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The Rosie O'Donnell Show
December 19, 2000

Rosie: Our next guest is always a delight and can always be counted on to show up with an interesting and bizzare clip, take a look.

[Clip from "Roadrunners"]

Scully: ::moaning:: What did you put in me? I'm gonna get every last one of you bastards!

Man: No.. you'll love us. You'll protect us. You'll teach us, make us better than we are. We're taught not to envy, but I do envy you so, but you'll soon be one with him.

Scully: HIM? That thing in my spine is a HIM?

[End Clip]

Rosie: Yuck! Please welcome back to the show the very beautiful Gillian Anderson.

[Gillian emerges wearing a black turtleneck, with a long red jacket over it, and blue leather pants. She hangs an ornament on the Christmas tree, then hugs Rosie.]

Rosie: Hi Gillian, how are you?

Gillian: I'm doing good, thank you.

Rosie: You look so cute!

Gillian: ::kicks legs:: Thanks, but I don't know if I can cross my legs.. but..

Rosie: How come? How come? There ya go. Here let me give you the foot stool, this will help.

Gillian: Ahhh.. Thank you.

Rosie: How's that? That's nice, right?

Gillian: It's good, thanks. I'm a bit tied down.

Rosie: Yeah, look trendy and cute.

Gillian: Do I look trendy? Thank you.

Rosie: Yeah! That's a good thing though, isn't it?

Gillian: Yeah, trendy's good sometimes! Good for an afternoon.

Rosie: Congratulations on the reviews that you're getting in this movie.

Gillian: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Rosie: This movie, It's called "The House of Mirth" and the critics are raving and they're screaming your name loud. Do you read the reviews?

Gillian: I do read the reviews. I don't know whether I should be reading the reviews, but I do read the reviews.

Rosie: And if it's not so great, do you get a little..

Gillian: You know, I try not to take things to seriously one way or the other. You know what I mean? It's good not to um, pat yourself on the back too much, or beat yourself up too much at the same time.

Rosie: Yeah, but you don't take it personally? So it doesn't like, ruin your day if there's a bad review.

Gillian: I wouldn't say that. ::laughs:: But I try not to, I think try is the operative word.

Rosie: Well on this one you should read them all, because across the board they're fabulous.

Gillian: We've been very blessed.

Rosie: What's the movie about? Tell everybody.

Gillian: What is the movie about? It's about a woman, um, in the turn of the century who um, struggles with um, the decision for the decision to marry for money, which is what she is raised for, and all woman were raised for back then, yoo-hoo. Um, and uh, or marry for love. And she has a um, really hard time making that moral decision for herself. And, that's a very..

Rosie: She's an independent spirit, right?

Gillian: Yeah, she's an independent spirit, and she also just struggles with right and wrong, and um, and she makes um, some decisions that she's trying to make for herself, and it was just, it was a hard time back then. So she kind of goes downhill in the process.

Rosie: Well we have a clip from "The House of Mirth" that opens in L.A. and New York this Friday, and then all over the country on a wide release, soon after. Uh, take a look. Breakthrough performance is what I'm reading, Gillian Anderson. Take a look.

["The House of Mirth" Clip Begins]

Selden: I simply wish to point out to you the false position you have placed yourself in.

Lily: I suppose by that you mean my being on the outside of society. But I have long been excluded from it. And I remember your once telling me that it was only those on the inside who took the difference seriously.

Selden: The question is, Mrs. Hatch's desire to be inside may put you in the position I call false. You cannot want this!

Lily: You already told me that the sole object of my upbringing was to teach me to get what I want. Now why not assume that that is precisely what I am doing now!

Selden: I have never thought of you as a successful example of that kind of upbringing.

Lily: Well give me a little more time. I may still do credit to my training.

[Clip Ends, Gillian has had her head on her lap - not watching the clip.]

Rosie: "The House of Mirth," and uh, like me, you don't enjoy to watch yourself. You see? You're the first actress or actor who has not only looked down, but plugged their ears when they saw themselves.

Gillian: ::laughs::

Rosie: You can't stand it? You can't stand to watch yourself?

Gillian: Um, no I can't, sorry...

Rosie: I can't either. You know, if I'm flipping through at home, and my shows on, I'm like AH! And I click it off!

Gillian: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, yeah.

Rosie: Has it always been like that? Do you go to Dailies?

Gillian: Uh, no, I don't. I didn't go to a single daily, except when I died, in this film. I went to dailies for the first time.

Rosie: Yeah. Did you just give the ending away?

Gillian: Uh, no, I think anybody that knows the story knows that I die at the end. It wasn't a Hollywood happy ending.

Rosie: Yeah, but it's a great movie. Don't let her.. you know..

Gillian: Yeah, just cause I die..

Rosie: Just cause she dies doesn't mean you shouldn't see it in the holiday season.

Gillian: ::laughs::

Rosie: Now how is everything on "The X-Files?" When did you do this? Last hiatus?

Gillian: Uh, last, no the time before that even. Like, two summers ago. It feels like forever ago. The show's good. It's going well! And, uh we've got a new guy on the show, Robert Patrick..

Rosie: Yeah, crazy things are happening. Mulder's dissapeared.

Gillian: Yeah, Mulder's dissapeared..

Rosie: And who were those crazy people putting something your spine?

Gillian: I don't know, some small little town, and they put this slug thing in my back that went up my spine.. and...

Rosie: Does anyone know why they're doing that?

Gillian: Uh, because he was the second coming of course.

Rosie: Mmm, Mmm..

Gillian: Couldn't you tell from the clip? He was the second coming! And they bash people's heads in to get it out, and then put it into the next person.

Rosie: Sweet!

Gillian: Sweet!

Rosie: Yes! Let's watch that on a Sunday evening. It's um, It's been a big long run for that show, so successful. I remember when you were just filming the pilot up in Vancouver, remember that?

Gillian: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I do remember that. And running into you in the hotel lobby, we ran into eachother.

Rosie: That's right, and it's been such a success, I mean did you ever have any idea the cult like, following it would have?

Gillian: Well it's, uh, at the beginning we were so happy that it had a cult following, cause we didn't know what was going to happen to it, and now it's, it's much more main - what are those things over there?

Rosie: These?

Gillian: Yeah.

Rosie: They're koosh balls. Wanna see them? You take this..

Gillian: Is this new? Is this the new thing?

Rosie: Oh no, you just obviously don't watch the program, but that's okay.

Gillian: ::laughs::

Rosie: Look, you take it, and make sure this parts on your wrist.

Gillian: Yeah, which part? I've got it, okay, yeah yeah yeah, No like that, like that. Okay, uh huh.

Rosie: Hook this on your wrist.

Gillian: Hook what on my wrist? That?

Rosie: Pull up, Pull up.

Gillian: Pull up?

Rosie: There ya go, ready, flick, and release.

Gillian: Ohhh!

Rosie: There you go! Now Piper, your daughter, would love this.

Gillian: I know, can I give her one?

Rosie: Sure, you wanna practice? Here, give her a whole bunch!

Gillian: Yeah, okay! That's great.

Rosie: What is she into now?

Gillian: She's into, you know what she told me the other day? She said, I was talking to her on the phone and she said, 'Ma,' she said, 'you know. I believe that we come back in another life.' And she said, 'I think what happens is you go away for a year or so, and then you come back as what you wanted to be, when you weren't this person - if you weren't this person, what you wanted to be.' and she said she wanted to be a Pokemon.

Rosie: Pokemon!

Gillian: She wanted to be a Pokemon in her next life.

Rosie: No kidding.

Gillian: Yeah.

Rosie: They might be highly evolved for all we know.

Gillian: Well, you would think, I said, cause they change, right? They're like..

Rosie: Yeah, I think they do.

Gillian: They like, come out of something, and then they turn into something..

Rosie: I think they live in a ball, and then they become bigger.

Gillian: I don't understand it. There's like, thousands of them.

Rosie: Have you seen the Pokemon movie?

Gillian: Oh, yeah.. We were at a hotel.. We do these dates every once in a while, where I take her to stay at a hotel, and we stay at a hotel, and she has fun. The only thing that was on that she wanted to see was a Pokemon movie, and I really wanted to watch a movie with her, and I was like 'Piper, please, let's not do this!' And she, was convinced that we were gonna watch the Pokemon movie. So I'm sitting there during the thing, I'm like 'Can I, Can I go make a phone call?' She's like 'No mom, stay with me and watch it!' and I'm like.. falling asleep..

Rosie: Ohhhh.. well you know what I did? I actually went to the theater, and I brought a walkman with me. Cause I had seen Pokemon 1, so when my son wanted to see Pokemon 2, I had a Sony walkman, I had the new Macy Gray cd, I put it on, and he watched the whole movie, and I listened to Macy Gray!

Gillian: That's genius!

Rosie: I know! There ya go!

Gillian: That's genius!

Rosie: We were together, but I didn't have to enjoy Pokemon.

Gillian: That's really great, and you can just every once in a while go 'Hahaha.' 'Hahaha.'

Rosie: He didn't care! He was with his popcorn and his coke, He was thrilled to death. Well listen, the movie, I'm so happy for you, I can't wait to see it, and it opens as I said this Friday in New York and L.A, and then all over the country. "House of Mirth", Gillian Anderson. Here take all these, let me get you some more.

Gillian: Oh thank you! No, no, no! [Rosie takes a large amount of koosh balls and drops them on Gillian] [Gillian laughs] We'll be back with Juliette Binoche, after this..

Gillian: Juliette Binoche is here?!

Transcript provided by Mary and appears courtesy of The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

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