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Aug. 19, 1999

Announcer: During her break from the X-Files, Gillian Anderson is filming her next movie in historic Scotland. The House of Mirth is a period story co-starring Eric Stoltz. Even when playing a character from literature, Anderson can't escape her X-Files fame. Gillian Anderson can be imposing on The X-Files, but she's a lot more demure in the House of Mirth, which is filming in Scotland. The story is based on a novel about a turn of the century socialite. Her character is very prim and proper, so Gillian and her co-star were surprised when stories leaked out that some scenes were racy.

Gillian: There was actually an article that came out in a local newspaper that was talking about the "steamy scenes" that we were shooting in city hall.

Eric: And what they don't know is that on the weekends, we're shooting raucous sex scenes in these glorious rooms built hundreds of years ago - we're just tearing off each others clothes and going on...

Announcer: While Anderson and Eric Stoltz don't actually get to film a scene like that, things can get raucous where X-Files fans get involved.

Eric: She has a lot to contend with because her television show is so insanely popular over here. We literally can't go anywhere without someone coming up and saying, "Hey! You're Scully!!"

Announcer: But despite the show's worldwide popularity, Gillian doesn't want to star in another series.

Gillian: I definitely want to stay away from television. I think seven years is um, I've paid my penance.

Announcer: And once again, Gillian Anderson is nominated for an Emmy for her role as Agent Scully on The X-Files.

Transcript appears courtesy of E! News Daily.

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