December 13, 2003

So it's Christmas time again and here I am at the computer in Vancouver and I can't say I'm feeling very Christmassy. I am absolutely dreading shopping that I must do later today in order for it to get sent in time for the actual day.

But I guess part of my unChristmassyness is that it will be the first Christmas ever - is that true? - surely not! - that I will be away from my family.

Christmas is normally my favorite holiday for all the cozy reasons and this year I will be driving across Africa in a very uncozy, unwintery vehicle with no room for presents or appropriate holiday cheer. It's not that I'm complaining! It's going to be fantastic - and I asked for it! - but I guess my seasonal wish for everyone is that you cuddle up to the people closest to your hearts and fully enjoy their proximity and the blessing of their presence in your lives.

And I thank all of YOU for your presence in MY life cause you have all made it that much richer.

Till 2004, kisses all around,