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August 2000
Sweet Inspirations


Who leaves these stars starstruck? Ten breakout performers jump at the chance to share their idol thoughts.

Gillian Anderson & Marian Wright Edelman

THE INSPIRED: Gillian Anderson, 32. Cerebral sex symbol, single mom and Emmy winner as agent Dana Scully on The X-Files.

THE ADMIRED: Marian Wright Edelman, 61. Champion of kids' rights (founded the Children's Defense Fund), book author, friend of Bill and Hill.

THE SCENE: L'Ermitage Hotel, Beverly Hills

ANDERSON ON WRIGHT EDELMAN - THE FIRST IMPRESSION: "Her book The Measure of Our Success was an eye-opener. She talks about service in the community and instilling children with confidence and self-worth by searching out mentors and working hard in school."

THE LASTING INFLUENCE: "It helped me to refocus my energy. I have always had very strong opinions. After reading her book, it got me up off of my butt. I started to be involved with a support group for neurofibromatosis, a neurological disease that my brother has. And I went to Washington and spoke to Congress."

WRIGHT EDELMAN ON ANDERSON: "I relate to the struggles Gillian is having as a mother. She is smart and no-nonsense - I like that."

--Mark Morrison

Transcript appears courtesy of InStyle Magazine.

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