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Scots Base For X-Files Star
June 5, 1999

Gillian Anderson, star of the cult science fiction show The X-Files, was today in Glasgow to promote her new movie being filmed in the city.

Ms Anderson, famous for her role as paranormal detective Dana Scully, will be adopting a totally different look for the period drama The House of Mirth.

She will be playing the role of Lily Bart, a socialite at the height of her success in 1905 New York who quickly discovers the precariousness of her position when her beauty and charm start attracting unwelcome interests and jealousy.

The screenplay is based on the book by Edith Wharton, and the decision was taken to film in Glasgow because of the unsuitability of many American locations where the architecture was too modern.

Ms Anderson, wearing a light grey jumper and dark skirt with a long split up the side, said she was happy to be in Glasgow and was looking forward to the filming.

She will be working with director Terence Davies and Ms Anderson said this greatly encouraged her to make the movie.

She said: "I think first and foremost the attraction was to work with Terence.

"Only afterwards on reading the novel again did I realise how lucky I was to be involved with it. It is a tremendous piece of work."

Ms Anderson, whose grandfather on her mother's side was of Scottish origin, said she had been to Scotland before as a child and added: "I am very excited to come back. I am really happy to be here."

Eric Stoltz, who also stars along with Dan Aykroyd, said he had been to Glasgow many times before and he was thrilled to be in the film.

Director Terence Davies said he was not a great TV watcher and had at first been unaware of Ms Anderson's role in the X-Files.

He added: "I was looking for someone with that kind of period look and I saw her face with that extraordinary kind of luminosity and I thought that is it, but I thought she would never say yes."

Filming, which begins on Monday, will take place at a number of locations throughout Glasgow, which is this year's City of Architecture and Design, with some scenes also being shot on the east coast.

The House of Mirth is a Three Rivers Production presented by Granada Films in association with The Arts Council of England, Film Four, the Scottish Arts Council and the Glasgow Film Fund. "

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