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The Rosie O'Donnell Show
June 15, 1998

ROSIE: Hey, we all know our first guest as Agent Dana Scully on "The X-Files." I love it. Her new film, the long-awaited film, "The X-Files" I love it. Please welcome, I love her, Gillian Anderson!

[ Cheers and applause ]

ROSIE: You scared me there. What have you got there?

GILLIAN: I�m sorry. I have something to go with your ice cream.

ROSIE: You�ve got a cheesecake?

GILLIAN: I�ve got. No. This is tofu pie.

(Audience basically goes "Grrooossss!!!! Laughter.)

ROSIE: Seriously?

GILLIAN: Seriously. It�s tofu pie.

ROSIE: Do you actually consume this, Gillian?

GILLIAN: I used to. And I have been looking for it in New York. Now I don�t know how good this stuff is cause usually you can get pumpkin flavor and blueberry and chocolate flavor and it�s really good. But it�s wheat-free

ROSIE: Yeah.

GILLIAN: --and dairy-free

ROSIE: Oh, yeah.

GILLIAN: ---and it�s sugar-free.

ROSIE: (not thrilled) Great.

GILLIAN: And I want to see you take a bite.

(Laughter. Great laugh from Gillian.)

ROSIE: (really not thrilled) It sounds delicious.


GILLIAN: I think you�ll ----

ROSIE: Did you bring me a fork?


ROSIE: You didn�t?

GILLIAN: We could use --- (indicates Toy Story toys on Rosie�s desk)

ROSIE: We can use one of my toys?


ROSIE: Children, don�t do this at home. I�m using Woody�s hat. Don not do this at home

(Laughter. Rosie dips plastic Woody toy headfirst into the pie and takes a taste off the hat. Seems to like it then makes a face. Gillian laughs. Audience laughs.)

GILLIAN: It�s honey flavor. Is it any good? Good?

ROSIE: (it�s not good, laughter) Now, you know what�s scary? The first taste sort of entertaining and then it becomes like that paste you used to have in third grade. (laughter from all, another face) Oh, my God.

GILLIAN: (tastes it) It�s not a very good one.

ROSIE: Not a good one?

GILLIAN: It�s not a very good one.

ROSIE: Here, Woody, you eat it. (Shoves the toy into the pie.Laughter.) There you go. Let Woody eat it. Well are you a total like health food freakazoid like that?


[ Laughter ]

ROSIE: Like you�re no wheat and sugar?

GILLIAN: I try not to. But every once in a while I like binge on chocolate chip cookies.

ROSIE: Now answer me this. Do you do this for health reasons or do you do this to maintain your physique?

GILLIAN: I do it because I�m very sensitive to food I�ve found, and I have a very low wheat tolerance.

ROSIE: How did this manifest? How did you know you had a low wheat tolerance?

GILLIAN: Because it puts me to sleep.

ROSIE: It does?

GILLIAN: Well, which is why I kind of eat it. You know. When you�re craving carbohydrate when you�re craving bread -. You feel - You can�t just have one. You�ve got to have twenty.

ROSIE: What about sugar? What did sugar ever do to you?

(Audience laughs.)

GILLIAN: Sugar. (laugh) Sugar, it just makes my heart race. It makes my moods swing up and down. I don�t like myself on sugar. I like being kind of even. So I quit coffee this year, too.

ROSIE: And coffee? What do you have? A - a soybean burger? What do you do?

GILLIAN: You know, like protein and vegetables, and there�s some good stuff. There�s some great like sugar-free, wheat-free desserts. I promise.

ROSIE: Well, listen

GILLIAN: (referring to the toy still in the pie) Woody is enjoying it.

ROSIE: Woody�s liking it. Maybe Cruella De Ville will like it. (Begins stuffing plastic toys in the pie. Lots of laughter.) Do you know who this is? The skipper from Gilligan�s Island? Let�s give him a little. He�ll like it. Maybe Dorothy Gale and Toto. Look. Toto, too. There you go.

GILLIAN: I think Toto would like it. (laugh)

(Lots of laughter.)

ROSIE: Now, first of all, I am so excited about this movie. Look at you on "Details." Hello? (holds up magazine) Scary alien looking, yet gorgeous. What about that?

(Cheers and applause.)

ROSIE: Who took that? Do you remember?

GILLIAN: I can�t remember. I can�t remember the name. Remember a while ago on the cover of Photo Magazine, Naomi Campbell was on there. The silver? Do you remember seeing that? The same one.

ROSIE: Do they make you get dressed up, mild alienesque because of the show? And the subject matter?

GILLIAN: Well, no. I�ve had some fun with some photographers and stuff. But it�s not always alien oriented. Sometimes there�s other things.

ROSIE: Right. I remember this. So great. In "Us" magazine, look at you as Morticia Addams. (shows picture of Gillian as Morticia with Cousin It.)

GILLIAN: And look at this guy. It�s the Thing ---

ROSIE: That�s Cousin It.

GILLIAN: Cousin It. Who�s the thing? What am I talking about.

ROSIE: Thing is the hand. And then Lurch. Remember Lurch?

GILLIAN: I never saw this. I never saw it.

ROSIE: You never saw this?!

GILLIAN: No. Never saw "Lucy" either.

ROSIE: (shocked) Hold it.

GILLIAN: I�m sorry.

ROSIE: Hold it. You never saw "I Love Lucy?"

GILLIAN: (holding up hands) I�m sorry. I grew up in London. And I didn�t have those shows.

ROSIE: You grew up in London? That�s wrong, Gillian. (Audience laughs.) Why did you grow up in London?

GILLIAN: Well, cause we moved there. My dad went to the London Film School and they fell in love with London.

ROSIE: How old were you when you lived in London?

GILLIAN: No, I know Well, I was born in Chicago and then when I was six months we lived on Puerto Rico for about 15 months and then we moved to London.

ROSIE: Until you were ??

GILLIAN: Eleven.

ROSIE: You don�t have a trace of a British accent.

GILLIAN: I had it for a while. I kept it for a long time, kind of as a crutch. I kind of you know ---

ROSIE: When you have a few beers, (does drunk cockney imitation)"All right, lovey, lets go over there!" does it come out?


ROSIE: People tell me that when I get excited or inebriated look at this. (Shows picture of Gillian as the Flying Nun.)You as the Flying Nun. You never saw that show either? I don�t know why they allowed you to pose as these people when you don�t know them. Geez? Do you watch your own show?


ROSIE: I watch it every single week. I have been confused, lately by about a lot of things that happened.

GILLIAN: Me too.

ROSIE: The whole thing when they were spraying the money, and a good guy saved them. Is this in the movie? Is this revealed in the movie?

GILLIAN: (pause) No, I think you just missed it.

ROSIE: I didn�t get that part?

GILLIAN: No and I couldn�t explain it to you on my life, right now.

ROSIE: People like me who are addicted to it, they�re scary fanatics. I missed the Expo. I was in Miami. There was a big "The X-Files" Expo. Did you go?

GILLIAN: I did. I went to both of them in New York here. And they were a lot of fun. Just people that love the show.

ROSIE: Right.

GILLIAN: And they were really sweet, and, you know, they who just love the show.

ROSIE: Do you have a favorite episode?

GILLIAN: (reaching behind her chair) I brought you a gift.

ROSIE: Please don�t make it be health food related.

GILLIAN: No nono. You could stuff it in his face, too, if it�s not crowded.

(She pulls out latex head of guy with face sewn together from Patient X/R and B: )

ROSIE: Disgusted! Is that the guy from the bridge or the guy in Russia?

GILLIAN: I don�t know who this is. Can you see? Apparently this is the guy from I like this. (plays with it�s hair.)

ROSIE: Remember when you were on the bridge and we thought you were dead and you weren�t. Give me that scary, disgusting thing. (Does voice for the head.) Do you want some tofu? "Yes, I do! Before I used to eat normal food. Then I had tofu. Now look at me! Ahhhh!"

(Laughter, cheers and applause.)

ROSIE: That is scary, though.

GILLIAN: It is pretty scary.

ROSIE: Any of the shows freak you out, ever? Because you�re doing them. You don�t get to experience them like we do.

GILLIAN: I have to read the scripts during the daytime. But other than that, I�m you know ---

ROSIE: Second to last one of season, the one where that scary guy was like an alien thing and he went into the light and Mulder saw it and you didn�t.

GILLIAN: Yeah. It was upside down on the wall. And it was just about to eat his head.

ROSIE: Is that in the movie?

GILLIAN: No. (laugh)

ROSIE: Not in the movie either?

GILLIAN: I can�t tell you anything about the movie. I brought a clip which I hope I hope I�m not going to get in trouble for showing it, because it�s a clip from the movie. And let�s just show it before I get into trouble. (laugh)

ROSIE: Do you need to set it up?

GILLIAN: No. I think it speaks for itself.

ROSIE: Okay. This is the movie that comes out Friday. Take a look.

(Clip - from Deep Throat, season one, where Mulder gets Scully out of the car to see the UFOs over Ellen�s AFB,, but instead they see irritating teeny-bopper band Hanson singing MMM Bop. Very funny.)

(Audience cheers and applause.)

ROSIE: That�s in the movie? Hanson is in the movie? Hanson are aliens? You rat!

GILLIAN: Isn�t that funny!

ROSIE: That is funny.

GILLIAN: I thought that was funny. That�s funny.

ROSIE: Not in movie. We have to clear it up for people. They�re like "Hanson is in the new film." You�re coming back for another season and much more, I hope?

GILLIAN: Yes. Definitely. Shooting in LA.

ROSIE: Better for you? Tough to be up there in Vancouver.

GILLIAN: It is. It is a beautiful place and I have a lot of people that I love up there, but it�s time.

ROSIE: How is your baby?

GILLIAN: She�s great. Doing very well. She�s excited about it, too. I think. She�s been listening to a lot of reggae lately.

ROSIE: She�s three, isn�t she?

GILLIAN: Yes. She�s three and a half. She loves Buffalo Soldier. I don�t know why. She does.

ROSIE: Where did she get the Reggae CD?

GILLIAN: Well, from me.

ROSIE: There you go. My son knows all the words to "South Pacific," I think it�s what we push them towards.

GILLIAN: I think you�re probably right.

ROSIE: June 19th , the movie opens. You come back whenever you want. At the commercial, you tell me what happens in the film. Just me?

GILLIAN: (whispers) Okay.

ROSIE: Be right back with Ana Gasteyer after this.

(They shake hands. Commercial.)

Transcript provided by CarriK and appears courtesy of The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

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