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The Rosie O'Donnell Show
January 11, 1999

ROSIE: My first guest has just been nominated for her fourth Golden Globe for her role as FBI Agent Dana Scully on the hit TV show The X-Files. You can also see her in a new movie, Playing By Heart, which opens January 22nd. Please welcome back to the show, the one and only... Gillian Anderson.

(cheers and applause)

ROSIE: Hi Gillian!

GILLIAN: (Sits down and then looks down) Do you have the step that comes out?

ROSIE: Yes I got a step... sit... sit (a foot step slides out from under Gillian's chair) There you go!

GILLIAN: Oh thank goodness!

ROSIE: That is like a major slit up that dress there.

GILLIAN: I know, that's like...I think the best part of it.


GILLIAN: I didn't think about...okay.

ROSIE: It's the rage, designer, it's happening, its now.

GILLIAN: It is happening...Kostume. Kostume with a K.

ROSIE: That's the name of it?


ROSIE: Really? This Lane Bryant with an L.

(Rosie touches her jacket...crowd laughs)

GILLIAN: You look so fabulous.

ROSIE: I'm in the Chub Club now.

GILLIAN:> Did I tell you that, you look fabulous.

ROSIE: I'm trying for the millenium to get healthier.

GILLIAN: I think that's excellent.

ROSIE: How old is your baby?

GILLIAN: She's four.

ROSIE: She's four now, it's hard to chase them around you know what I mean?

GILLIAN: It is hard to chase them around. Yep, but you know as they get older it gets easier...they can you know...and then they start chasing you around.

ROSIE: Yeah but you have a girl.

GILLIAN: I have a girl.

ROSIE: Now you see this could sound sexist but I think it's very different.

GILLIAN: I think it is.

ROSIE: Cause I have a baby girl who's fifteen months and my baby boy is three and a half, I turn around for five seconds he is gone.


ROSIE: You know.

GILLIAN: You got to have eyes in the back of your head.

ROSIE: You do. Do you like motherhood? The greatest thing huh?

GILLIAN: I do, it's the greatest thing. I'm so in love with my daughter.

ROSIE: She comes to work with you?

GILLIAN: Yes she does. Do your kids come here?

ROSIE: Yes they're here today.

GILLIAN: Are they here really?

ROSIE: They have strep throat stay away from them. (crowd laughs)


ROSIE: But that must be good for her she always been the...X-Files, though, creep her out a little bit or she doesn't get it?

GILLIAN: No it doesn't really in fact she tells me constantly that she's not afraid of the dark and she's not afraid of monsters.

ROSIE: Really.

GILLIAN: You know, but I don't think there's been anything ever on the know when she's on set with me that's ever really scared her. Cause she's very opened-minded and you know.

ROSIE: I think in some ways you expose them to that when they're young maybe they don't get as afraid of it.

GILLIAN: Yeah and she also sees the process of you know...there was actually one guy once who...there was an episode about a tree monster. This guy who is like a tree.

ROSIE: Yeah and he lives underneath...

GILLIAN: And he lived underneath...and, and so he went through all this prosthetic make-up with his bark on his body and everything and ummm.. and when he was gone she missed him, she kept talking about her friend the tree man and she wanted him to come back and she didn't get that, you know, that he'd have to go through seven hours of prosthetic make-up to get her friend back. (crowd laughs)

ROSIE: To become Tree Man!

GILLIAN: But she loved the person underneath you know so it's...

ROSIE: Does she have a favorite show is she into the Comfy Couch or?

GILLIAN: No, but you know what we did an episode with Lily Tomlin recently, who's fantastic and she gave us some Edith Ann videos which is just so amazing. I don't know if you're familiar with it but there's one about homeless people and she goes through a therapist and she talks about, you know, about strengthening her insides and about, you know, taking care of herself. It's very progressive and conscious.

ROSIE: It's a great message for kids. That was a good episode too, that was your New Year's Eve Christmas special episode.

GILLIAN: That was...

ROSIE: I watch it all the time. I'm addicted I love it.

GILLIAN: I'm glad.

ROSIE: I'm very upset cause there's a new show "The Sopranos" on HBO.

GILLIAN: I saw it last night, it's wonderful.

ROSIE: What do you mean you saw it? It's on against your own show!

GILLIAN: (with an ooops look!) I already seen my own show.

ROSIE: Oh yeah you were there! (crowd laughs)

GILLIAN: I was there, but its wonderful. I don't know if I'm supposed to say that but it's wonderful.

ROSIE: But you know it reruns Tuesdays at eleven.

GILLIAN: What? Sopranos?


GILLIAN: Okay, everybody know that, do not watch it on Sunday nights because it reruns Tuesday at eleven.

ROSIE: Tuesday at eleven. So if you don't want to watch the news and who does lately, watch The Sopranos Tuesday at eleven on HBO.


ROSIE: When do you have time to make a movie doing an hour long drama?

GILLIAN: During the hiatus we have about two and half months where we can go away and do something if we want.

ROSIE: And this is a cute, great little movie. You and Jon Stewart are so cute.

GILLIAN: It's a great film, you know, it's a lovely romantic comedy but it has some really important messages underneath about the courage to change and about forgiveness and you know some of the conversations that are had amongst the couples that are in the movie are just, you know, they're riveting and you got Gena Rowlands and Sean Connery and Ellen Burstyn and Jay Mohr and Jon Stewart and Angelina Jolie. It's just a tremendous cast.

ROSIE: It's wonderful how it all weaves together at the end like you don't really know how the character are related until the end of the film.

GILLIAN: Yeah, Yeah.

ROSIE: We have a clip here. Do you know which clip it is? I hope you do.

GILLIAN: We're in a restaurant, this is a first date that we've had and I'm very nervous and that's about all you need to know.

ROSIE: Okay take a look, Gillian Anderson very nervous...

(Showing clip from Playing By Heart, scene is at a restaurant table)

Gillian: can tell I'm not very good at this.

Jon Stewart: You're charming.

(Gillian is laughing nervously with her hands on her face)

Jon Stewart: And real. And lovely. What did I say?

Gillian: No, no, nothing. I just... Before I came here tonight, I was discussing you with my sister. We were coming up with a psychological profile...several, actually.

Jon Stewart: Which did I fit into?

Gillian: Oh, none. I think I'm going to have to revise the filing system, put you in the "too good to be true" category.

(end of clip)


(audience cheers and clapping)

ROSIE: I was telling Gillian about the internet, we're on the internet and she's always voted the most popular internet person are you very...

GILLIAN: Well you know what's so weird is that there's all these ummm.. there's all these websites that have my head on top of other people's naked bodies which is such a back-handed compliment. It's like, you know, yeah we like your face but your body can go. (crowd laughs)

ROSIE: I personally will not be insulted if they did that to me. As long it was a thinner person.

(Gillian and crowd laughs)

ROSIE: you...ummm, you were going to sign some things for us that we're going to put up for auction on EBay., the Gillian Anderson package from The X-Files. All the money going to the For All Kids foundation. So later today...

GILLIAN: Yes, a jacket...

ROSIE: Jacket and everything...look for that.

(crowd cheers and claps)

ROSIE: Now I understand. My producers told me that you have a healthful hint snack-wise Chub Club...

GILLIAN: Well remember last time I came and when I brought you that tofu pie which you so graciously hated.

ROSIE: It was horrible Gillian. It was horrible. I gagged on it. I was sick for two days because of it.

GILLIAN: Well I've got something, you know, we're having a conversation about, about little tips just for, you know when you get the munchies in the middle of the day or you know know almost everybody goes through that kind of situation but I...I'm always coming up with little ideas. You know just to fill in-between meals and stuff like that. So I brought my latest...

ROSIE: Let me see it.

(Gillian reaches to her right to get a platter)

GILLIAN: And you put it out so nicely...

ROSIE: I did not put it out, someone did. I have not seen this. Do you know how happy and relieved I am that there is no tofu on this platter.

(Gillian laughs)

GILLIAN: I know...Let me tell you what this is. We've got... (camera zooms in on the platter) Can I actually say the name of this?

ROSIE: Sure!

GILLIAN: We've got, you know there's different companies like Carnation and Swiss Miss and others that come out with this sugar-free, non-fat hot cocoa and so what I'll do late at night is I'll rip open a packet and I'll peel a banana and I'll stick the banana in to the packet and eat it and it's like chocolate banana but what's also very good is Granny Smith because you get the tartness of the apple...and with the sugar so so..

ROSIE: Do you have to lick the banana in order to make it stick?

GILLIAN: No it's quite moist.

ROSIE: It's moist.

GILLIAN: It's already moist and dip it in. (Rosie dips the banana) Get a good chunk on it.

(Rosie takes a bite)

ROSIE: Surprisingly fulfilling. (Crowd laughs and claps)

GILLIAN: Very good.

ROSIE: I did not think I would enjoy that honestly. I was a little suspect. Look how much chocolate you can get on one thing. (Crowd laughs)

GILLIAN: I know, tell me about it.

ROSIE: Look how much you can get. (Rosie shows us how much) Do you know the Swiss Miss commercial?

GILLIAN: No I don't.

ROSIE: (Rosie sings) "Swiss Miss instant cocoa with mini marshmallows"...that's the commercial.

GILLIAN: This doesn't have any marshmallows in it. But isn't it like...taste it...isn't...

ROSIE: And that's got to be like zero calories.

GILLIAN: Yeah, it's know the tartness of the apple and it's great.

ROSIE: It's very good.

GILLIAN: And it fills you up and it's you know...

ROSIE: Alright this is gonna become our Chub Club tip of the week. If you want a snack dip a banana in some Swiss Miss instant cocoa sugar-free without the marshmallows. Now Gillian when we come back will you play an audience game with me?

GILLIAN: I am going to play an audience game.

RROSIE: We're going to play The X-Files audience game. Don't go away, right after this break we'll be right back.


(Gillian and Rosie stand in the audience seating area)

ROSIE: It's no secret one of my favorite show The X-Files, Gillian your storylines you never know what's going to be happening or what to expect. We decide to play a little game called: X Marks The Spot! (X-Files theme plays in the background) Our first contestant come on up! Come on up! (crowd claps) The rules are simple. Get in the middle. Gillian don't let her see the bottom. (gesturing to the quiz card Gillian is holding) They cheat on the show Gillian fair warning people always cheat. Other people scream and help, But I don't enjoy it. (crowd laughs)

(Gillian says "I'm sorry" when she accidentally backs up on an audience member)

ROSIE: I'll read, we'll each read an X-Files storyline and then you have to say which one is true and give us the X (Rosie holding an X card) right here because X marks the spot alright?

GILLIAN: Is that going to stick to us?

ROSIE: Yes it is, double stick there, we're all prepared. Alright, Gillian read your storyline.


(X-file theme playing in the background again)

GILLIAN: Mulder and Scully investigate a family of inbreeds. They suspect they kidnapped a woman to bear their children, actually it's their mother who lives under a bed.

ROSIE: Is that the storyline? or Mulder and Scully investigate reports of an invasion by three inch tall aliens which can only be seen by children under the age of six and Mulder.

ROSIE: What's your name again?

Contestant: Rhonda.

ROSIE: Where do you live?

Contestant: West County, New Jersey.

ROSIE: I should've done that first.

(crowd laughs)

ROSIE: Where do you put your X?

Contestant: Ummmm...on Gillian.

ROSIE: Your right! (crowd cheers) X-Files video for you...sit down, sit down.

GILLIAN: Can I keep this on? (referring to the X tag placed on her by the contestant)

ROSIE: Oh yeah. Marie come on down.

ROSIE: Marie, Hi! How are you?

Contestant 2: I'm good, fine.

ROSIE: Where are you from?

Contestant 2: Fairland, New Jersey.

ROSIE: What do you do for a living?

Contestant 2: I do volunteer work at one of the veteran hospitals.

ROSIE: That's very nice Marie good for you. Have you ever watched The X-Files?

(contestant 2 gives a sometimes gesture with her hand)

ROSIE: A couple of times? Alright you're just going to be guessing and it's a fifty percent chance. Take it away Gillian.

GILLIAN: Mulder investigate an evil clown who is suspected of implanting alien brains inside circus employees.

ROSIE: Or Scully gets a tattoo and meets a man. The man admits the tattoo is talking to him and told him to murder his neighbor. What do you think Marie? Scully or me?

Contestant 2: I have to think it's her. (puts the X on Gillian)

(Rosie and Gillian both says "WRONG!")

ROSIE: No Marie you're wrong. Give me that X that's totally mine. (reaches over to Gillian and takes the X)

ROSIE: You know what? I'm a sucker and going to give you the prize anyway. The X-Files video, yes sit down. Alright, quick come on quick, We got to do this fast.

GILLIAN: Okay, okay, okay.

ROSIE: Hi Mildred, how are ya?

Contestant 3: Fine

ROSIE: Step down so you don't look like a giant. (contestant steps down a step) Alright Mildred we got to go quick.

GILLIAN: Scully poses as a laboratory assistant to investigate evil cloning practices by our government. She is cloned and has to fight her sinister double. (Gillian looks at the contestant suddenly) Are you peeking?

(crowd laughs)

Contestant 3: No.


ROSIE: Thanks Gillian, get up on that. Five babies are born with tails, Mulder figures out that they'll all fathered by a man who can morph into anyone. That man becomes Mulder and hits on Scully. Who do you think?

(contestant places the X on Gillian)

(Rosie and Gillian both says "WRONG!")

ROSIE: It's me, gimme back my X! Gimme my prize. You're totally wrong Mildred. (hands the videos to contestant) There you go Mildred.

(Gillian laughs and crowd claps)

ROSIE: We give them a prize even when they'll wrong.

GILLIAN: I know.

ROSIE: Gillian's movie opens...When does it open? Now?

GILLIAN: January 22nd.

ROSIE: January 22nd. Go see it and listen we're going to have a whole bunch of stuff from Gillian signed on EBay including the package that the audience won. (an assistant hands Rosie the videos) Thank-you very much Pat. Next the Sinking Mall Investigation, don't go away. Gillian Anderson!

(crowd cheers and claps...fade to commercial)

Transcript provided by Alfred Tow and appears courtesy of The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

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