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Jan. 1998

The Mystery Woman Aims to Movies
By Natalia Vantini

Gillian Anderson rarely smiles. And all those fans she has in the whole world probably started to love her for this: there were conquered by the serious, detached, professional person she portrays, Dana Scully, the woman of the FBI who faces aliens, paranormal phenomena, missing people who are able to appear again in other places and stuff like this in the X-Files. And that severe look of scientist, those suits so essential as an agent of the FBI must be must have lighten up the fantasies of the fans of the show. Few actresses can say they have an Internet site like the "Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade, few actresses, at least, with such a petite figure and such a face, almost simple and common. But her serious look ("I am often asked what is wrong, but everything is usually fine, this is just my natural expression") immediately convinced Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files and Millennium, who wanted her and imposed her to the Fox people, who would have preferred a more striking woman, for the show. But Chris was right. The show was immediately a hit, a fan club was created and maybe the show will become a saga, something like Star Trek, since in June the X-Files movie (the temporary title is Blackwood) will be out, starring Gillian and her co-star David Duchovny.

But Gillian seems more eager to demonstrate she can stand more different roles. She aims to movies, looking for characters very different from Scully. So, she decided to act in The Migthy, a movie with Sharon Stone, where she is a rebel woman, who likes motorbikes and alcohol. She really wanted this role, even if the director, Peter Chelson, initially refused her. To change his mind, Gillian shoot the most important dialogues of the character and sent the tape to him and he understood he maybe was wrong. He said "I have seen someone who has the power to transform herself, like Meryl Streep can do. I would have never suspected it in someone like Gillian!"

In another movie she has just finished to film, "Chicago Cab", Gillian has the role of a funny, confusing girl.

But don't think Gillian (who makes it clear that this G is a sweet one) does not know that this halo of "mystery woman" will easily leave her. Because of this, she has decided to accept the proposal of BBC to realize "Future Fantastic", recording also a CD with Hal with the music of this TV program. And if the X-Files are so important in her career, she also has a private life. When she started to have some success, her life completely changed: in few years she married Clyde Klotz, art director in the X-Files, she divorced from him, after 30 months, she had a baby she did not expect, Piper, and she had a lot of different liaisons maybe -, like the one with Rodney Rowland, that is the most recent one. "Everything happened so fast", she says, "And I can not say it was not partly because of my success. It's very difficult for a "normal" person to live with an actress whose career literally explodes, like mine did. But, beside all of this, I can say that my priority in life is my daughter Piper, the only one I am in love with!"

The members of the "Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade" must accept this: their icon actually is a tender and thoughtful mom. Anything but the mystery woman!

Transcript provided by Monica Domizio and appears courtesy of Telepi�.

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