April 23, 2007

NOTE: These messages are exclusively for Gillian's fans who visit this web site. Please do not publish the contents (partially or in full) anywhere else on or off the internet.

So I am sitting here with Oscar spread across my lap snoring and P sitting across the room drawing. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. I hear a single engine plane. I smell roses. I taste chocolate. Life is good.

I have not written in a while. I always say that. Not just to you but in my journal entries as well. Actually that's not true. I have a journal that has been flying around the world with me for two years. The pages are blank. So my confession has clearly transgressed from 'I have not written in a while' to 'I don't write'.

Anyway, the fact is, I have not written to the site in a while because I have quite frankly been afraid to. I was shocked or rather appalled that my last entry of ramblings was published. What happened? When did Everything and Everything become mass public consumption? Since when have I been writing a BLOG!!??? What happened to PERMISSION??!! I am so naive. So, needless to say, I am a bit aflumoxed, flummoxed, aflutter? Angry, about the situation and what is safe to write about anymore.

So okay People magazine, I am sitting on a couch. Ta da! In fact I am even eating chocolate. Good God there must be something wrong with me. Bottom line, I don't think my entries will be what they have been so I apologize in advance.

Went to the CocoRosie concert the other night at Shepherds' Bush and actually stood in line at the end with the five other people - come on! where'd everybody go? - to have my cd signed. Well Pipers' cd. And mine while you're at it. Never done that in my life. Should have left the mystery out of reach but still, intoxicating.

So things are getting busy. Well they threaten to get busy. Lots of plans and schemes and dates and then it all gets pushed so I'm just sitting back being a mother and at some point someone will present a real day, a real this is it starting day, and I will show up to work and then the next and the next. Until then, its all a big mushy hodgepodge of intention. BUT I have to say considering the talk, the pleading, the non-stop barrage of WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MAKE THE NEXT.....its a bit pathetic that now we seem to be as close as we ever have been...I hear nothing! Zilch, ZERO. What's up with that? What's up with that internationally?

Oh everybody has to go see Sunshine the new Danny Boyle film. I saw it twice this weekend. It's exceptionally exceptional. I wont even begin to try to describe how well made it is. The production design is truly genius and the effects, jees! It is definitely my favorite film of the year along side The Lives Of Others. A year going into last year though. Meaning I guess big favorites.

And one more thing, read the first draft of the Gellhorn script and it's reeaally good. Phew! You never know if you're on the right track until you are or you aren't and I think we are. I got goose bumps. Can't wait to share that story on the big screen with everyone. Many more hurdles to cross before then though. Thanks for everyone's continuing interest and support for that project.

That's about the extent of what I have to report I guess. Except Oscar has six teeth which says it all really.

Till next time,