunny?

GILLIAN: Not from what I've heard. It seems that we've been pulling it off okay. And you know, we've gotton around that. Because in the episodes we shoot in different cities all over the states and where we used to shoot in you know, Virginia and Arkansas and stuff, now shoot

BEAN: Bakersfield!

GILLIAN: Yeah...well, no, we pretend to be shooting in all these cities like Chicago and now we shoot in Florida and Texas.

BEAN: Oh I see what you're doing.

GILLIAN: You know what I mean, so we can pretend we're in warmer climates where we weren't able to before, we're doing alot of episodes that take place in Arizona and stuff like that.

BEAN: Lot of stuff out in the desert..Yeah, now..

GILLIAN: Its still got that gloomy moody feel to it.

KEVIN: Now, we are just dying here. I think you are about the last of the primetime shows to premiere in the fall season.

OTHER GUY: Now you guys are debuting like in February or something right? (jokingly)

GILLIAN: (laughing) I think November 8th is our first day.

KEVIN: November!

LISA: Serious?

KEVIN: Yes! Dawson's Creek is already on the air! Gillian, come on! Get with it! Get with it! You guys are going to show one episode and it's going to be Christmas time!

GILLIAN: I know,I think that's the point.

KEVIN: Now in retrospect, was making the movie a fun experience for you?

GILLIAN: It was fun! It was so long ago!

KEVIN: I know it seems like that for you, but for us, you know.

GILLIAN: So long ago...

KEVIN: It comes out on video next week you know.

GILLIAN: Oh my ..

BEAN: On Tuesday it comes out on video by the way.

GILLIAN: Does it really?

KEVIN: And we're an aside to our listeners.Chris Carter is coming in on the 30th.


KEVIN: Yeah, he's coming back in so...

GILLIAN: Well that will be fun.

KEVIN: Well we're very excited to have you in town. Now we got to talk about-you have 2 new movies in the theater Gillian. So we know what you did with your vacation. You're in that Chicago Cab.

GILLIAN: Right. Now is that in the theaters right now?

KEVIN: I think Chicago Cab is open in a couple places.Yeah


KEVIN: Now, your part is pretty small in that one?

GILLIAN: Very small.

KEVIN: What are you..I mean..Are you just sittin' in the back of the cab for a ride?

GILLIAN: (laughing) I just sit in the back of a cab and go for a very brief ride.

BEAN: Wow.

GILLIAN: Well no, the whole movie kinda takes place around this cab driver and all the people that get in and out of the cab and I'm just one of those people.

KEVIN: Why's you do that movie?

GILLIAN: Why did I do that movie, well it was opportunity to escape just for a weekend, to go to Chicago and um..spend a day doing something else and come home again.

KEVIN: So for a hotel room and a buffet, Gillian will go anywhere.

GILLIAN: (laughing) yeah exactly, that about sums it up. Also, there were some people that I knew from college and some people from Step and Wolf (?)..who were doing a project and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

BEAN: Hey, you know what? It's cool for you to actually do something like that because it's not a big-budget movie with alot of stars and there are people who will seek it out and go see it because they are familiar with you. So I mean, you're kinda helping them out too. You know? so...

GILLIAN: Yeah, we'll see.

KEVIN: Alright, and The Mighty, I know you're very excited about it and ..people are really.. you're getting some great reviews, your character in that movie is getting some great reviews-I've read that you steal the movie to a certain extent...

GILLIAN: no, I don't steal the movie, but it''s just very different from what people are used to seeing me doing.

KEVIN: You're like a trashy biker chick right?

GILLIAN: Kinda like a (Everyone starts clapping)

GILLIAN: (laughing)

KEVIN: That's..that's great.

BEAN: Were you working on that boozing last night? Is that why you're not feeling so well today.

GILLIAN: I wasn't....

OTHER GUY: Tyra Banks is playing a WNBA player.


KEVIN: Yeah, she certainly is, right. And how is Sharon Stone in the movie?

GILLIAN: She's great. You know, she's really great. She's done some stuff that we've never seen her do before. She's very grounded and she's good. It's some solid work.

KEVIN: I don't know Gillian..she's the kiss of death when it comes to a movie though.

GILLIAN: What do you mean?

KEVIN: Sharon Stone? I mean..seriously except for Basic Instinct, every movie she's is tanks.

LISA: Sphere

KEVIN: Sphere

GILLIAN: I don't think that's true.

KEVIN: The Quick and the Dead.

GILLIAN: Remember Casino? Casino wasn't a tanker.

BEAN: Yeah..but that because there was a pretty good cast help that out.

GILLIAN: Oh stop! She's doing her work and she's, you know...

LISA: Sliver....

GILLIAN: So we fail sometimes, you know, there are some mornings when you guys fail miserably, but nobody calls you up and says that.


KEVIN: They all call us! Everyone of them.

BEAN: Yeah they sure do. Hey Gillian, we had Elvis Costello in here yesterday!

GILLIAN: You did?

BEAN: Isn't he awesome?

GILLIAN: He is awesome.

BEAN: He was great. We had him on and he was singing some songs...

GILLIAN: Did he sing some songs?

BEAN: Ahh-he was wonderful!

GILLIAN: Oh he's fabulous.

BEAN: Hey, you want to go to the Elvis Costello concert with me? (Everyone laughs)

GILLIAN: When is it?

BEAN: It's coming up on the 20th.

GILLIAN: Is that during the week?

BEAN: October 20th. It's a Tuesday night.

GILLIAN: Ohhh.....

BEAN: I can get you some tickets baby. ( Once he says 'baby' everyone bursts out laughing)

GILLIAN: (She's trying to answer without laughing) I'm sure you..( breaks out laughing) I'm sure you could. I'll probably be working, but you know what, if I'm not working, I might take you up on that.

KEVIN: There you go...

BEAN: It's Elvis Costello with Burt Bakaret...they're playing together!

GILLIAN: Get out!

BEAN: No-it's gonna be awesome!

GILLIAN: (Lauging)..hello?

KEVIN: Hey...I'm... I'm going to see Korn tonight if you want to go with me?

GILLIAN: (laughing)

LISA: Alright you guys!


KEVIN: Yeah Korn.

GILLIAN: You know what ?There's a saying up in Vancouver that the .......grimps(?) would say when things were all going to hell. They'd say, they'd make a comment about eating the corn.

KEVIN: That's what it is.

GILLIAN: Eat the corn.

BEAN: I'm afraid of...what that means

GILLIAN: And you don't even know what that really means.

BEAN: I don't think I want to hear about it.

GILLIAN: I don't think you want to know.

KEVIN: No I think you're right. We don't.

BEAN: So Gillian, do you ever get up early enough to actually listen to the program now that you're in LA again?


EVERYONE: (laughing)

BEAN: You ever have occasion now to tune in now that you're here more often.

GILLIAN: (laughing) I forget that radios even exist. I swear to..Radios have never been a big part of my...

BEAN: Not a big part of your life. Okay. Well that's fine! Be that way.

GILLIAN: I'm serious.

BEAN: No, be that way! You're not hurting our feelings.

GILLIAN: I don't do it on..My life is very closed.

KEVIN: I know..I know, you're very...

GILLIAN: It is! I'm very ashamed to say.

OTHER GUY: But is it closed when we're on the outside or on the inside?

GILLIAN: It depends on whether you choose me or Tyra Banks!

EVERYONE: ohhhhhh

KEVIN: But we're all choosing you! Everyone except Bean...

BEAN: I'm going along, I'm going along.

GILLIAN: I'm joking..

KEVIN: Well Gillian we're so happy to talk to you again.

GILLIAN: Thank you. Thank you, you guys.

BEAN: You're the best. We really love you. You know that. And we'll..we'll find out what your schedule is and if you want to see Elvis, we'll be happy to hook you up.

GILLIAN: Got it. I'll be there.

BEAN: OK. Sounds great. The new season again begins November 8th-go see Gillian in the new movie The Mighty, which opens up I guess.


BEAN: We're happy to talk to you again, anytime ok?

GILLIAN: Thanks.

KEVIN: And when you have time, we have to have you come in.

GILLIAN: I want to come in, you know. It's just..Burbank is just so far away.

KEVIN: We'll move!

GILLIAN: (laughs)

KEVIN: Now, we're going to yell and make fun of Bean for a minute.

BEAN: Okay, bye Gillian.

OTHER GUY: (to Bean) You are so pathetic!

BEAN: Why am I pathetic?

OTHER GUY: Ohhh.....(impersonating Bean) 'Maybe you know, I can get you tickets to see Elvis Costello!' Like she couldn't get tickets!

BEAN: I she said , she didn't even know about the show!

Everyone: ohhhhhh!!!!

BEAN: It just seems like the kind of artist that she would really like..I could see..

OTHER GUY: (making more fun of Bean) 'Hey I could get you tickets!!'

KEVIN: (making fun of Bean) 'Hey Gillian' ... How'd you get Elvis Costello in? (making fun of Bean again) 'Do you listen to the show?'

OTHER GUY: I think he also called her 'baby' too.

KEVIN: ' I know I can get you ticket's 'baby'.

OTHER GUY: 'Baby.'

BEAN: Sure.

OTHER GUY: Suddenly you turn into like Dean Martin. (Everyone is laughing)

OTHER GUY: ( making his voice like Dean Martin's) ' Hey, you know, you ever have occasion to listen to the show baby? You know...'

KEVIN: I think Bean is losing touch with reality.

OTHER GUY: '.......we'll sip on a pitcher of gimlets together.' Bean needs like a gold medallion around his neck with a hair sticking through his shirt with the rayons.

BEAN: Guys...just because I got a connection happening with some of the ladies that's all.

OTHER GUY: You're pathetic.

KEVIN: Right.

OTHER GUY: Yeah...

BEAN: That was Gillian Anderson right there.

KEVIN: Yes it was.....

Transcript provided by Val and appears courtesy of KROQ.

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