August 31, 2011

So, every day for a week after the event in L.A. on July 30, I was going to post something because I was so strongly moved by everyone who turned up - and aside from being such a well produced event, it was such a lovely atmosphere all around - but then, as most things do, as you will have learned if you were present on that day, it slipped my mind.

I know that Chris and David felt the same way, both about my mind and the event and both remarked to me afterwards Ďletís do it again!í which we will maybe every couple of years.

I donít know quite what it was. Was it the intimacy? Or that it was a tight run ship of like-minded smiling people getting a long awaited itch scratched? Or the fact that David did not come prepared which set the tone for a free fall of off-the-cuff silliness? Or was it simply my brilliant questions and seemingly bottomless sense of humor? Hard to say. BUT!!, I had a blast and I thank everyone who spent a penny more than they should have to be present for our truly wonderful evening.

Oh and I hear thru the grapevine that there were some truly unhappy people at the event and while I'd rather not get involved in the emotional aspects of it all, perhaps someone can lead a productive compassionate forum on what they might have liked to see done differently so that perchance all of us can learn how to make it better next time.

From my standpoint, the event ran quite smoothly, so Iím thinking perhaps negative experiences were due to exactly that reason and I am therefore truly sorry that in protecting me, others were not. May this be the beginning of a proactive and long living relationship.

And BTW, Michelle of SA-YES cried buckets when we told her how much you guys raised that day. Thank you from the bottoms of both of our buckets,

Gillian (the one in the red shirt)