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Calgary Sun
January 4, 1999

Filing System In The Movies
by Louis B. Hobson

HOLLYWOOD -- The truth is Gillian Anderson could be working a great deal more than she is.

The sexy star of The X-Files routinely turns down opportunities to star in major motion pictures.

"Harvey Weinstein (the head of Miramax Films) is forever sending me offers to star in his scary teen movies. He wanted me to do a cameo in The Faculty," says Anderson.

"He also offered me the teacher role in Killing Mrs. Tingle. I want to stay away from that genre at least until The X-Files has run its course."

Anderson is contracted for at least one more season and a second feature film.

Instead of these teen-chillers, Anderson chose to do cameo roles in such small films as The Mighty, Chicago Cab and the romantic drama Playing By Heart which opens later this month.

She says her dream roles would have been the female leads in Oscar and Lucinda, One True Thing, Sliding Doors, Emma and Sense & Sensibility.

Unlike Dana Scully who she plays on The X-Files, Anderson is no skeptic. She often consults a psychic.

"I never consult psychics about the future but I do consult them when I need some guidance. I always leave my psychic with a feeling of hope."

Anderson is also a fan of psychotherapy: "I've been in therapy since I was 14. It's not the same therapist, but they have all been helpful at various periods of my life."

Transcript appears courtesy of the Calgary Sun.

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