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AIDS Walk Los Angeles
October 15, 2000
"From The X-Files, please welcome GILLIAN ANDERSON!"

Gillian: Hello, everybody! It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me, and thank you for being here. I was just wondering, I'm very curious, and it may make um, some of you a bit uncomfortable or nervous and you may not want to participate, but I'm just wondering how many people are here right now who are living with HIV or AIDS. If you could either stand or raise your hand... [applause] That's fantastic. It's a good thing you're here. There are, um, a couple girls that I'm sponsoring [laughs], Dina and Laverne, the girls who do my hair and makeup on the show, and they're here and they're wearing gold crowns. Which is, what is it, for like... it's for a thousand dollars or more. Now the funny thing is that Dina takes pictures of men in tiaras on set, um, any grips or crew members that she can get. She takes pictures of men in tiaras, so it's um, it's a big thing that she's getting to wear a crown today. So I'm glad you guys are here. That's fantastic. And I also, um... there is a very dear friend of mine, Wayne Kawatta (sp), who is presently living and dying of AIDS. And um, I just wanted to say hello to him and I hope that he knows how many people are out there trying to help save people just like him. I love you, Wayne. And um, on to business. As you can see, a few of your favorite people are wearing fabulous Icon shoes. Um, what do they have, like, the shoes... just pretty Chinese stuff? And um, men... [laughs] men on [??] shoes, that's always good for a laugh. But no, this is fantastic, because if you buy a pair in Los Angeles in the next two weeks, Icon promises a percentage will go towards AIDS Project Los Angeles, which is fantastic. [applause] Thank you very much. You'll also get a um, a month's free jazz dance classes to go along with that too. Wouldn't that be good for dancing jazz? It takes time, talent, and money to produce an event like today's AIDS Walk. Without sponsors, this event would not happen. You will find a list of all of them in your program book. We would like to give special recognition to the major sponsors of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, whose generous contributions got today's walk off to a strong start. Many of them are on stage today, and if the representatives could please stand as I call the company's name, that would be great. We have 100.3 The Beat, we have AT&T Broadband, the California Endowment [continues on with list of sponsors]..... Let's give them all a round of applause. Um, and before I sit down, I just want to say one more thing which is, um, Gore/Lieberman. [applause] Because if we have any hope of finding a cure, it's in that camp and not the other!

Transcript provided by Maria and Estherloida and appears courtesy of AIDS Project Los Angeles.

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